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Terrorism & the Prophecy [Copy link] 中文

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“He will come from the Greater Land of Arabia

                         A Great Slave of Muhammad

                                                  He will Enter Europe; Wearing A Blue Turban”


God knows best what Nostradamus actually was; but his life and his prophecies are still a mystery for the mankind. Born in 16th Century, Nostradamus is now acclaimed as “the Seer”. Much of his predictions popularly known as the “Quatrains” are divided by researchers intro three parts known as the “Three Anti Christs”. The World now agrees that two out of the three anti-Christs have already appeared i.e. Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler. If we accept that Nostradamus was right about these two, then one should start thinking, will his prediction hold true for the third one as well?  75% of his predictions have become true; one surely would wonder when would the rest of his 25% predictions come into reality?

According to his Quatrains about the third anti Christ, he has clearly spoken that he will be a Muslim, originating from the Greater Land of Arabia. The Third anti Christ will cause havoc in the world, as the leader of the anti-cross forces he will enter Europe wearing a blue turban. Since the incidents of 9/11, the world media has been talking about this mystery that whether or not Osama Bin Laden is the third anti Christ? But I believe he is not.

Let us try to see this question or mystery in the eyes of the three divine religions: Islam, Jews and Christianity, or I may call them as the Big Three. Despite of all their differences, The Big Three are significantly agreed upon one factor, and that is how the world would come to an end? The answer in one word is “war”. Obviously the Big Three have difference in views regarding the conclusion of the war.

According to Islam, the final war or which it calls in Arabic as “Malhema-tul-Qubra” will be fought between two greater groups of the world’s population, and the criteria of opposition is as simple as “Islam Versus Non-Islam”. Islamic teachings declare that in the final war, the whole population of the world would be involved slowly and steadily through a prolonged process, and finally the last battle will occur. This whole process of war will cost half of the world’s population. In the beginning of the war, Muslims will have to face massacre, on-slaught and worldwide humiliation. The predictions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), about the circumstances of the world before the Judgment Day, explain that in the final days of the world a Khalifa (Caliph or we can take it as some renowned Muslim Leader) will die, and Muslims will find a suitable person to lead them in those disastrous conditions and will finally agree upon one personality named “Imam Mehdi”. Muslims believe that Imam Mehdi is a descendant of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, and he will lead the Muslims to the final victory of Islam in the final battle of the World. After the War is concluded, Dajjal will appear and Jesus will come back to the world where he will live, rule and then die a natural death and would be buried besides Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Abu Bakr in Masjid-e-Nabvi, Medina, Saudi Arabia.

According to Jews and many Christians, the final war or “Armageddon” will be fought for the Kingdom of Greater Israel. The result of the final war will turn in their favor, and the re-coming of Jesus would be for the ever lasting rule of Jews on the world, and Christians will act in the final war as the fighting arms of the Jew community. They believe that about 3 billion of the world’s population will be killed in Armageddon.

Now, if we put the prediction of the three religions about the number of deaths in the last war in to a mathematical equation i.e. Half of the World Population = 3 Billion Human Beings. Then let us all remind us, that according to International estimates, the world population is just over 6 billion.

Another strange factor is that the three divine religions also agree about the place where the final battle of Armageddon will be fought i.e. South West of Syrian Capital Damascus. Now let me put up an interesting question here, a meek militant group or so called Terrorist Group called Al-Qaeda and a weak dictator like Saddam Hussein whose power had already been crushed in the Gulf War were such big threats to a Super Power that she had to violate all the International Laws? Was the Super Power so much in need of Oil Reserves that she had no other way except capturing the resources? But in my opinion the Super Power has nothing to do with these two reasons, neither she cared about Al-Qaeda & Iraq nor the Oil Reserves. I believe that the super power is following a hidden strategy.

I remember I was reading an article in an online newspaper few months after the attack on Afghanistan; it was discussing a book, published in and banned outside America, titled as “Forcing God’s Hand”. According to this book, in post World War II America, a school of thought started to develop in the scholars of Bible called as the “Dispensation Theory”, and most of the American Presidents after the World War II belong to this theory. The theory believes that the final battle will be fought in near future, and the Christian powers should join hands to serve the purpose of Greater Israel. I believe that this will very well answer to the question that why Israel’s bloody activities in Palestine have never been termed as “terrorism” by the UNO? And why Americans have been giving unprecedented support to Israel since the first Jewish settlement after First World War?

The same article also quoted an incident when President Ronald Reagan visited Israel in 1981-82. Mr. Reagan reportedly said, “I believe that the time of Armageddon is near and may be the generation of our kids will be the one to witness it”.

Now having an idea of what dispensation theory is and what sort of ideology the American presidents have been following, let us play an interesting game. You should open up that page of your atlas that shows the map of Middle East and take up a highlighter in your hand. Now start highlighting those countries/territories which either America has captured or where America has military bases. When you would finish highlighting those areas you will suddenly realize that America is surrounding Syria in a semi-circular shape, the same Syria that is destined to host the last battle of the last war of the world. May be now you would start realizing what actually Americans are after. If you still do not believe it that Americans have been slowly and steadily following a hidden strategy, and the attacks on Afghanistan & Iraq were pre-planned and purposeful, then try to remind yourselves that who brought Saddam in to Power? Who invented Osama Bin Laden? The answer is America, they have been planning and preparing for the last war since the World War II.

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One always wonders how the whole world would be involved into another big war. According to Islamic teachings the last war will be a long process, and would be divided in to several battles till the drop scene in Damascus, with Muslims being defeated and humiliated in the beginning and victorious in the end. One can very well see that the Americans have started to follow the track, they are pushing hard but slowly, killing and trapping Muslim countries one by one in the name of War against Terrorism. The Muslims through out the world are being brutalized and humiliated. But one thing that America and her allies do not realize is, the number of fundamentalists or the “Mujahideen” are always increasing. Despite of all their efforts they are unable to stop the budding of the Mujahid Groups or so called Terrorists. This is the way in which Muslim Retaliation will grow slowly and steadily, this is the way it is written and so shall it be. In her efforts to prepare for the final War, America is accelerating the speed of World to move towards it. America is still unable to provide any worthy evidence that proves that the Muslims are the culprits of 9/11 or any of such big alleged terrorist attacks, and that makes the existence of any such evidence doubtful. Simple questions can clear up the doubtful minds, is this worldly possible that the black boxes of the two planes crashed in the Twin Towers melted while a copy of Quran endured? Can a plane be hijacked with a tin-opener and nail-cutter? Why the people, in the hijacked planes, who called their loved ones did not mention that they were hijacked by some Arabs or Brown skinned people? There are many other questions like these to be answered. Are these the kind of evidences we should believe in?

The Islamic predictions or signs about the end of the world are divided into two groups i.e. the major signs and the minor ones. The minor signs of the Judgment Day are almost complete by now, and every thoughtful Muslim brain acknowledges that its time that the major incidents or signs start appearing.  It has been told that when Imam Mehdi will win the war in Syria, he will be informed that Constantinople (modern day Istanbul) has been captured by anti-Islamic forces. Imam Mehdi will lead his forces to Istanbul and will defeat the anti-Islamic forces there as well. Geographically speaking Istanbul is the first city of Europe; I always used to wonder what if Nostradamus was actually right and who knows if Imam Mehdi would be wearing “Blue Turban” that moment. In my definite view, Imam Mehdi is the person about whom Nostradamus talked about who will lead the Muslims to final victory in the last War, but I rather would not agree to Nostradamus in calling Imam Mehdi as anti-Christ. The re-coming of Jesus will be to support Imam Mehdi and Muslims against Dajjal, and Jesus will offer prayers behind Imam Mehdi, so as a matter of fact Mehdi is a pure pro-Christ. Because the divinity of God has always been the same, the teachings of Muhammad (SAW) and Jesus (AS) were the same. It is the human being who contemplated with Bible, and God had to send His message again through Quran.

Islam has also declared that in the last days of the world, so many so-called Muslims will become allies to the anti-Islam forces. It is no war against terrorism, Muslims are not terrorists, President Bush declared it as a Crusade, and later Collin Powell had repeated Bush’s words again. Today we can see many Muslim nations and leaders are allies to the United States. Pakistan has been declared as the Non-NATO ally of America, this is like a heaven for people who live for the pleasure of anti-Islamic forces. But people who have faith in God and His teachings, this is the very cause of shame that we as a nation were chosen to be those unfortunate allies of anti-Islamic forces whom Prophet Muhammad (SAW) predicted about.

I also remember Nostradamus saying that the Last War will begin in year 1999 and seven months. I always use to ponder over this that what important incident happened in July 1999 and always concluded that may be this time Nostradamus went wrong. But after several years a point clicked in my mind and made me write all this what I have written. I started to understand that the last war would not begin at once; it is a long process that might have started in July 1999. Then I realized that through out the world there was only one battle that was being fought in the year 1999 and seven months i.e. The Kargil War. The Kargil War started in June-July 1999, produced a Hero, got popularized as “the Director of Kargil”, came in to power through a coup de’tat and finally became the biggest ally of the United States of America. The Director of Kargil became the sole cause of support to the United States in launching their movement against the pure and fundamentalist Islamic elements and so the War began. America herself has now started to understand that this War is becoming more like a never ending story, and they know it very well that where it will lead the world.

The point to worry about is not what America and her allies are doing, but the important thing to think and worry about is what role we as a nation, and as a part of Muslim Community of the world, are playing in it. It is the time to realize that the track of the people who care more of what anti-Islamic forces wish, and who fear more from the Worldly powers, is nothing but a Highway to Hell. We should start thinking, then understand and act for the good of us as a whole Muslim community, for our religion, and for our individual lives after death.

May Allah guide us to the right path. AMEEN

Published: July 11, 2007

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Well, as a non muslim, but a world citizen, here's hoping that none of this comes to pass. I believe the bible mentions an anti christ from the east, but I could be wrong.

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Imam Mehdi

is not generally believed by all Muslims

many Sunni Muslims do not believe in this person;

this is more Shiite theology.

It is not mentioned in the Qu'ran, so it seems that it is not important.

Consequently, it is doubtful and it is is better to avoid things that cause us doubt.

The other points about US government high offiicials having a secret war agenda relates to "Left Behind Theory" and "Rapture"

these are dangerous inventions by some Christian sects and if say the US president really believed them then he could start a world war.

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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You mean TURKEY joining the EU?

EU is Blue turban!

ha ha ha

Green DRagon

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you are so right..

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Nostradamus and his writings or "quatrain's ' are a crock of nonsense , he wrote in such a way that a million conclusions can come of it . Dont be gullible he was nothing but a mere mortal . The fact is no one knows the future , the Nazis believed in astrology and mystics , didn't do them any good .

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