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China Praised for Pro-Africa, Pro-developing Countries' Politics

China has always pursued the pro-Africa, pro-third world as well as anti-imperial and anti-hegemonic politics, said Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe in Addis Ababa Monday.  

During his speech in the opening ceremony of the Second Ministerial Conference of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, President Mugabe said that China is the fastest growing country in the global economy.

"China's politics have always been pro-Africa, pro-developing countries, anti-imperial and anti-hegemonic," he said.

He added that the significance of this forum inheres in China's pivotal role in global affairs together with Africa's acknowledged strategic importance in the international scheme of things.

He introduced the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) as Africa's own blueprint, which stresses that Africa recovers and grows mainly through its own efforts, and secondarily through partnerships with such well-meaning enterprises as they have in China.

"While there is a lot that the African can do and achieve by himself or by herself, there is a lot more that Africa can achieve through collaboration with other progressive countries around the globe," he said.

Although the development of intra-African trade should remain their goal, he contended, broader partnership with friendly developing countries such as China should be the focus and emphasis of their efforts.

He felt regret that it is taking too long for most African business people to realize that the biggest and fastest growing world market is in the east in stead of in the west, with the largest being China.

"This trend can only be revered through mutually beneficial partnership which the rich west has thus far denied us," he said.

Highlighted by the action-oriented spirit, the meeting, which gathered China and 44 African countries, is the first ministerial conference of the forum held on the African continent, and will be a significant event in the Sino-African relationship.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, his host counterpart Meles Zenawi and a dozen of other African heads of state and government attended the opening ceremony, and also present are Chinese and African foreign ministers and ministers in charge of the international economic cooperation, and representatives of some international and regional organizations as well.

The main agenda of this conference is to review the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and the Program for China-Africa Cooperation in Economic and Social Development, two documents adopted during the first ministerial meeting of the forum held in Beijing in 2000.

It is also highlighted in the agenda to explore new initiatives and measures on the way toward Sino-African cooperation in such areas of priority as human resources development, agriculture, infrastructure development, investment and trade.

During the two-day conference, the participants will discuss and adopt the Addis Ababa Action of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (2004-2006).

Under the theme of "Friendship, Cooperation and Development" and in an action-oriented spirit, the participants will hold extensive and in-depth discussion and exchanges on how to further promote the establishment of a new, stable and long-term China-Africa partnership of equality and mutual benefit and all-around cooperation.

The First Ministerial Conference of the forum was held in Beijing, capital of China, from Oct. 10 to 12, 2000.

(Xinhua News Agency December 16, 2003)
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Originally posted by changabula at 27-7-2007 07:33 PM
Example of China bashing is post #76

Actually Mr Big Font, it looks like the guy is asking some questions ....

a) What is wrong with asking questions?
b) Can you answer the questions? Given your wealth of Google Fu skills you must be able to find something.
c) How is he bashing China?
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Common Destiny, Shared Objectives and Joint Future

Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing talking about President Hu Jintao's visit to Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Nigeria and Kenya


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Arabic and African nations, President Hu Jintao paid a state visit to Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Nigeria and Kenya from April 22 following his visit to the United States. Hu was warmly received by the visited countries in West Asia, North Africa, West Africa and East Africa and their people in a way unique to their nation.

Hu exchanged in-depth views with the leaders of the four nations on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of common interest, delivered important speeches on developing relations with Arabic and African nations under the new circumstances, and exchanged ideas with entrepreneurs, students, members of the public and people from all walks of life. During his visit, 28 bilateral cooperation agreements covering politics, security, economy and trade, energy, health, culture and tourism were signed.

The four nations are highly influential developing nations in their respective region. China's relations with these countries serve as a snapshot of China's relations with the vast number of developing nations. The media generally believed President Hu's current visit is extremely important and is of great significance to promoting China's relations with other countries.

Just before Hu wrapped up his visit and returned to China, Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing gave an overview of this visit to visiting journalists.

Boosting Political Mutual Trust and Promoting Bilateral Relations

Li Zhaoxing said a huge number of achievements have been scored in the relations between China and Arabic and African nations during the past 50 years. The Chinese people have forged deep friendship with their Arabic and African counterparts. Currently, the international situation and the various countries have undergone significant and profound changes. How to develop bilateral relations remains a problem of common interest. President Hu explicitly put forward the proposal of comprehensively pushing forward the friendly cooperative relations with Arabic countries and the new strategic partnership with African nations featured by mutual trust in political terms, mutual benefits in economic terms and mutual help in international affairs, indicating China and the four nations are all developing nations and share common interests in safeguarding world peace, promoting common prosperity and improving peoples well beings. The two sides should enhance exchanges and consultations, increase mutual trust, expand mutually beneficial and pragmatic cooperation and better coordination on international and regional issues so as to become good brothers that support each other politically, good partners that conduct mutually beneficial cooperation with each other and good friends that coordinate with each other in international affairs.

The leaders of the four nations agreed upon Preisdent Hu's forward-looking proposal. King Abdullah said the people of Saudi Arabia have deep friendship for their Chinese counterpart and Saudi Arabia is a sincere and reliable friend of China. King Mohammed VI said President Hu's visit injected new vitality into Morocco-China relations and hoped to expand cooperation with China. President Obasanjo said Nigeria-China relations have been transformed into strategic partnership and wished to promote bilateral strategic cooperation. President Kibaki indicated Kenya expects to develop closer and better relations with China.

Innovating the Way of Cooperation and Boosting Pragmatic Cooperation

Li Zhaoxing said both China and the four countries are facing with the important task of developing their national economy and improving their people's livelihood. China's fast economic growth and the four nations' demand for a stable export market and external investments create new opportunities for bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation. The entrepreneurs hold high expectations on bilateral economic and trade cooperation. During President Hu's visit, a large number of representatives from the business community in China went to the capital cities of the countries to engage with their foreign counterparts in a bid to take the opportunity to expand business opportunities.

President Hu pointed out that China will launch pragmatic cooperation with the four countries based on advantageous complementarities and mutual benefits. He initiated a number of important initiatives, including expanding bilateral cooperation from trade exchanges to trade, investment, technology, project contracting and other areas, from between governments to between governments, businesses and other economic entities, enhancing capacity building, human resources training and scientific and technological exchanges, actively developing the processing of raw products to increase added value and the optimization and upgrade of traditional manufacturing industry, and focusing on local social development and livelihood improvement.

President Hu's initiatives and commitments were hailed by the governments and business communities of the four nations. They expected more Chinese companies to go to their country to invest and prosper in the fields of construction, agriculture, manufacturing, energy and resources. The business community in Saudi Arabia indicated the wish to establish strategic and global economic partnership with China. The four nations thanked China for its sincere assistance over the years to help them develop their economy. Some international media believed China's mutually beneficial cooperation with the four countries and developing nations will be more prominent in the future and China's growth will create huge opportunities for Middle East and African countries.

Enhancing Exchanges of Experience and Jointly Building a Harmonious World

Li Zhaoxing said the Chinese, Arabic and African people have all created glorious history and civilization. President Hu stressed during his visit that to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the people, promoting bilateral relations, rejuvenate ancient civilizations, and contribute more to human progress in the 21st century, there should be more dialogues and exchanges between the Chinese, Arabic and African civilizations. Hu also expounded China's ideas of peaceful development path, mutual benefit oriented opening-up strategy and the building of a harmonious world, which deepened the understanding of the four nations on China's internal and external policies.

President Hu's sincere and friendly attitude deeply impressed the people of the visited countries. The leaders of the four nations sang high praise for China's remarkable achievements in economic and social development and expressed their wish to learn from China's experience. They looked at China's development positively, regarded China's development as an opportunity, and wished to create a beautiful future hand in hand with the Chinese people.

Consolidating Coordination and Jointly Safeguarding Regional Peace

Li indicated that against the backdrop of deepening world multi-polarization and economic globalization, the vast number of developing nations are facing with important opportunities and severe challenges in protecting and promoting their legitimate rights. Hu noted it is in the interest of all countries to enhance coordination and support between developing nations on key international issues. China would like to work with developing nations to safeguard the principles and purposes of the UN Charter, enhance consultation and cooperation in the United Nations and other multilateral organizations, and jointly defend the legitimate rights of developing nations. President Hu elaborated China's principled stance on the Middle East, the nuclear issue of Iran, Iraq and Sudan, indicating China insists that all the actions and initiatives on the Middle East and the Gulf region respect the choices of the countries and people of the region and broad consultation with the countries in the region be necessary. China supports African countries' efforts in seeking development through alliance and solving African problems by themselves and also supports the leading role of African Union in enhancing the solidarity and cooperation of Africa.

The four nation spoke highly of China's important position in the international arena, believing China is an important force to promote world peace and development, appreciating China's constructive role in international affairs and its just stance on many issues and hoping see a bigger role played by China in the Middle East and African affairs.

Li Zhaoxing said President Hu's visit took 12 days and his passion and devotion for work moved everyone. When meeting with Chinese in these countries, President Hu said, " It is a great honor to contribute our due part to the diplomatic cause of our country despite all the toughness.

Li Zhaoxing said great hardships yield great fruits. President Hu's visit has consolidated traditional friendship, enhanced mutual trust, and expanded mutually beneficial cooperation, which is conducive to creating a new outlook for the development of reciprocal and cooperative relations with Arabic, African and developing nations. The common destiny, shared objectives and a joint future bring Chinese, Arabic and African people together closely. Bilateral friendship and cooperation is surely to witness a better tomorrow.
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Stop press ...

Google now available for ALL to use
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Hu: Developing world in key role
(China Daily)
Updated: 2004-02-04 23:06

China is a "reliable friend" to developing countries, said President Hu Jintao.


"The cornerstone of Chinese foreign policy is to consolidate and accelerate solidarity and co-operation between China and developing countries," said Hu at a banquet hosted by his Algerian counterpart Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The trip to Algeria is the last leg of Hu's latest trip abroad. He has also visited France, Egypt and Gabon.

Algeria was chosen as a stop on Hu's tour of Africa because of "its significant role in the region and its great influence among developing countries," said an official source with the Chinese delegation.

In his speech, Hu said that developing nations, whose population account for 90 per cent of the world,make up 84 per cent of United Nations member states.

As such, they play an important role in international affairs, particularly in building a fair and rational new international political and economic order.

"World peace depends on stability in developing countries. Its prosperity presupposes the revitalization of developing countries," said the president of the largest developing country in the world.

Hu said that countries, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor, should be equal. He stressed that developing countries have can choose their own political systems and development modes.

The differences and contradictions between nations should be settled through dialogue and co-operation rather than confrontation or coercion.

The speech was Hu's second clear statement on China's policy towards developing countries since he took the position last March.

Last June, he spoke during an informal leaders' dialogue held in the Alpine resort Evian, where the Group of Eight (G8) industrialized nations convened for its annual meeting.

Hu said countries should tap their potential for economic development and adjust macroeconomic policies towards normal trade order.

This time around, Hu called for developing countries to unite and take effective measures to safeguard their interests in the process of establishing a new international political and economic order.

He added that developed countries should take the interests of developing countries into consideration because they have an unshirkable responsibility to narrow the wealth gap.

"They should provide more market access, promote trade and increase assistance to developing countries," Hu said.

Presidents agree on `new chapter' in ties

President Hu Jintao suggests boosting "strategic co-operation" with Algeria and turning over a "new chapter" in Sino-Algerian relations.


Algeria has attached great importance to the visit.

Huge posters of Hu Jintao and Bouteflika adorned the streets of Algiers.

Local residents greeted Chinese visitors in the streets with "how are you" in Chinese and French.

China and Algeria have had diplomatic relations since 1958. ... /content_303152.htm

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UN official lauds nation's global role
Shao Zongwei
2004-04-26 06:39

SHANGHAI: A high-ranking United Nations official has praised China's role in helping the world's most vulnerable countries guard against the effects of globalization.

UN Under-Secretary-General Anwarul K. Chowdhury told China Daily that China's active advocacy of peaceful resolution of conflicts and its participation in UN organizations have contributed to the improvement of conditions in less developed nations.

"As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China plays a major positive role... in helping such nations on their road to development by coming out of conflict," said Chowdhury. "China also plays a major role in the UN in general, particularly in the UN Economic and Social Council and different bodies and funding programmes." ... 20global%20role.htm
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Repost for when chang stops cut'n'pasting ...

Originally posted by changabula at 27-7-2007 07:33 PM
Example of China bashing is post #76

Actually Mr Big Font, it looks like the guy is asking some questions ....

a) What is wrong with asking questions?
b) Can you answer the questions? Given your wealth of Google Fu skills you must be able to find something.
c) How is he bashing China?

(Move over thespud, chang is cut'n'paste king now )
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