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China: A Role Model to All Nations [Copy link] 中文

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I like seeing some of these guys moaning and whinging.

Originally posted by mengzhi at 2007-7-25 11:57
.Now that you have provided not just the links, but the whole shebang they are still babbling and blabbering . You just can't please some, can you ?  Oh the crosses we have to bear . Just as well you have strong shoulders.

The more they moan and whinge the more I like to give them hell.

Its funny seeing them get angry and annoyed.
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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China is model of developing countries: Bangladeshi chief advisor ... 0070305_354486.html

Fahruddin Ahmed, chief advisor of Bangladeshi caretaker government said here Monday China is the model of all developing countries.

While meeting with Chai Xi, the outgoing Chinese ambassador to Bangladesh, Ahmed said Bangladesh should learn the experience China has got in developing their economy.

Ahmed said the friendship between the two countries and the two peoples has been improved, especially after the direct air link opened between the two countries.

The chief advisor thanked the Chinese government for their unselfish assistance to Bangladesh in the areas of defense and trade. He hoped the two countries would maintain the cooperative relationship in the years to come.

For his part, Chai Xi said during the meeting China and Bangladesh have established the comprehensive cooperative partnership featuring long-term friendship, equal and mutual benefit. He hoped the partnership will be enhanced gradually.

Chai Xi praised the caretaker government headed by Fahruddin Ahmed for their contribution in bringing law and order back to the country, fighting against corruption and beautifying the city environment.

According to constitution, a neutral caretaker government organizes the country's next general elections. The former ruling Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)-led 4-party government led by former prime minister Khaleda Zia ended its tenure on Oct. 27 last year, and handed over power to a caretaker government headed by President Iajuddin Ahmed.

As the two major parties, BNP and former main opposition Awami League led by former prime minister Sheikh Hasina could not make consensus on the number of issues, the political situation deteriorated. President Ahmed had to declare state of emergency on Jan. 11 and canceled the elections supposed to be held on Jan. 22.

Iajuddin Ahmed resigned from the post of chief advisor. Former central bank governor Fahruddin Ahmed took oath as chief advisor on Jan. 12. ... 0070305_354486.html
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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replies to all

Hey don't get me wrong. I like many of changabula's contributions. I like his articles about China. His finds about China and Africa are very informative! I do agree. Well done, changabula!

I hope his agenda has changed somewhat from wanting all white folks "to go to hell" as he just recently stated in chairman's famous thread in the free talk section.

We have a history, changabula and I. But even as chairman said, I would probably like changabula in person. I do think he is intelligent and his efforts have demonstrated he is no stranger to pursuing his work.

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No, Tibet =/= australia, new zealand, america, brazil, argentina, siberia, canada, and south africa.

if you didn't notice the latter is just a LITTLE bit bigger and no genocide of Tibetan or destruction of Tibetan culture (aside from turning some of them into busisnessmen or people who aren't starving) has really occurred.

Originally posted by schreiber at 2007-7-22 12:59
Mengzhi, you mean colonization like in Tibet, right? You mean exploitation as in rampant corruption or demanding sole recognition in exchange for diplomatic ties? Perhaps you refer to humiliating w ...

Sorry if you bring history into any discussion about china you're going to lose. It's indisputable fact that europe was "a cancer" to the world. The "Western model" of African development is a steaming pile of sh!t; butchering people and bulldozing their economies for personal gain isn't exactly ideal. Even the US has not done very much to benefit poor african countries. It is nothing but a overfed piece of subhuman garbage that is consuming itself and everyone else to death. It has been arrogant enough to criticize China when the US won't even supply education or personnel to help African agriculture or infrastructure-- something China does regularly.

All western press basically boils down to whites being pissed off they can no longer treat Africans with a racist, condescending attitude: Westerners have faded into irrelevance in Africa, and this strikes a sour note with the old slave master, e.g. "how dare my former slaves get uppity with me (gasp) and start talking to these yellow bastards."

It's not the first time i've heard this crap either, lots of "humane" (not to mention very fat, safe, and virus-free) westerners debt gouging africa to death, humiliation and perpetual serfdom have been moaning up a storm with the usual dose of reactionary overexaggeration, hypocrisy, and wild speculation amidst the journalistic color of red scare and yellow peril. I really wonder what these people would do if they didn't have like 40 million km^2 of land and the resources in them built over the corpses of native populations, really. Once these people actually give a crap about africa, and not @#$! around with their economic incentives to leave them in perpetual debt and squalor, they can have the moral ground to open up their overstuffed mouths and perhaps whine a little in between bites of twinkie and big mac.

Do you even know africa's colonial past or are you so tied up in western chauvinism that you honestly think genocide of tens of millions and slavery for 400 years is comparable to business relations and bilateral trade?

How the hell is what belgium did in the congo even remotely comparable to what china is doing you ignorant piece of garbage? or what was done to the kikuyu, herero? Something like 10 million people MURDERED there and another several million starving to death.

And the murder and rape is just scratching the surface; you can take out your "blame pie graph" and cut out a big share of darfur/rwanda for colonial racism.

Then there's the whole thing about you know, 90% of the good, arable land going to whites and millions of africans starving to death (Congo had a -66% population growth. Wow, how "progressive", "western", "modern", and "human.. righteous!")

We'll forgive the whole genocide of amerindians, 8 nations alliance bankrupting Qing china, genocide of maoris, genocide of native americans, genocide of first nation's peoples, displacement of siberians, and the annexation of outer manchuria/parts of outer mongolia/sakhalin island for now.

God forbid resources are exchanged without some pompous buffoonery from some world coalition of G8 nazis. America and europe haven't been making amends at all, their "aid" is something that screws economic incentives, subjects africans to the volatility of foreign markets, gouges them with debt that simply do not deserve to be paid back, and puts them in constant state of subsistence so they will need to export resources just to survive. The African Colonization thing isn't over until the former colonial powers fix the damage they've done. And they haven't, showing themselves to be the selfish pieces of sh!t they are.

BTW These are not my words! They are from a guy called ferins. I thought it was a good reply to those that bring Tibet into the discussion.

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Originally posted by blueskies88 at 2007-7-25 20:55
Hey don't get me wrong. I like many of changabula's contributions. I like his articles about China. His finds about China and Africa are very informative! I do agree. Well done, changabula!

I ho ...

You will not like me after my last post..
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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I'm sure the people of HK and Singapore are quite upset with where colonization left them.  Yes, you are right, by the way, that the European powers were wrong in gobbling up the world.  But it DID benefit some people.  If HK had stayed part of China then it would have been as poor as Zhuhai or Shenzhen up until the modern era.  The Hong Kongnese made HK, no doubt . . . . but they would have not have had the opportunity to turn it into a global financial center without British help.  Now the per capita income in HK is 33,500 US dollars a year, compared to 1700 US dollars in the rest of China.  Colonization treated them just fine.  When Chinese people were rushing to denounce each other as rightists and burning down temples HK was establishing itself as a player in the global financial game . . . .you can bet they actually thank GOD that they missed out on being part of the motherland then . . . .

America was a colony too, you know . . . . we seem to have done all right for ourselves.

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Another point . . . do you folks honestly, HONESTLY think China would be bestowing all these gifts upon these poor African countries if they were not getting access to incredibly valuable raw materials out of it?  I mean, China has done very little to improve the lives of the hundreds of millions of people in its western provinces living in Africa-esque poverty . . . . but I guess there's no oil or raw materials out there, huh?  No health care, expensive eductaion, no social safety net . . . . but they'll help the Africans!

For the record, Western imperialism was awful, and the West should be ashamed.  Just realize that China is helping other nations for it's own self interest more than others.  Everyone is self-interested . . . . . it's the nature of world politics.

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