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New policies to boost cross-Straits ties [Copy link] 中文

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writevince is obviously a waste of time and emucentral won't stand to debate anything of substance, that's what I think!

check out my spellings: frigginnarfingriggelsnarg!

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Originally posted by emucentral at 2007-5-7 18:43
Pot, Kettle, Black.

You're exhausted to have sensible arguments with me based on facts and evidence?

Now you only resort to this. Loser. But anyway, you're just one individual, next is your whole nation.

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Originally posted by mjackson321 at 30-4-2007 06:18

it's Taiwan's ruling party not CPP has been blocking the talks between the Straits

Nope, there has always been an open invitation for China to attend talks. But Beijing refuses because it has all these red lines about what Taiwanese politicians must do/say first. All Taiwan asks is that China treat it fairly and equally, rather than make threats and rants.

Originally posted by cartkingsky at 4-5-2007 08:08

Please dont tell me that  America or Taiwan province can be so perfict that no demonstration happens there.

But why the demonstrations happen are important. In the US and Taiwan, people will march over points of policy and the like - they don't march because the balance of power is held by unelected committees or certain groups in society (as is the case in HK).

The important point in regards to Hong Kong and Taiwan is that the former is not a positive model for Taiwan in regards to political intergration with China. Whatever your views are, the overwhelming attitude in Taiwan is that it is not what it wants, so it rejects the one country-two system theory (even the KMT doesn't support it).

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"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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Originally posted by mencius at 2007-5-7 19:44

The important point in regards to Hong Kong and Taiwan is that the former is not a positive model for Taiwan in regards to political intergration with China. Whatever your views are, the overwhelming attitude in Taiwan is that it is not what it wants, so it rejects the one country-two system theory (even the KMT doesn't support it).

The negative impact of Hong Kong to Taiwan is not firmly based on the real situation of Hong Kong, it partly comes from your natural bias against CCP and mainland China. Political talks have been blocked for more than 50 years between the two sides, and then you make your conclusion of CCP and its policy for Hong Kong and Taiwan so readily. Hong Kong went through the financial crisis in 1998 with great support from the central government. Now its economy is in a very good condition. It is true that political system of mainland is somewhat backward. But while CCP is reforming itself all the time, people in Taiwan still keep an impression of CCP, which is gone for so long. And as well as freedom, human rights, the backward political system cannot be an excuse for an independent country of Taiwan. What kind of equality does Taiwan want? The mainland has repeated its bottom line so many times. Taiwan authority still wants mainland government treat it as equal as a foreign country. Taiwan authority joins the anti-China ally for independence backups and turns back to ask for an equal negotiation with the mainland. Under the condition that Taiwan is part of China, China even admits Taiwan an independent army. What do you think of it? Human rights, election of leader, political system, freedom, anything like these, are becoming pointless to China when they are excuses of an independent Taiwan. It is plain to see who is blocking talks between two sides.

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Former Vice-Premier Qian Qichen's proposal of 7 conditions for Taiwan's autonomy:

ARTICLE 1 "Taiwan continues to use Taiwanese currency". Analysis says this indicates that future Taiwan can still independently issue its currency, the mainland will not interfere in Taiwan's financial and monetary policies.

ARTICLE 2 "Taiwan continues to retain its armed forces". Analysis maintains this implies that future Taiwan will still have very large autonomy in defense, and the mainland will not send armed forces to Taiwan. This is the power not vested in Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions' governments, demonstrating that Taiwan will have greater autonomy than Hong Kong and Macao.

ARTICLE 3 "Taiwan is an independent tariff zone". Analysis holds this indicates after the two sides of the Straits are reunified, Taiwan will still retain its status as an independent tariff zone, its status and role in the World Trade Organization and other similar organizations will not be affected.

ARTICLE 4 "Taiwan continues to keep the frame of government". Analysis says this shows the mainland will not intervene in Taiwan's current political system (except for violation of the one-China principle), the various kinds of election in the region of Taiwan will still be held as usual.

ARTICLES 5 and 6 respectively are "the mainland will not take a single fen of Taiwan money, nor will it transfer Taiwan's funds", and "Taiwan people and entrepreneurs continue to keep their original property". In the analysis opinion, this indicates that the various assets of Taiwan, including deposited foreign exchange, will not be affected because of reunification, some Taiwan people's doubts and misgivings about "money that would be taken away by the mainland" are unnecessary worries.

The final ARTICLE Taiwan will have "autonomy over personnel affairs, the mainland will not send any officials to Taiwan". Analysis maintains this shows that after the "one country, two systems" principle is realized in Taiwan, the saying that "the mainland will send senior officials to Taiwan for the take-over" is merely rumor, the mainland will fully respect Taiwan's autonomy.

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I think Beijing should be more flexible towards taiwan.
Everybody calls Chen as a president in taiwan, why we let taiwan scholars omit it on CCTV? China is a big country ,we should be generous,internationally,we require foreign contries abide by one China policy,convincing them not  have diplomatic relationship with taiwan.

Nationally,we respect taiwan 's culture,people, political system,everything,i'm sure more Taiwanese will incline to China

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