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They actually had 2 way charging here....both the caller and the receiver paid for calls, until the central govt told em it wasn't on! Chinas' not that bad folks, they just have a bit of "catch up" to play is all!

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'We'll Share Scientific Expertise'

China will pass on its technical knowledge to developing nations as it becomes a scientific power.

The head of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Lu Yongxiang said China was now in a position to provide such support in tandem with other foreign aid programs.

"Previously, China's foreign aid programs are more focused on infrastructure construction and providing medical assistance for the underdeveloped countries, but the efforts to help them increase their scientific and technological (S&T) capacity have more long-term benefits," told Lu.

Lu made the remarks on the sidelines of the annual three-day working conference of the CAS, which started yesterday. With more than 30,000 scientists and nearly 100 institutes, the CAS is the largest research body in China.

Lu said the CAS would offer grants to fund young scientists from developing countries to conduct joint research in the CAS, provide PhD scholarships for poor nation students and send Chinese scientists abroad to help develop key research programs.

Each year, the CAS offers 50 PhD scholarships through the Trieste, the Italian-based Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) to students from developing nations for them to study in China.

For outbound joint research programs, the CAS is building a botanic park in Cambodia, helping the nation maintain its rich biodiversity. In the north, CAS scientists assist Mongolia and Kazakhstan to develop geological studies. CAS also sends its researchers to Venezuela to study the prevention of mud rock flows.

Lu said CAS was also exploring joint research programs with South American and African nations, as one form of foreign assistance.

"Our efforts have been encouraged by the ministries of foreign affairs and commerce, and I believe China's S&T assistance to other developing countries will be enhanced," Lu said.

He admitted, however, that major international exchanges of the CAS were performed with developed nations like the United States, European Union nations, Russia and Japan because China was still catching up with the world's scientific frontiers.

In his report to the CAS annual meeting, Vice CAS President Chen Zhu said that the joint research between CAS scientists and their foreign counterparts had become more frequent.

In 2005, international joint research papers co-authored by CAS scientists reached 4,393, nearly double that in 2001.

In 2005 and 2006, the CAS obtained Chinese government international scientific cooperation grants of up to 400 million yuan ($51.9 million).

(China Daily March 20, 2007)
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China to construct 598 wells in Nigeria

China is to construct 598 boreholes in 18 of the 37 Nigerian states including the capital, Abuja, thisyear, to support the country's water supply program.

This is disclosed by Nigerian Water Resources Minister Mukhtari Shagari at this year's World Water Day Celebration in the central state of Kogi Tuesday, said the official News Agency of Nigeria Wednesday.

According to the minister, the support was top of the agenda discussed with the Chinese government during his recent trip to that country.

"The Chinese government has also agreed to engage its companiesin the development of irrigation in the country this year," he said.

He said that Nigeria had accepted another offer from the Chinese government for the construction and rehabilitation of small and large dams currently slated for the National Water Supply Program and irrigation.

Other programs were being implemented to optimize the utilization of 30 billion cubic meter of impounded water for power generation and regional water scheme.

"We encourage state and local governments to contribute their counterpart funding which lead to an increase in the water supply coverage from 35 to 65 per cent within six years," Shagari added.

Source: Xinhua ... 0050324_178010.html

China, Nigeria promise to build strategic partnership ... 0050415_181105.html

Obasanjo, who is also visiting China in the capacity of rotating president of the African Union, said the African people will never forget China's support in their struggle against colonialism and racial segregation.

He said Africa hopes China will support and join Africa's efforts in seeking a solution to the conflicts in the region and improving investment and economic cooperation with Africa to help it achieve peace, security and development soon.

Chinese President Hu Jintao (L) and visiting Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo inspect guard of honor during a welcoming ceremony in Beijing, capital of China, on April 14, 2005. Olusegun Obasanjo arrived here Thursday morning, starting a four-day state visit to China as guest of Chinese President Hu Jintao.

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Zambia, China to Seek New, Stronger Cooperation

When Zambian President Frederick Chiluba left Lusaka for Beijing last Thursday to attend the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, scheduled to start on Tuesday, he was looking forward to a new, stronger relationship with China.

Describing the forum as "a wonderful move to break away from the past aid methods", Chiluba said the relationship between Zambia and China is now being "transformed from one of charity into one of partnership" and "we are seeing a new area of economic cooperation".

In the past, the Zambian president said, China rendered assistance not only to Zambia, but also to many other African countries for them to break the yoke of colonialism, and now it "is helping us to move from our over-dependence on grants and loans to where we can work together to produce wealth and share as partnership". ... 20001011_52310.html
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Tazara, Eyewitness of China-Tanzania Friendship

With a long whistle, a fully loaded passenger train as usual leaves the noisy capital city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and gradually merges into the tranquillity of African savanna.

The train is heading for Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia along the famous 1,860-kilometer-long Tanzania-Zambia Railway (Tazara) known as "Freedom Railway" among local people.

Since it began operation in 1976, one train after another have been shuttling back and forth between the two places along the railway, an "eyewitness" of a long history of sound relationship between China and Tanzania.

The Chinese government set aside an interest-free loan of some 680 million U.S. dollars for the railway construction in the late 1960s when China itself was also extremely short of funds for rebuilding its economy.

In the early 1970s, tens of thousands of Chinese workers bade farewell to their relatives and came here by sea to build the railway.

They stuck to the construction sites around the clock despite the harsh weather, horrible diseases and sudden attack by animals, and more than 60 workers even died here, recounted a retired Tazara worker, now doorman of a cemetery for the deceased Chinese workers in the suburbs of the capital.

The friendship between the two countries, fostered by the late Chinese leaders Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and the late Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere, and of course the railway workers, is indeed cemented with blood, said Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan, when paying his tribute to the cemetery during a 1999 trip to the country.

"These workers contributed their lives to building a bridge of friendship that links China with Tanzania as well as the whole Africa," said Tang, with tears in his eyes.

Tazara is, of course, only representing a part of the long-standing Sino-Tanzanian friendship.

Separated by mountains and oceans, the two countries have politically sympathized with each other.

Tanzania's firm support for China's resumption of its U.N. membership is a well-known story in the history of international relations.

While hearing the news that China regained its legitimate seat at the U.N. in 1971, the then Tanzanian representative to the U.N.Salim Ahamed Salim, who is now secretary general of the Organization of African Unity, was too excited and couldn't help dancing at the U.N. assembly hall.

Such brotherly relationship has brought leaders of the two countries closer. They have had frequent exchange of visits, deepening mutual understanding and promoting cooperation of mutual benefit.

Nyerere visited China for 13 times in his lifetime, setting a record in this regard among African leaders. Chinese leaders, high-ranking officials as well as entrepreneurs also set foot on Tanzanian soil with the purpose of paying visits, doing businesses or conducting academic exchanges.

Owing to the common efforts by the two governments, Sino-Tanzanian economic cooperation is fruitful and bilateral trade on the increase.

Although it is still not wealthy, China, a developing country, has extended to Tanzania economic aid worth more than 2 billion dollars since 1960s, making it the largest beneficiary of Chinese aid in Africa.

Over the years, China has built up in Tanzania more than 100 factories such as the Sino-Tanzanian Joint Shipping Co., the Friendship Textiles Co., the Kiwila Coal Mine, and the Mbarali Rice Farm among others.

Since the late 1970s, China has made great progress in its opening up and economic reforms, which offers fresh opportunities for the further expansion of the existing bilateral good economic cooperation.

"With an average annual growth rate of 15 percent, the volume of bilateral trade exceeded 100 million dollars in 1997, ranking the 10th among all African countries," Ma Zhihe, economic and commercial representative in Tanzania, told Xinhua.

The Friendship Textiles Co., Tanzania's first plant built with Chinese aid and largest textile mill, has been transformed into a Sino-Tanzanian joint venture with enhanced profit and job creating capabilities.

The non-governmental elements in the bilateral economic ties have been vigorous more than ever. Riding high on the tide of globalization, more and more Chinese enterprises have been coming to invest in the country, setting up new ventures or joint ventures.

New companies with Chinese investment have sprung up like mushrooms. These include the Sino-Tanzanian Joint Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., the Chinese Agricultural Development Company Ltd., the Jiefang Truck Company Ltd., the Yuejing Truck Company Ltd. among others, which have helped boost Tanzania's economic development.

Besides, Chinese doctors may also deserve credit in expanding ties between the two countries.

Over the past decades, China has dispatched 16 groups of medical experts, totaling some 858 people to Tanzanian, to help uplift the level of medical service in the country.

In recent years, some Chinese doctors also set up special clinics in Tanzania to help curb the wide spread of HIV/AIDS pandemic by using traditional Chinese medicines.

Like what Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa has said on many occasions, there is no other country in the world like China that has given Tanzania such an amount of selfless help.

The president, who is now in Beijing attending the three-day China-Africa Cooperation Forum opened on October 10, described the forum as "a historic occasion".

He said he interrupted his election campaign to come to China as "an expression of faith - faith in China, faith in what China and Africa can achieve together, and faith in the shared and achievable vision for the future". ... 20001011_52355.html
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China, Ghana agree to raise bilateral relations to new level

Jia, who arrived here Wednesday on an official good-will visit,said Sino-Ghanaian relations have stood the test of time and scored substantial development since the two countries forged diplomatic ties 47 years ago. ... 0070420_368113.html ... 0070419_367826.html

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Kenya, China Mark 40-year Diplomatic Ties

"Chinese financial, technical and other assistance continues to play a crucial role in our development," Kenyan Foreign Minister Kalonzo Musyoka said, adding that "China has merged as one of Kenya's leading development partners with Chinese assistance covering a wide-range of areas."

Kenya and China established diplomatic relations on Dec. 14, 1963, with China opening an embassy in Nairobi, becoming the fourth country to do so.

For the celebration, a series of festive commemorative activities have started in full swing in Nairobi, including "Beautiful China" photo exhibition, China-Kenya Fair for Trade and Economic Cooperation held at a newly-launched China Trade Center, an acrobatic performance and the issue of a first-day cover and a set of two commemorative stamps.
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