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Religious Fundamentalism: How Will it Affect China's Future? [Copy link] 中文

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How true!!

All that the Yanks have to do is to borrow another trillion or two, and threaten not to pay the creditors back - that kind of soft power as a deadbeat, nobody else can have or hope to have in human history.

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Originally posted by changabula at 2007-7-6 21:50
We have seen various examples of global fundamentalism and the problems that they cause:

    Jewish fundamentalism in the West Bank,
    Islamic fundamentalism in the Taliban,
    Buddhist fund ...

“人之初 性本善 性相近 习相远”
(ren zhi chu xing ben shan xing xiang jin xi xiang yuan)

“All of us are born with a good nature. Although our innate nature is the same, different learning environment and external influences have resulted in people drifting apart from their good innate nature and forming their own habitual tendency

btw, Sri Lanka is only an island. like Taiwan
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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False claims.

Thank you northwest for coming to my rescue ( again ). You are just too fabulous.

scribe ,

Are you by any chance implying with your double speak that the UN , WTO , NAFTA etc...... are the gifts to the world from Uncle Sam ?!  Perish the thought buddy. The US has been the greatest debtor with non payment of UN subscriptions. She ought to have been disqualified and ejected from that organization long time ago . So it goes with all the other international organizations. The US would gladly cite their names when it suits them and debunk the same otherwise. Example . When the UN passed a resolution for the deployment of troops to Afghanistan, the UN was a " pillar of responsibility " : when the UN disapproved the resolution to invade Iraq , it was a " debating club of no consequence ".  This is the modus operandi of the " soft power operator ?  Uncle Sam uses a variant of bribery, threats and invasion when she wants compliance. This is called  " hard or harsh power " man.  You can do whatever you wish as long as you do as I tell you . Hypocrisy is the US middle name.

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So, when is Beijing hosting the New U.N. HQ?


     So, when is Beijing, Moscow, Paris, or London hosting the new U.N. Headquarters?  When is Tokyo, Sydney, Bangalore, or Berlin hosting the World Bank?  As much as I see people whine about America's presence in these organizations - have not seen a lot of people say they want to be a host.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

     As for the amount of monies owed to the United Nations, by ALL nations of the world:

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China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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I can't believe this " own goal ".

trader should learn when NOT to show data which confirms the opponents' suspicions. You have just offered us the graph of the naughty behavior of the US in not paying her UN dues. If you look at the very last column you will see that even within this current year , her debt has increased from 33% to 37% t0 55% of the TOTAL OF ALL OTHER NATIONS' debt. The total of the rest of the world. If this is a local club run like this, the US would have been out on her ears long before this .She would have forfeited voting rights and privileges to the members' bar altogether !! Pay up or shut up .

The UN location : this is not a three-ring-circus and a tent . The headquarters is in New York and there it will stay. A lot of people wish it is somewhere else but that is the reality I am afraid. What has that got to do will the running of the organization ?

The World Bank : this is a clever camouflaged establishment designed and operated as an American monopoly to make money from the poor. The president of this esteemed organization is compulsorily an American when the investment is international , why ? Forget that this bank is there to help anyone except the vulgarly rich of the western world. The last president was one Paul Wolfowitz , the last person who should be entrusted to the bank vault , which he siphoned off for his girlfriend.

Take home message trader : stop posting data which helps the opponents. You are having difficulty keeping your head above water as it is.  Try smarter, not harder.

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