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BBC biased against China [Copy link] 中文

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mengzhi dodges as usual

As I said meng, this thread is about the BBC supposedly having an anti-China bias because it mentioned an actual fact, specifically firms censoring themselves to enter the Chinese market. You're rambling off-topic, as usual - unless you want to claim the firms didn't censor themselves.

What you MIGHT want to do is do a search for "BBC" and "anti-China bias". That would be more relevant. :)
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Everyone is biased, everyone has an agenda. That is why you need to listen to arguments from different sides, and that is why you have to have a free press, so you can compare the agendas and biases.

When there is free media, some will, however, stand out as more reliable and unbiased than others. The BBC is one of those who stand out as more reliable and respectable than others (like Fox News in the US). It doesn't mean that they are free of bias, because nobody is. The BBC is a Western media outlet, although with an international staff, and therefore automatically has a Western bias (pro-democracy).

CCTV is the Chinese equivalent of BBC, and CCTV naturally has a Chinese bias, which we see when they do their anti-Japanese historical blasts to the past instead of focusing on the present. CCTV, just like the BBC, has a better standing than many other media companies in China, even if media is not as free in China as in the West. People tend to trust CCTV more than any other TV station, because it is more professional, it is larger, it has all the traditions and it is state owned.

Both the BBC and CCTV, however, try their best to do quality journalism within the realms they have been defined.

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Multi-polar media.

On this topic, the difference between " emphasis " and " bias " must be clear. Otherwise we will be here till the cows come home.

BBC , and the western media , have been spoiled by their dominance on the world stage of coverage and influence , for centuries. Most are still professional journalists doing REPORTING. Some ( and this sector is rapidly gaining in numbers ) have taken upon themselves the task of not reporting , but providing their OPINIONS disguised as " facts ". Some have stooped to plagiarism , and seedy slimy " investigative journalism " ( read tabloid gossips and rumour mongering ) . This is where we Chinese take issue with . There are some journalists who have made it their life long ambition , dedicated to tar and tarnish China's reputation :  half truths, hearsay or lies do not matter. These feral are open to rebuttal and should be brought to account . Example of recent BBC botch was the hidden camera  recording of the " organ harvesting " scheme in China. That should be compulsory lesson in journalism schools of what NOT to do ; it was shameful , tardy and dirty.  

The rest of the world's media are making huge headway towards balancing this slant and hopefully can offer intelligent alternatives to the narrative of world events.

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BBC biased against..........

I think it's clear, that whatever biases the BBC may have, the Beeb's major bias appears to be against ignorance and misinformation.

From reports I have read on the BBC News website, I would also add that I think the BBC is also seriously biased against genocide, slavery and oppression.

While the BBC quite obviously appears to be biased against ignorance, misinformation, genocide & human misery, apparently some seem to think the BBC is biased against the Chinese government.

Could Mengzhi or Taikor please explain this linkage ?
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Read my posts and stop being hoons.

Is there no mountains too high or oceans too deep for emu to plumb for the deceptive ?  Media is there primarily to report , as I have said. Where does " bias " against genocide, misinformation and all nasties " come from ? BBC is not the oracle or Moses on the Mount. The trouble with these blinkered spruikers is that they still go around wearing the mantle of " self righteousness and superiority ". Example , the tragedy in Darfur is the bastard child of centuries of colonial rape and pillage and yet nowadays , the western gossip mongers ( read press ) wish to dump this crime onto China for trading with Sudan !!?? This is mischief and hooliganism. It has nothing to do with bias or righteousness.

BBC has some capital in trust and reliability left but unless the management pulls their socks up , the feral journalists are poised to take over and plunge the Beeb's reputation down the proverbial gutter.  Be careful.

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