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Will Half Breeds from America Corrupt P.R. China? [Copy link] 中文

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Maybe a nerve has been touched in the China Daily forum - the same way it has been touched in other forums in other Asian countries.  An unconcious fear that the national or cultural identity of the Asian Rim is becoming corrupted with too many 'half-breeds' from foreign/Asian relations.  What is your take on this?
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China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Heinz 57

There is an innate desire among men to have sex ( as you say, breed) with what's available.  There is also the fact that men and women like to try something different.   Half-Breeds also have no desire or reason to maintain the fantasy of racial purity.   They tend to go with whatever turns them on and trips their trigger.

I like to think of it as making steel.   When you add the right "contaminants" you get an alloy that is far superior than the base metal.   
Communication is the most important source of personal power.

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China Daily should ban the term "half breed" used in this context.

The term "half-breed" is a gross insult to people of mixed race.  It must not be used in normal communication.  It was easy for Trader Vic to use the correct term without stooping to such a despicable level.

If Trader Vic intended to use this term to appeal to forumites to incite responses and submit their opinions on the question, it is also an insult to forumites - it assumes that forumites are hateful enough to react only to such stimuli.

I appeal to China Daily to discipline Trader Vic.

I also appeal to forumites not to participate further into this thread, or to other threads that promote hate.

We must not allow some participants to stir hate and then accuse CD forumites of bigotry.

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Reply #3 sampak's post

I think you're reading too much into the term that you so despise. Vic is a rational person and he's asked a viable question, so berate him not for being thought provoking. Instead, berate yourself for being overly sensitive!
I do, however, agree to with your last 2 sentences!

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I think I was the first to use the term "half breeds".....

It's a scientific terms that makes it easy to understand!
The China Daily BBS is a special place where we talk in a open and jovial manner!

so "chill down"....

Green Dragon

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You seem to be unaware that the term "half-breed" is a demeaning term.

Educated and polite people do not use such a demeaning term loosely.

You also do not seem to understand the difference between being simply jovial and poking fun at others different from you.  If you see a group of teenagers poking fun at an old man and laughing as they yell hateful remarks at him, would you simply call that being jovial?  

You take pride in being the first one to use that offensive term.

You need education.

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Are you a person of mixed race or do you have children of mixed race?

If you are, or do have such children, please do yourself a favour and refrain from using the term "half-breed" to describe such persons.  This term is mainly used to describe animals, in case you really do not know.  A couple of centuries ago, it was borrowed to describe those natives who descended from white colonialist and native ancestry.  This term is never used in polite society.

The reason it is never used to describe anyone is mainly because being of mixed race is not of a person's choice.  He/she cannot "defend"  against such an insult.  Attacking someone with this insulting term and then pretending not having the intention of doing so is just a sign of cowardice.

And definitely do not sink so low as to describe them as "mongrels", as the hateful MP from Australia, Pauline Hanson, once did.  And yes, she thought she was just having some fun, ie Green Dragon's idea of joviality.

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