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Changabula, it would be interesting to have your opinion on the whole of the Parenti article, rather than just the bit on old Tibet- the guy seems to be a pretty hardcore anti-capitalist, and he finishes on a note that is not exactly complimentary to modern China:

"If China is the great success story of speedy free market development, and is to be the model and inspiration for Tibet’s future, then old feudal Tibet indeed may start looking a lot better than it actually was."

In fact, looking again, his summary of post-Deng Xiaoping China is little short of a denunciation on Marxist lines.  And, against that Wikipedia article on him, his position on Tibet's independence is definitely ambiguous, but it looks like he could actually be in favour of Tibetan independence:

"We can advocate religious freedom and independence for a new Tibet without having to embrace the mythology about old Tibet."

Anyway, his article hardly supports the message of those photos of happy smiling Tibetans.  Any thoughts, Changabula?

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Tibet through foreigners' eyes ... t20050429_27181.htm

See how happy our Tibetan brothers are.

Even some foreigners are impressed by them:

Such a scene is common in Tibet. What impresses foreigners most is the friendship and warm-heartedness of the Tibetans. In parks, or lingka, on summer days, you can often see locals use a piece of cloth to enclose themselves in a small world on the lawn, hawn, having a picnic. If an outsider unintentionally breaks into their gathering, the warm-hearted and hospitable Tibetans would certainly come out with barley wine and sing a song to urge you to drink the wine. A visitor named Wikke, from Amsterdam, said, "I'm most interested in the Tibetans. I always think to myself what, after all, has made them so friendly. They are the most friendly people I've ever seen."

Examples showing foreign visitors and the locals getting along well with one another can be found everywhere.

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Tibet Through Eyes of Foreigners

The third time in Tibet, Byron Leonel Olayo, a Guatemalan, was deeply impressed by not only the increasing beauty of this "roof of the world" but also the dramatic changes taking place in this mysterious land.

"When I first came in 1994, transportation is even not an easy thing, but today you feel very convenient with a lot more and broader roads," said Byron, now a student of the Tibet University.

Five years ago, strongly attracted by the unique culture of this special land, Byron came up with the idea of studying the Tibetan language in Lhasa with his American wife Kay. He realized his dream last March.

Many foreign students in the Tibet University have similar experiences with Byron. According to university officials, the number of foreign students here has totaled 74, the record number in recent years.

Some students have even chosen to remain in Tibet after graduation and John Nice, a German now running a business company in Lhasa after graduation from the Tibet University in 1995, is one of them.

"Since more and more foreign visitors come to Tibet, my company, therefore, mainly deals with the production and sale of local craftwork, the best choice as a tourist souvenir," said Nice.

Statistics show that foreign visitors to Tibet reached 1.36 million in 2000, up 37 percent year on year.

"The investing environment here is getting increasingly better and the market potential is promising," said John, who now has 24 employees and recently added another 360,000 U.S. dollars of investment to the company.

Having brought his wife and two sons also to Lhasa last year, John is now planning to open up another company dealing in computer sales and solar energy equipment mainly. Apart from business people like Nice, those choosing to stay also include poverty-relief experts, doctors, teachers, natural reserve advisors and other professionals.

With its unique scenery and culture, Tibet is also attracting a large number of government delegations every year. According to Soinam, director of the foreign affairs office of Tibet, the region received a record number of foreign visitors last year, including more than 600 foreign government officials and journalists and over 1,000 foreign experts.

Garry Nehl, deputy speaker of the Australian House of Representatives who visited Tibet three times, was deeply impressed by the rapid progress in infrastructure and the considerable improvement in local people's living standard. " Unparalleled" changes have taken place in this plateau since the late 1950s, said Nehl.

N. Ram, editor of India's "Frontline," gave a full account of Tibet in a cover story he wrote for the magazine after his Tibet tour, in which he revealed to his readers the economy, population, religious freedom and human rights situation in the region.

In his article, Ram pointed out that Tibet is witnessing an economic boom and significant progress in all sectors, thanks to the preferential policies mapped out by the Chinese government.

The article noted that the Tibetans enjoy considerable religious freedom, referring to the fact that the Chinese governments at all levels, have injected funds to protect cultural relics and to collect, compile and publish famous Buddhist scriptures and literary works.

Tullaya Sirikulpipatana, who led a Thai press delegation to Tibet, refuted rumors on the Tibet issue.

"Through our visit to Tibet, we found it is totally different from the report that 'Tibet is a terrible place without freedom and human rights," he said. "What we have seen is a beautiful Tibet." ... 20010731_76200.html


Contrast this with the lying biased anti-China BBC reporting:


To thepeop:

What about the people in this report who loved it so much that they stayed there?

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Originally posted by thepeop at 2007-8-3 23:03
Good god it's difficult to post on this thread!  Seriously Chang, read the end of that article you linked to- you would lose no time in calling it 'anti-China', so I'm not sure why you're recommend ...

NOT the BBC article, fool!

We know they are biased as hell against China!

But I have edited the post because I realise there are thick people like joey, etc. around who would not be able to follow a long post.

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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