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Cultural differences in marriage/dating. [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by bornof_fire at 2007-6-14 09:41
I don't understand some things here about chinese culture.  I try my best and can mentally understand the aspects however, trying to utilitze them in my life I just cannot do it. Sometimes, these t ...

If a chinese girl takes you to meet her family,it means she is serious with you and wanna have a serious long term relationship with you lead to marriage.

i think the future chinese geneartions will be more open,but also retain traditional values.
Let it be...

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Originally posted by holidays at 2007-6-14 22:52

Future Chinese  culture becomes more inclusive yet still keeping strong traditional value.

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First, the influence between cutlures is interactive, not one-way. So maybe years later, Chinese culture can add some China flavor to the whole world.
Secondly, for thousands of years, there are lots of foreign culture affecting the development of Chinese culture, either impliedly or explicitly. However, as the only one great accient culture that is still survival till nowadays, and with its largest popularation in the world, I think it is strong and tough enough to stay in good condition nowadays and in future.

Originally posted by bornof_fire at 2007-6-14 09:41
I don't understand some things here about chinese culture.  I try my best and can mentally understand the aspects however, trying to utilitze them in my life I just cannot do it. Sometimes, these t ...
Jack's unbelievable lightness of magic beans.

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accepting isnt what i meant

to use traditions that are not part of my way of living are difficult to adapt too. sure, i can understand many things but, trying to incorporate them into my life is.

i liked the comment about 2-way street. sure, i hope to see more chinese influence on the outside world. there are things here that the rest of the world should learn. and vice versa.

i know if i girl/woman takes me to meet her parents its serious.  theres no difference there.

I teach middle schools and most of them don't like the way some things are about old china. they think differently. i think some things will change here and some won't.
It's  a cold world Blood. No mercy!

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Speaking of cultures.............every one knows....Italians still have their unique culture.....Spanish people still have their unique culture.....British people still have their unique culture......French still have their unique culture.....Indians still have their unique culture.....Greek....etc...etc.... after so many hundred of years had gone by in human time.!

In my mind, I have no doubt that Chinese culture would remain unique easily for another 5 thousand years or more. You do have a choice as to how to live your life.....right?....and I assume that no one is forcing you to adapt to a different ways or to incorporate "strange" ways into your life. Am I correct?

Look at the American culture and how it has been influencing the world....I agree with magicbean that no one single culture can live in isolation....definitely the world is becoming very small.

In Canada, there are many "white" men wanting to date and marry ethnic Chinese girls...I know the reasons too....and it is cool with me....because Chinese women are beautiful, smart, gentle, educated, talented, kind, etc...when the couple is serious about staying together for life.....of course they see their respective parents....this is an universal practice....we all have parents....we all would like to be connected with our parents even after married....this is not an unique practice by the Chinese people!

Your questions   " How is it you can bring the laowai home to mama and baba?  whats that going to be like?" far as I know....the woman could introduce her serious boyfriend or the man could introduce his serious girlfriend to their respective parents through 1) home visit, 2) eat-out, 3) phone call, 4) skype, 5) email, 6) home visit again, 7) BBQ party, 8) Father's day party, 9) Mother's day party, 10) birthday's party....etc...etc...

Are you saying western cultures are more open then Chinese culture? Please explain what do you mean by "more open"....more open in what sense?....should we look at cultural differences from a "competitive" perspective or a "unique" perspective?

You mentioned about Chinese traditional values....within the context of your discussion....could you elaborate further?....what are the traditional values that you are referring to?....Thank you for your time!

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