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In true love, better be slow and steady.  

BFs are not toys that one must have because the girl next door already has. In fact, to compare and contrast who has what in this world while that may push general progress in society actually creates dissatisfaction and pain in the individuals who compose that society.

The only way out of this seeming dilemma is to work at it - make oneself more presentable and interesting, sociable and compassionate, and even the sleepiest sloth will wake up and see the real-you waiting for real friendships.

When there are many people around, to be loved is indeed a blessing. To be loved and not knowing it is therefore not so healthy, since if you don't know you're being loved, how can you return it? Love is meant to be returned.  It is a temporary gift only. If one only sits and accepts love without giving some of it back, how can it grow.  Love cannot grow if it is not moved around.  It thrives on action and reciprocation. But it cannot be forced. It must spring out from the heart as naturally as gurgling spring water swirling round the smooth corner of the bank.  To find that spark, first work at it to take an interest in others. To take an interest in others, get out of one's own shell and engage others in a circle of inclusiveness about you.  Make people want to find out about you while showing you want to know about them.  Step by step, slow and steady, the real you will come out like the turtle from underneath the coconut husk.

It has been said all the people we meet in our lives we meet because of some purpose.  They come and go not without some hidden reasons.  Even the bad ones. If we try to see people without harbouring any prejudices about them first, then it will be easier to connect to each person on his/her own merit.  Who doesn't have any faults, please raise your hands. None. All hands are heavy with the laden works of past mischief.  The important thing is not to repeat them but to wear the yoke of regret so that true lessons are learnt in the field of new love for others that is not limited by any prejudices or personal interest.

Lastly, don't try to forget and forgive love undone. If love had not been true then, one would not be affected even till now. See it as true love not requited. Be proud that you can still feel hurt because you now can wear a badge that says you're a sensitive human being. But - what next? That is even more important than feeling sorry for oneself.  What do you do after falling down and getting hurt?  You make your own plaster and heal yourself. No one can heal you. That is the responsibility of becoming an adult.  Adulthood absorbs all, whatever is thrown at you.  That way, with each trial and tribulation, the spirit and mind and heart and body will become stronger.  In the end, you will still ask what is it all for.  Many answers are advanced, none carries any mark of truth more than the other. Perhaps we will never know the real answer but it doesn't matter. Why?

Because if we care for people who have come into and gone from our lives, we will be able to slowly understand that everyone is interconnected to another and that Man, society, state and communities of nations, planets, systems and universe, all are connected.  Somehow.

Seen in immensity of that light, what was that small passable problem again that you were having a while ago?

Put on some rouge, wipe away that imaginary tear, smile into that mirror and walk to the subway station now.  There will be an old man or young child perhaps standing there, or someone from the countryside sitting forlornly looking for a job.  Buy him/her that hot bun from the shop nearby, and enjoy the look of surprise on the face. And the special tug in your own heart.

Remember the gurgling spring water.  Why do you think it sounds like a new-born baby laughing merrily?

(Are you all taking notes and translating these things? )

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i leaved there for several days...because of my father
    he asked me to have a short job with him in his company.i felt so excite at the fist day...but then it made so disappointed ,he just asked me to sign his name in each paper....i did it all day ,i hate this job though just sat in the office . i want to do some more meaningful or ineresting or challenge...not like this
   and then the third day,i said to my father i wouldn`t do that again.that`s made my parents very disappointed...their disappointment made me so despress..i stayed at home mother querimony me as a like playing child but can`t earn money by myself...i just smiled like a fool but feel sad ..
     .i can`t do anything that i hated..but maybe i won`t find a job that i very like in the futrue..that`s a very big problem...

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i am also in the same situation.

Six years cannot get job. Already old and tired. Worn out by life.  When i wake up in the morning, i boil water, mop the floor, wash the clothes, make tea, then look around for some food for my daughter, then fetch her to school, then come back, drink something hot, put the clothes out to dry, open the internet, read, write or find something, iron the clothes, wash the bathroom, tidy the house, walk from front to back of the house, walk from back to front of the house, go out and find food for another daughter, ask her to get ready for class,  go to my mother's, fetch her to the hospital, see my father, take her back, find food, go home, open the internet again, write something again, find something again, walk around again, take in the clothes, mop the porch, mop the floor again, wipe the tables, sit at the back, look at the alley, watch six generations of alley cats walk by, some in the memory only, think about life, open the internet again, wait for someone to write something, have dinner, wait for another daughter to come back for her dinner, take bath, clean up, make drink, walk around, take the rubbish out, look at the sky, lights off, fight the mosquito, go to sleep.

just now, sat at the back and said i surrender, said nothing will move me again, said i can let go of almost everything, said i have learnt my lesson in life, and don't teach me anymore, because there are no interesting surprises anymore; when i looked at myself in the mirror, i cannot remember this face;  now and then, old memories flood back; how much can one grimace in life?

each one has some phases to go through; not every minute can be pure joy; what goes up must come down soon enough.  If your father has asked you to do something when you don't have anything else to do, try to see him trying to helping you, someone he cares about. Like me trying to care for my girls. I say trying because they are going through their own phase of not listening to adults anymore, only listen to their same age group.  If the work is boring, think how bad it is to sit and look at the alley in the back of the house. There's nothing to see in fact, except the pictures that unreel in the mind. After a while, even those are stale.

hah-not like the old time when this old leopard had so much to do up high that he could get angry at himself if he had to go to the washroom;  that stomach-tightening tension, that vibrancy, that zest to achieve.

no more.

try to make yourself useful wherever you are; find and do new things to improve your father's business, for instance; maybe rearrange the office, tidy things up, analyse how things are done, find new suppliers or customers from the internet, directory, contacts.

don't wait to be told.

then if something nicer comes along, ask his permission to take that up; on payday, treat him and your mother to a nice dinner with some of the money.

the people who care for us always, and for whom we remember now and then to care for in return, won't be around us forever.

one day the old tree which has been providing shade from the harsh heat of life will wither and lose its leaves, branches will fall off, all without one whisper of the impending end.

one's daily problems and difficult regime shouldn't make the heart insensitive to the waning beat of life as it ebbs and flows from one to another.

i write all these things like talking, there is no need to think hard and long about it.

but there's something so chinese about the way it is expressed, isn't it?

..... waiting for the last battle tonight with that fearsome mosquito - it is a cunning foe - and i fear the battle will be lost - because i cannot see clearly, what cannot be seen with the eye, outside eye or inside eye, cannot be fought.




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nothing can do today...just sleep
     the weather cool down .rainy and windy make me feel not just cool but also cold.the trees around me seem more green and lively.i sat near the door look the world around me.i can`t image that the world is crying or growing...i hate rainy .it make me sad ,make me image the world is crying...i like the suny day~
     a friend will go to school soon,her school begin the term is early than mine.i admire her could go to school with her friend...i still be alone at home.nothing could to do but wanna do something..o!my god.i even don`t know what could i it inanity?空虚

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Today I am very tired.  I don't know why.  I also just realized how fast time flies. Tomorrow's friday will be last week's friday which i remember like it was only yesterday.  One week gone, just like that.  It will never come back again.

Sad to read 200 died in Iraq from a bombing, and over 300 died in Peru from an earthquake.  They will never come back again.

Happy to see a picture of japanese women praying in Nanjing, but sad that japanese men wear uniforms and swords again at that shrine in Tokyo.  
What to do, they have made their choice, these able-bodied men of unsound mind and heart, while those who had died somewhere else just hours ago, had died under circumstances they could not have understood;  neither the millions who had died so many years ago.....

When it is very hot, rain brings coolness. In some places it is so hot that the farmers will lose their crop. Without harvest, they will have no money. In other places it is so rainy that the farmers will also lose their crop. Without harvest, they too will have no money.  The sun and rain for comfort of one is not the same sun and rain for survival of another.  What to do, life has no choices for many.

Sometimes the harshness of the heat followed by the coolness of the rain seems to wash away the difficulty of the experience just as heavy rain followed by hot sun brings cheer to many.  It is as if the sky is saying all will be alright in the end.  But that is only being romantic because both farmers suffer if there is too much sun or rain.

All of life seeks for extremes to push progress and make changes but it is perhaps the middle road between extremes which will endure the longest for the most number.  But then again, without progress how can society become better?  There seems to be individual price to pay now for collective good in the future.

If there is a field, go for a jog to work off the keto-amines that accumulate in the body. When the pores open, the muscles tug and pull, the lungs puff for oxygen, the ears tingle, the mind stretches itself, maybe during those moments, the very act of exercising will draw the self away from itself, like a person moving away from looking at the same mirror everyday.

The duels we fight every day of our lives are the duels within ourselves.

The longest journey each of us makes in our lives is the journey inwards.

May men fight over you too:

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oh, now I know why today I am so tired…not enough steady sleep...because

mosquito: 6;  markwu: 0

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a day had gone away....
   my family fall asleep except me. i face the computer alone under  the dim light most of nights...sometimes watch TV..but some times just listen some music and don`t do anything.i don`t like sleep early.someone told me the quiet night is the best time for recalling and sel-examination.maybe i usually use the time to recall something happened or examin myself....but ,it make me fall into sad mood.i don`t know why.when i recalled something sad before i feel more sad,while somthing happy in my mind i also feel sad,sad of that happiness and sadness had gone away....they seems not belong to me any more.. i lost them.
   no one would like lost!
   how could we do when we look back ,but find that we lost something which make us happy or matter the happiness or sadness,they are our experience of life,and cant be forgotten!

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