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Would Chinese people accept the following pictures as Art or Porn? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by shelleybelly at 2007-6-30 19:14

Oh,Bird,You've done a great job...

Thank you, shelleybelly!:)

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Originally posted by robertcheng at 2007-6-30 19:44

This thread reminds me of the one-minute(only one min then I was asked to leave by the guide) occasion observing the body statue in my school....

That must be a very painful ONE-minute recall!  ....was it a bitter-sweet experience?

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Originally posted by shelleybelly at 2007-6-30 20:55

This one,oops...

Which picture is the "OOOOOOOOOPS"?   

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Originally posted by jonny888 at 2007-6-30 22:57

back to ancient,enjoy the art,

Yes, art is for enhancing the enjoyment of life...I really enjoy looking at those pictures!:):)

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Naked womengif.gif

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well... those are feelings of artists..

an expression of an emotion, feeling or idea he had

in the dark reaches of his mind

and they are for study purposes only..

the only way to appreciate art is through the study of it

its composition, contrasts, tones, expressions, layout, movement, era, emotion, lighting, environment, participants, situation, drama, conflic, problem, meaning... of the individual parts as well as the entire scene

the artworks overall merit or value is the sum of its parts

these works are art, there is no doubt that they are art.

what is the difference between art and rubbish?

depends largely on the opinion of experts and art enthusiasts and collectors of the day, those who know art well and know how to appreciate it.

whether its celebrating youth and innocence, or the innocent human before God, or a state of society in which nudity has been embraced as acceptable in large groups expressing a lifestyle, possibly to convey similar happenings in the artits own society, as a kind of way to capture the moment of fallen behavior ata societys lowest point for posterity ,  or to express the contrasts of the passion in love and war...

they are all valued as precious and priceless works of art if their parts equal a sum in which everything comes together to provoke thought and capture feelings and emotion, and the meaning is seen throught the eyes of the art community...

they stir feelings and create moods, and intelligent people enjoy that as well as the pondering of the meaning..

they enjoy them in their homes..

but they are of an extremely graphic nature..

and these paintings are not to be displayed in areas with young children present.

they are for mature audiences who can appreciate the depth and their meaning

so they belong in the Fathers study, or parents bedroom perhaps, or other places not in the direct view of children or casual guests standing in the doorway

they are nude pictures of men and women..

and if a young child saw the last picture he would grow up thinking his mother and father do the same thing, and he should also

discretion is a must

usually these belong to museums, or int he artists own home, or to his dear friends..

Chinese dont often get that..

if you got to the Grandview mall in Guangzhou... the first thing you see when you walk in the door is a giant statue of a naked man with his gleaming penis seeming to beckon you in to shop

that is completely unacceptable

every enterance, and every floor there is naked people.

as you go up the escalator the only thing you see all the way up are completely naked men and women, revealing themselves on the horizon as you are escalating with your children

thats the biggest farce I have ever sen

a complete comical joke of art

just slapped out there in such a family-oriented place as a gigantic shopping

completely tasteless and without any tact whatsoever

do they think they are art experts?

or do they want OTHER people to feel they are art experts, shiek and hip and eloquent and educated, and refined.. so they slap naked statues all over the place..

none are clothed..

thus its just done again for the sake of nudity

to expose children and other noninterested or disassociated people to pornoraphy..

and thats all it is over there.. cheap porn

because a child cant tell the difference

such a waste of a mall

I have never been back

and its a mall with few visitors

such a waste of a great space and structure

its just a bad vibe from the moment you walk in the door

it has terrible Feng Shui as well

as if they didnt even think about Feng Shui..

they just thought european naked statues should go right on the enterance to a family destination

naked statues ontop of chrches in europe have holy meaning..

you wont see some giant naked mans penis welcoming you to go shopping in public places

i hope they have the courage to remove them and improve the environment before 2008 for the sake of China's international image, as acountry of intelligent and good people..

not a naked nation of nudie knuckleheads


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