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Anti-American Feelings [Copy link] 中文

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For our American friends who feel that they are being picked on.

Here is a thread to get it out into the open.

I would like to see both sides to the argument.

Anbody have any thoughts?

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It seems that Americans who travel to different lands think that they get picked on because of their government's foreign policies.

Is this right?
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From someone from Norway called, Sam I Am:

I lived in Australia for a while and had some Americans as roommates and they really felt like they were judged on their nation's behalf (this was already nearly three years ago so it hasn't gotten any better), although it wasn't anything really threatening. More recently I hear it is more threatening, especially in say France with people being kicked out of restaurants because they were American (not quite sure how true this is though). I really don't understand this kind of thing!

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Someone from Australia, called Peter

The feelings of anti-americanism in my experience are not so much from the US
government's policies (although I'm sure they play a part), but rather from a perceived
indifference to other cultures.

On a large-scale level there is a lot of ill feeling over the war in Iraq and a sense that
America is being too authoritarian in its handling of foreign affairs. I don't believe this
affects individuals that much though, as people genuinely recognise that individuals
don't always believe the same as their governments.

On an individual level Americans have a reputation of being obnoxious and self-
righteous in my experience. This is mostly based on misunderstandings, but my
advice to Americans would be to act with as much humility as you can possibly
muster. Judging other countries' ways of doing things loudly while in public (which I
have encountered numerous times - mostly, but not only, from Americans) will not
make anything work more like what you're used to and will certainly not make any
friends. Keep your voice down, because loud people stand out and are seen as
obnoxious by many, particularly when they are speaking in another language. In other
countries, the American adage of 'customer is king' is not true - don't expect to be
treated like one unless you are in a 5 star hotel. The fact of the matter is that you
aren't in your own country and shouldn't expect others to do things the same as you
are used to. Finally, make sure you learn some of the local language - this will win
many brownie points and make a great difference to how you are treated.

Just some thoughts to keep in mind. On a recent bus trip from Montpellier to
Barcelona nothing was more annoying than the Americans talking loudly about how
strange it was to have a toilet down the steps on the bus rather than at the back!
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From someone from the USA called, Minnesota

I had a bit of unpleasantness in Florence, May 2002. We had been out for dinner and were walking on the sidewalk, across the bridge back to our B&B. A carload of young-20s looking men drove up very close to me with their windows down, threw a food wrapper of some kind and shouted, "Go home, Yankee." I don't recall ever having seen them anywhere, so I believe it was random act, but it was a little scary.
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Reply #2 --- changabula's post....


The problem is that some forumites here believe that the United States (and the West) is the source of all evil and that no US policy/action has helped/benefited the world.  Many extend this feeling to the entire American culture and government of the United States.

Such hate is very similar to racism.

These forumites forget that the United States is a collection of people/culture from all over the world.  The founding of the nation was dominated by the large English/Western European population.  As time passed, every other race/religion/culture has contributed to the creation and growth of the United States.  Since the 1960's, even persecuted races and cultures have been able to influence the nation's political system.

It would be more productive to discuss areas in which the United States and the West share common goals with China and othernations of the world.  If we can agree in some areas, then perhaps we can work together to solve a few problems.  Early successes might lead to additional progress in more serious areas.

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From croner:

I also live in South Korea. I've been here for about 8 months now. Some of the anti-Americanism caused by the acquital of two GIs who ran a tank over a pair of schoolgirls and the Iraq war has died down. That is, died down from the crazy mess it was 6 or 8 months ago. For a while in a lot of major cities, especially in and surrounding Seoul, it was hard for any westerner to get a taxi and possibly a little difficult to find a cheap hotel room. Some restaurants had also posted signs that they didn't serve Americans. I believe there were a couple of occasions where Soldiers were attacked in Seoul.
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