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Tina Fey
By James Poniewozik

Tina Fey
Jill Greenberg / Corbis Outline
Tina Fey
In the first scene of 30 Rock, NBC sketch-comedy producer Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) buys a hot-dog vendor's entire stock, to spite a jerk who tries to cut in line. She sashays through Manhattan, handing out franks to passersby while a That Girl—like tune plays. A homeless man chucks one at the back of Liz's head.

Fey, 36, has a few things in common with Mary Tyler Moore and Marlo Thomas, whose liberated-gal-in-the-city sitcoms the scene spoofs. It's not just that she's a funny, good-looking brunet or that 30 Rock may be on the way to becoming a TV classic. Fey is also a rising player in what has been a man's game. In the '90s, she became the first female head writer for Saturday Night Live, revitalizing the Weekend Update segment by delivering demurely cutting barbs, then wrote the 2004 movie Mean Girls, a sharply observed comedy about the teen pecking order.

With 30 Rock, which she also writes and produces, Fey combines an insider's send-up of TV with subtle, self-effacing feminism, as Liz wrangles difficult stars and leads a mostly male writers' room. Liz is funny but flawed, successful but insecure, political but not infallible—a woman we see a lot in our offices but too little in our pop culture. The show has won over critics, and though it hasn't yet become a monster hit, NBC was impressed enough to pick it up for next season. Looks like she's gonna make it after all.

在《我为喜剧狂》(30Rock)的第一个场景中,NBC一位短小系列喜剧的制片人Liz Lemon (由Tina Fey扮演)为了鄙视一位想要插队的蠢人,就把一个热狗摊上所有的热狗都买了下来。她步伐轻快地穿梭在麦哈顿街道上,将那些法兰克福熏香肠免费地递给路人,此时播放的是一首听上 去象That Girl的旋律。一位无家可归男子把热狗面包砸回到Liz的后脑上。

36岁的Fey与玛丽.泰勒穆尔和马里奥.托马斯---在30Rock中就搞笑了这两人的被解放出的都市丽人电视剧。---都有一些相似之处。并不单单因为她是一位有趣,有着一副漂亮脸蛋的深发女郎,也不是30Rock正在成为一部电视经典。 Fey同样还是那一直被称之为“男人的游戏”中的一位新兴演员。 在上个世纪九十年代,她就成为了Saturday Night Live节目的第一位女性首席作家,通过以端庄认真的表情讲述刻薄的内容,让Weekend Update节目板块恢复了生机。的让 Weekend Update恢复了生机 ,并且写下了2004年电影Mean Girls剧本.一部关于青少年权势等级的喜剧。

在30 Rock中--她同时也写剧本和制作--随着Liz要去对付难处理的明星们,和领导着一屋子几乎“清一色”的男性,Fey 把自己本身做为一名对电视行业知情人的搞笑和一个微妙、”自我最小化“的女性主义结合了起来。

Liz 风趣,却不那么完美;成功,却但却不那么稳重;懂政治,但并不是永远都是对的---一个我们在办公室处处可见的许多的女性,一位却在主流文化中见的很少的女性。 这个节目赢得了批评家。并且,虽然还没有成为盛况空前,可NBC对足够深刻的印象足以能让它播出下一季。看起来,终究她是要成功的。

(2)Liz Lemon(由”Saturday Night Live当家花旦Tina Fey扮演)是当红喜剧秀“the Girlie Show"的首席编剧,可最近旧老板病逝,挑剔的新老板上任三把火,加上节目中的明星演员也是麻烦多多,一下子将Liz推到了风口浪尖。为了保住自己的饭 碗,为了保住节目的收视率,同时也不能让自己不在压力下崩溃,Liz必须学会在刀尖上跳舞,在特立独行和言听计从间寻找一个最佳的平衡点。 (“Alexiao@TLF原创”)
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Youssou N'Dour
By Peter Gabriel

Youssou N

Veronique Rolland / Corbis Outline

It was dark in that tent in Paris and so hot that condensation dripped from the canvas. Then, cutting through everything, came a voice of liquid gold.

I had gone to see if Youssou N'Dour would be a good artist for WOMAD, the festival of world music, arts and dance we were launching. Back then, in the early '80s, Youssou's music was really known only to fellow Senegalese. I was totally blown away. I loved the grooves, the emotion and the melodies—but most of all, that voice, a passionate instrument.

Soon afterward I traveled to Senegal to see Youssou perform at his old club next to the fish market. This was the beginning of a long musical relationship and a close friendship. I offered him the support slot on two tours, and every time he went out on the stage, it was like the sun breaking through the clouds.

I've watched Youssou, 47, grow effortlessly, as more and more demands are made on him, into a major African leader, pioneering campaigns to improve the spread of technology, working to combat malaria and being involved, too, with Unicef. He is a source of inspiration to me not just as a musician but as a person.

Gabriel, a singer and activist, has won four Grammy Awards


我本来是要去看看是否Youssou N'Dour将成为一位我们即将举办的世界音乐,艺术及舞蹈(WOMAD)中----世界音乐、艺术、和舞蹈节--上的优秀艺人。那时,是上世纪八十年代早期,Youssou的音乐实际只有少数的他的塞内加尔同胞们才知道。我那时完全被震惊了。我喜欢那种grooves(风格)、那种音乐中的情绪还有旋律 --但是更重要的,是那个声音--一个“热情的乐器”。




熟悉Afropop的人,恐怕无人不知晓Youssou N'Dour。

他1959年生于塞内加尔首都达喀尔市(Darka),自幼显 露音乐天赋,12岁登台表演。1979年他自组乐团取名“Etoile de Darka”,1981年更名为“The Super Etoile”。1986年他应邀参与了Peter Gabriel的专集《So》的巡回演出,由此引起西方乐坛的注意而一发不可收拾,先后同Paul Simon,Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Tracy Chapman 以及 Brandford Marsalis 一同合作。1989年 Virgin发行了他第一张(国际)专辑《The Lion》。五年之后他的《The Guide (Wommat)》获格莱美“世界音乐”大奖提名,而其中与Neneh Cherry合作的单曲“7 Seconds” 更使他名噪一时,MTV Europe 还为之颁发了1994年度最佳单曲奖。1998年他参与作曲并演唱了世界杯主题曲 “La Cour des Grands”。他的专辑《埃及》(Egypt) 获得2005年度格莱美“世界音乐”大奖。

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Anna Netrebko

By Christopher Porterfield
Anna Netrebko
Clive Arrowsmith / Camera Press / Retna

Opera, that gorgeous folly, has outlived the rarefied culture that once sustained it. It can't offer the high-voltage stars and sexy mass appeal that today's entertainment scene demands. Or so say its detractors. Then along comes Russian soprano Anna Netrebko—knockout good looks, bewitching charm and a mesmerizing hold on the media, which tirelessly chronicle her penchant for partying and haute couture.

Behind the celebrity persona, Netrebko, 35, is the real deal, nurtured at Russia's Kirov Opera and now in demand from Salzburg to Tokyo. From her delicate frame comes a voice of astonishing richness and power. She's also a riveting actress; just watch her ignite the stage as the doomed Violetta in La Traviata. Netrebko's blend of vocal splendor and dramatic intensity has evoked comparisons with Maria Callas. Flattering, Netrebko says, but she wants to get to the point where she's celebrated for being herself. She's already there.


在自己名人身份的外表下,今年35岁的涅特里布科真的是名副其实,在一个俄罗斯。。剧院接受培育,如今受到来自从Salzburg到东京的争夺。从她细致的身材传出的是惊人饱满、有力的声音。她同样还是一位极具吸引力的的演员:只要看着她以扮演茶花女中命运注定的薇奥列来点亮舞台。 涅特里布科 嘹亮声音混合着戏剧。。感情。。激发了人们将她同玛丽亚.卡拉斯进行比较。 涅特里布科说那是对她的奉承,可她所想要达到的(目标)是做为自己来被人们颂扬。 她已经是做到了。

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Justin Timberlake
By Timbaland
Justin Timberlake
Max Vadukul / ContourPhotos

It is difficult to explain what Justin Timberlake means to music. He is an entertainer, a writer, a producer, an actor, a businessman. His talent encourages me to challenge myself creatively. When we made FutureSex/LoveSounds together, we had a chemistry like no other. He has this ability to come into the studio and—boom!—the song is created. He doesn't write anything down, and he gets it right the first time. It's as if Justin had been born 26 years ago to deliver music to the world. There are those who follow and those who lead. Justin is a leader, setting the bar for what's expected of others.

Timbaland has just released a solo CD, Shock Value

很难解释贾斯汀廷伯雷.克对音乐意味着什么。他是一位娱乐人、一位作家、一位制片人、一位演员、一位商人。他的才华鼓励着我在创造性上面挑战自己。当我们一起制作了FutureSex/LoveSounds,,我们之间有一种特殊化学物质。来到音乐室,---砰地--歌曲就被创造出来了,他就是有这样的本事。他不把任何东西写下来,都是一气呵成。就好像贾斯汀在二十六年前出生就是为了把音乐带给世界。 有的人是跟随着,有的人是领导者。贾斯汀就是一位领导者,他设定要求门槛是被别人用来(做为自己达到的)期望

Timbaland 刚刚发布了一张个人CD,Shock Value

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Sacha Baron Cohen
By Roseanne
Sacha Baron Cohen
Jill Greenberg / Corbis Outline

Sacha Baron Cohen has created uniquely outrageous characters for our uniquely outrageous times. He does offend some people's sensibilities, but the youth of today are offended if they're not offended. If you want to be the kind of comic who changes minds about issues like prejudice, you must cross the line occasionally or you're not going far enough.

He has gigantic talent as a physical comedian, and no shortage of balls, particularly when, as Borat, he fights for breath under the fattest naked man's butt ever seen onscreen.

At only 35, Baron Cohen has already invented a new archetype, as original as Chaplin's Little Tramp. It's one thing to portray a vaguely Eastern European, naively anti-Semitic, sexist, insensitive but somehow lovable lout. It's another to risk your life at a rodeo to sing the fictional national anthem of Kazakhstan to the tune of The Star-Spangled Banner. Trust me, I know a little something about the consequences of messing up The Star-Spangled Banner.

The bigot comes to America and insults its most genteel members, agrees with its most ignorant, and sets out to pursue the Big Breasted Virgin Blonde, the real American male dream. He gets broken, abandoned, betrayed and cuckolded, and then born again. And at long last, he finds his true love in the form of a fat black hooker with the proverbial Heart of Gold.

Her grand reception as an iconic American bride brought back home to Kazakhstan was a great way of saying that the world is growing smaller and less tribal. The heart of America honored by Arabs, Jews and vice versa, and versa vice! That is NIIIICE!!!

Comedian Roseanne starred in her own sitcom for nine years

沙查·巴隆·科恩给我们这个独特荒诞的时代创造了独特荒诞的角色。 他的确是冒犯了一些人的鉴赏力,但是当今的年轻人如果没有得罪,那就是得罪了他们。如果你想成那种改变象偏见这样问题上观点的喜剧演员的话,你就必须时不时地”越界”,“否则你就会走的不够远。


年仅35岁的巴隆·科恩已经创造了一个新的原型, 就好像卓别林的Little Tramp。 要扮演出一个好像是来自中欧的闪语族,具有大男子主义,反应迟钝,但却有些可爱、笨拙的人是一回事;可要冒着生命危险在一个马术竞赛会上按着美国星条旗的旋律演唱编造出的哈萨克斯坦国歌又是另一会事。 相信我,我知道这样搞砸的一些结果---盖上星条旗。

这个偏执的人来到美国,并侮辱了美国最有教养的一批人们, 认同美国最无知的人们, 并开始追求波霸Virgin Blonde-----真正美国男性的梦。
他落的是身无分文, 被遗弃,被出卖,被带绿帽子,然后又获重生。 终于,他在一位肥胖,却有着和成语中讲的”金子般的心“的一名黑人妓女身上发现了真爱。

回到卡萨克斯坦,给她进行、做为一个标志性的美国新娘的隆重的接待是一个很棒的方式来表示世界变小了, 部族少了。


(1)hooker with the proverbial Heart of Gold.源自:Hooker with a heart of gold

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Leonardo DiCaprio
By Martin Scorsese

Leonardo DiCaprio
Peter Youngblood Hills / JGB

In the early '90s, my friend Bob De Niro made a picture called This Boy's Life. He told me, "I worked with this kid. He's really good. You've got to work with him someday." The "kid" was Leonardo DiCaprio.

Then I saw What's Eating Gilbert Grape. One of the hardest things for actors to do is play someone who's mentally challenged. Very often, no matter how good they are, you can see the machinery at work. With Leo, in this performance, I didn't see the machinery. He wasn't playing the role. He had allowed the character to become a person and then to inhabit him.

I was impressed. Then when I saw him in The Basketball Diaries as Jim Carroll, in Total Eclipse as Rimbaud, as Romeo for Baz Luhrmann, as the young hero of Titanic, I realized that range wasn't an issue.

He was the actor among a generation of gifted young actors. Once he became a superstar, he had a choice. It would have been so easy for him: he could have made a comfortable home for himself in commercially viable, action-thriller roles. But he chose to go down a different, more adventurous path.

We worked together for the first time on Gangs of New York, and that was when I first witnessed his commitment to his chosen craft—a commitment that is fierce and total. Unlike many other actors, Leo will keep pushing until he breaks through to an emotional and psychological truth, no matter how ugly or childish or inexplicable.

He holds the screen, like a great silent actor. With his face, his eyes. He knows how to use them and how to use his body; he has an innate sense of how much to give and how much to hold back. I look at him, and I know he's a true actor. The camera knows it. And most important, the audience knows it.

Leo, 32, is, at heart, fiercely private. He's also responsible, in the sense that he takes his citizenship—of the world—very seriously, as seriously as he does his acting. He has used his celebrity very carefully in an effort to raise awareness, particularly among younger generations, of the environmental perils facing our planet. And like all serious artists, Leo is a passionate student. He never stops studying and learning.

The "kid" has grown up to be a man I'm proud to know and whom I feel lucky to count as a collaborator. We've made three pictures now. I can't wait until we work together again.

Oscar winner Scorsese has directed more than 25 films

在二十世纪九十年代早期,我的朋友 Bob De Niro拍摄了一部名为This Boy's Life的电影。 他告诉我:”我和这个孩子合作,他真是很棒。你有一天会和他合作的“ 这个“孩子”就是莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥。

后来,我看了What's Eating Gilbert Grape。一件对演员们能最困难的事情就是要扮演某个精神上有障碍的人。通常,不论他们有多么优秀,你都能看到“在表演的机械”。可在里欧身上,这出表演中,我没有到这样的”表演机械“。 他不是在表演这个角色。他是跟随角色,成为了一个人,然后”住在了他“的身上。

这给我印象很深。后来,当我看见他在 The Basketball Diaries中扮演 Jim Carroll, 在Total Eclipse中扮演Rimbaud, ,在Baz Luhrmann中扮演罗密欧,在泰坦尼克中扮演年轻的英雄。 我意识到表演范围

他是一代有天赋的年轻演员中的一位。 一旦他成为了超级明星,对他来说,本有一个相当安逸的选择: 他本就可以为自己安置一个舒适的”家", 在商业运作可行的,动作。但是,他的选择是沿着一条不同的,更

我俩的首次合作是在“纽约黑帮”中, 而那是我第一次看到了他对自己选择技艺上的敬业---那是一种热烈的,全身心的敬业。 和许多其它的演员不同,Leo总是会去不断向前推进,直到突破到了一个感情上的,心灵上的真理---无论那是多么的丑恶、幼稚、让人令人费解。

看着他,我知道他是一名真正的演员;摄影机知道他是;最重要的是, 观众们知道是。

今年32岁的Leo, 在内心里,是一个很注重自己隐私不张扬的人。 他还是一个有责任心的人。 在某个意义上,他将他的国际--世界---非常严肃,就象在进行表演一样严肃。 他谨慎小心地用自己的名望,来帮助人们,尤其是在年轻几代人身上, 提高对面临着我们星球的环境危险的意识。正如所有严肃艺术家一样, Leo 是一位充满热情的学生。 他从不停止修养和学习。

这个“孩子”已是长成一位让我自豪感到认识的男人。 能把他做为一名合作者,我感深感荣幸。我们一起已经拍摄了三部电影。我迫不及待地想我俩再次合作。



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Nora Roberts
By Andrea Sachs
Nora Roberts
Illustration for TIME by Zach Trenholm

Nora Roberts is to love as Masters and Johnson are to sex. As the world's leading romance writer, she has inspected, dissected, deconstructed, explored, explained and extolled the passions of the human heart since 1981. Millions of devoted (primarily, but not exclusively, female) readers have had their fantasy lives shaped by her work; she can make romance seem fresh and hopeful every time. And there have been many, many times. At 56, she makes her fellow authors look like slackers, having written 175 novels, the majority of them best sellers. There are nearly 300 million copies of her books in print. Befitting her career choice, Roberts fell in love with and married a carpenter who went to do some work on her house. And they lived happily ever after. The end.

Nora Roberts对爱情的了解,就好比Masters and Johnson 对性的了解。做为这个世界上最顶尖浪漫作家,自从1981年,她就检查、剖析、解体、探索、解释,并颂扬了人类心中的各种激情。 数以百万计(主要是女性,但也不是专门只有女性)的读者的幻想生活都是由她的作品来塑造。她都能让浪漫看上好像每一次都新鲜、都充满希望。而且,已经有过许许多多次。今年56岁的她让自己的同行作家们看来就像是“懒虫”。目前已经写了175部小说。 这些小说中大部分都是最畅销书。 印刷了几乎三亿册。和她职业的选择在适合不过的是,Roberts 与一名去她家里干活的木匠相爱,并结婚。 两人从此过着幸福快乐的日子。 ----完-----


(1)(威廉H.玛斯特斯(William H. Masters)和维吉尼亚·约翰逊(Virginia Johnson)著作有:《人类的性反应》本文采用类比的方式表现出 Nora Roberts对爱情的了解。

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