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Religious Fundamentalism: How Will it Affect China's Future? [Copy link] 中文

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China needs to be careful too.

" Fundamentalism " is just a label . The original meaning is " pure and unadulterated " : a religious piousness which is admirable if you can follow it . The Amish are " fundamentalists " and they keep themselves to themselves.

However this term has recently  taken on the derogatory coats of being sinister, brutal and  illogical fanaticism. Thus ONLY the opponents and " enemies " are " fundamentalists " , not US. Even the staunchest bigoted fanatics ( of any religion ) is blind to their own faults. They are " followers of god's teaching " just wanting to spread " peace  and tolerance " while they deliver war and intolerance.

Fanaticism may be a more appropriate term simply because such groups obviously do not abide by any religious teachings as ALL books of gods preach loving your enemies as your friends, forgiving etc.....

Therefore the two ingredients necessary in converting " fundamentalism " ( which is good ) to " fanaticism " ( which is bad ) are poverty and oppression.

#1. Fanaticism thrives on poverty . And if this struggle for life can somehow be blamed as someone else's fault , than religious foundation for violence is permissible and in fact of a " responsibility " to god. Fear generated in the west , that the enemies will come and " destroy our way of life " is the corollary in the rich country. The Islamic fanatics just use " to better our live style " as the excuse for violence.

#2. Fanaticism thrives on oppression , real or imaginary . This is where the psychological brain wash is so powerful .The Islamists blame the west for the " infidels on our soil " and the west uses 9.11 to drum up the fear of " invasion " . The dirty tricks departments on both sides have become super efficient as we watch.

The gist is a " clash of religions " between the Islamists and the Christianists . Hindus are confined to India  and I agree the Buddhists are not thus involved.

Summary : religious zealots ( old men , balding and impotent ) wanting to grab and retain power at all cost.

China is very less likely to suffer such fanaticism because China traditionally has been a most tolerant nation of many religions . China is not engaged in infusing fear on any section of the population and with the continued alleviation of poverty ( plus education ) she may be lucky enough not to get embroiled in this vortex of crimes and punishment .

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Soft vs Hard.

I think  this " religious fanaticism " has taken on a life entirely of its own since " 9.11". The Christian fanatics created a gigantic FEAR & LOATH  campaign and hit out at every Muslim indiscriminately . ( Invading Iraq when the Saudis flew the planes ) . The Islamists responded with a similar illogical and brutal " kill all infidels " counter punch. Now , six years on , both sides seem to have forgotten the original reasons for hate. They are now doing the " PAYBACK " game of  " I kill you because you killed one of mine first ".  An eternal cycle of violence.

China will continue to gather and garner more and more influence in SEA, South Asia and everywhere else in the world . However China does this with soft power and mutual respect : a far cry from the " shock and awe " hammer blows which is the hallmark of some regime. China is not immune to fanaticism but she is much less likely to encounter it , as I have said.

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See the difference .

My eminence the scribe is sadly misreading and mistaking the modes of the power game.

#1. The US has been projecting and promoting hard hammer power for decades. Bribes, threats and regime change ( overt and covert  or both ). No one is immune and no one feels safe with the bully hovering around. You may not see it that way but try and see it from the victims' side. 90% of the world is fearful of , terrified of , threatened by or hate the guts of the Yanks.

#2. The " soft power " game is an enigma to the Americans : never heard of it and have no use of it. Thus the " Shock and Awe " the world has witnessed over and over again. Shoot anything which moves first and ask questions later.

Confucius said " Your terrorist is my freedom fighter " . How wise how true !!

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Are you being serious?

Originally posted by schreiber at 2007-7-8 02:24
Are you even familiar with the history of American diplomacy or just familiar with a couple of the wars?  

A couple of wars?

(Oh we are just having a couple of fights in the playground, boys and girls.)
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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