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Pentagon Warns China on Taiwan HAHAHA [Copy link] 中文

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The Pentagon in Washington is becoming afraid that its Iraq bonanza is over, so it is warming up a fight with China.  Just like with the EP3 plane that entered Chinese airspace, crashed with a Chinese jet fighter, and made an emergency landing, the war industry must find its next money-maker.

Strangely, nowhere do I see people saying that China and Taiwan are rivals.  It is the policy of the American government that Taiwan is China's, and any action by Taiwan to change that will not have US support, and any action by China to force a reconciliation by military means will not have US support.  

So why does the Pentagon see China as the enemy?

Besides, America's next adventure is in Iran.  We must destroy the terrorist society and replace it with a peace-loving, Muslim democracy, as we have done in Iraq.

Let's Roll!

May 26, 2007
U.S.: China Lacks Power for Taiwan Fight
Filed at 4:23 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Pentagon is warning China in blunt language that despite Beijing's massive military buildup, it lacks the power for a successful attack against rival Taiwan.

The annual report on China's military, released Friday, is likely to add to rising tension between Washington and Beijing at a time when U.S. lawmakers are considering bills that would punish China for what they contend are predatory trade practices.

The report was released on the day the largest high-level Chinese delegation ever to visit the United States left Washington after economic meetings with frustrated lawmakers and with senior Bush administration officials yielded few results.

In the report, the Defense Department explicitly describes what would happen if China should attack Taiwan, the self-governing democratic island that Beijing claims as its own. It says China does not yet have ''the military capability to accomplish with confidence its political objectives on the island, particularly when confronted with the prospect of U.S. intervention.''

An attack could severely damage China's economy and lead to international sanctions, spur a Taiwan insurgency that could tie up the Chinese military for years, and possibly cause Beijing to lose its coveted hosting rights for the 2008 Olympics, the report said.

''Finally, China's leaders recognize that a conflict over Taiwan involving the United States would give rise to a long-term hostile relationship between the two nations -- a result that would not be in China's interests,'' the report said.

Michael Pillsbury, a former Pentagon official who now serves as an adviser on China issues, called the Taiwan language the ''most blunt warning in any U.S. document in history to China of the really bad things that will happen if they attack Taiwan.''

The Chinese Embassy did not return messages Friday seeking comment on the Pentagon report. But China has reacted angrily to previous reports and has insisted that its multibillion-dollar military buildup is defensive.

The report comes after high-level U.S.-China economic meetings this week failed to reach any breakthrough on the countries' biggest economic dispute: China's currency, which American manufacturers say is undervalued by as much as 40 percent. That makes Chinese products cheaper for Americans and U.S. goods more expensive in China.

The Pentagon report also said the People's Liberation Army has been acquiring better missiles, submarines and aircraft and should more fully explain the purpose of a military buildup that has led some to view China as a threat. It noted, however, that ''the PLA remains untested in modern warfare.''

Loren Thompson, a defense analyst with the Lexington Institute, said China's military still is relatively modest, despite the country's huge population and booming economy.

''There really isn't much in China's military programs that would lead you to the conclusion that they want to do anything beyond being influential in East Asia,'' he said.

If the Bush administration were truly worried about the possibility of a Chinese military challenge, he said, it would be rethinking the vibrant trade ties between the countries, which it has yet to do.

''If China was really a threat, would we be moving our factories there at the rate of one a day?'' he asked. ''During the Cold War, nobody in America ever proposed building television sets or cars in Russia.''

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For (God's or Heaven) sake! Give me strength!

Originally posted by matt605 at 2007-5-26 16:44
The Pentagon in Washington is becoming afraid that its Iraq bonanza is over, so it is warming up a fight with China.  Just like with the EP3 plane that entered Chinese airspace, crashed ...

Do those dumb stupid @ssholes in Washington ever stop threatening other nations?

They are ALWAYS making threats to every country on this planet.
What is the matter with these neanderthals?
Don't they believe in giving mankind a few years of peace?

Since the second world war, these @ssholes have always had some war or conflict except for a few days!
For heavens sake, what is going through their damn thick heads?

On the other hand look at the way China is going out of her way to appease these imbeciles!
Whereas these morons are going around the world to invade and exploit, China is trying to help the disadvantage and the poor!
China's vision for all mankind is to live in peace and security.
These @sshole's vision is to make a fast buck for a few gangster scum whilst causing untold misery to people around the earth (e.g invading Iraq stealing its oil, raping and looting and bombing it back to the middle ages!
Aah! Aah! Aah! (Not HAHAHA, matt)

How do you reason with a bunch of village idiots? How?

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Bring it, China!

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Capitol Hill is biaised against China

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ni pa meiguo

"zhong" guo = lao hu zhi

wo xi wang meiguo jun dui da dao "zhong" guo jie fan jun!

meiguo de li liang bi "zhong" guo de qiang!

xiao ren!

bao wei meiguo cong wo zuo qi!

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Originally posted by joey141 at 2007-5-27 08:04
bao wei meiguo cong wo zuo qi!...

na ni you can jia mei guo jun dui da kong bu fen zi ma?

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Toothless and paper tigers.

This latest sabre rattling without cause is more a measure of the anxiety that Pentagon has over all potential adversaries, especially China. Being stuck in the quagmires in Afghanistan and Iraq , and sinking into the quicksand is NOT a nice feeling. The Emperor without Clothes is terrified of confronting real " enemies " like China. One can imagine that with the sort of " mission accomplished " self deceipt over their own poor performance, what would be the likely outcome in a hot-war with China ? Unthinkable, unsavoury and unbearable for Uncle Sam. Iraq is the sunday picnic compared.

So with shivering knees and twitching , quivering lips , Uncle Sam still needs to maintain the decorum of strength and might . I do hope they don't swallow their own brags and do something impulsive like going to " defend " Taiwan.  Let the good lord have mercy on the poor canon fodder GIs .  Paper Tigers seem to be the distant echo coming back to mind .

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