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Should China Use a Failed Democratic Model? [Copy link] 中文

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For a large country like US, democracy is hard to maintain when the empire turns outward. Already Bush has put many elements of a police state in place. I won't be surprise when the day come when the whole facade is torn down.

This is in reply to schreiber btw.

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Originally posted by schreiber at 2007-6-20 01:10

Well, it's not really a facade yet. Bush has only started to gut the building and he'll soon be out of office. We'll see what happens then.

The possible successor: Giuliani, McCain, Gingritch are warmongers with little difference.

Hillary/ Obama won't make it.

So... I'm also curious what will happen then.

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I am not sure Bush will leave the office now that several elements are in place. It is quite easy to create an accident and declare state of emergency.

For the sake of humanity and the US constitutions (which I think was great, btw), I hope I am just being paranoid. But there are several worrying signs.

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NW, Hillary is no less of a hardliner. She still needs to suck up to AIPAC to ensure her campaign wasn't sabotage. Obama is a crowd pleaser that spout empty political correct statements. If he get elected he will be easily manipulated.

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I typed it wrong upside there.

Should me Hillary/ Obama won't make it.


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Originally posted by zglobal at 20-6-2007 01:50
mencus, please explain your definition of support. I agree with basic health care, legal representation and education.
So what is your point ?????
What do you want?

I'll ask a similar question - what is your definition of "basic health care, legal representation and eduction"?

What do you mean my definition of support? Support in regards to what? What amount of support people should have from the State? And for whom? People in Australia, China, the Netherlands, etc? Obviously what those countries can afford is not the same at the moment.

What I said is that the Chinese population is not spoiled and as such have a lot of self respect which I admire.

As I pointed out, a certain sector of the population is spoilt - not by the State but by their parents, relatives and friends/associates. Do they have your admiration?

Also I'm not sure if that was the point you were making. As usual I think you saw a point about how another country does something better than China/something that China could do better (in this case social care for the population) and went into "defensive mode" trying to undermine what other forum members were saying because you didn't like it.

or do you just like to prattle on inanely about a subject?

No, I leave that "honour" to you. :)

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"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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