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Truths on comforting women in china during ww2 [Copy link] 中文

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A historical investigation on the “comforting women” issue committed by the Japanese soldiers in WWⅡ in Qingdao, Shandong province
During the occupation of Qingdao by Japanese from 1938 to 1945, there were 59 brothels opened by the so-called Japanese Imperial Army, forcing Chinese and Korean women to be sexual slaveries ---- “comforting women”.
    The invasion army kidnapped and forced many local young girls into sexual servitudes. In one of the brothels, there were small rooms divided by battens, where the young girls forced to provide sex for the Japanese soldiers. Local witnesses on this period of history said that, 18 to 19 young women were enjailed there. The Japanese treated them inhumanely, abusing and beating them wantonly. On the weekends, the soldiers stood in lines waiting to rape and sexually insult the comforting women. The women fell victims were forced to “comfort” hundreds soldiers a day.
    The poor young women had no freedom, seldom went out for a wander which followed up by Chinese traitors. They were in poor condition, lethargic, with tousled hair, depressed in moods.

                               Sources from a local history study institution of Qingdao

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The reaction by other media around the world

The issue of comfort women attracted renewed attention after Mr Abe sparked international outrage by denying last month that the military or the Government had forced the women into sexual slavery. He has since apologised for the suffering of the victims and has repeatedly said he stands by a 1993 government statement that acknowledged official involvement in managing the brothels.  
                                                                                    ------- Sydney Morning Hearld

PRIME Minister Shinzo Abe has told US congressional leaders of his sympathy and "sense of apology" for Japan's wartime exploitation of foreign women as military prostitutes.
It appears, however, that Mr Abe has not headed off a House of Representatives resolution to demand another formal apology from Japan to the so-called comfort women.
"It's not a formal apology," US congressman Mike Honda said of Mr Abe's explanation yesterday.
Mr Honda, who did not hear Mr Abe yesterday, is sponsoring the resolution on the so-called "comfort women" and said: "I have every expectation it will be successful."   ------- The Australian

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Japan Court Rules Against Sex Slaves     ------ from New York Times ... d=2&_r=1&hp

      The decisions were handed down as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe tried to head off a resolution on Japan’s wartime sex slavery in the House of Representatives during a two-day visit to Washington
      To----aka Onodera, the lead lawyer for the Chinese plaintiffs, said that despite the rulings against them, the Supreme Court had now established the historical record, including the military’s direct coercion of women into sex slavery.
      “No one can deny that, because of the particulars of the Shanxi cases,” Mr. Onodera said. “This ruling is a powerful one, like a sharp knife pointed at Abe.”
    Experts often compare Japan in its treatment of its wartime forced laborers with Germany, which has taken reparations out of the court system and has been compensating aging victims while they are still alive.
     According to Japanese government data, about 38,935 Chinese men were forcibly brought to Japan, most of them after March 1944. They were made to work in 135 sites for 35 companies, 22 of which are still in business.
    Of the total, 6,830 men, or nearly 18 percent, died in a little more than a year because of brutal working conditions. Countless others died after their capture in China or during their transit to Japan.

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up up up!!

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I hate the war ,but I hate the japanese more,If I had enough power, I'll ruin the country

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when their asahara cult gassed their subways, they wanted justice.

when their military raped Chinese women and enslaved Chinese men  - till they died - they resorted to cowardic denials.

justice for one, cunning kanji alphabet for the other.

racism, fascism, criminalism, brutalism.

not nationalism.

moral cowards trying to show how cultured and developed and advanced and democratic a society they are.

what hypocrites.

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really? you china is doing the same thing.

yes yes yes, japan was very evil in WWII.
   But, look at communist china.  You are doing the same thing to chinese people.  In your curtual revolution.  You took away land owners and made them slaves, you put normal people in labor camps and work to death.  You made chinese people go work like slaves in rice fields.  
   Your young ccp supporters, went into villages and killed anyone who disagree.  You killed  older chinese who believed in confusions ideals.    Your ccp has raped the chinese society, hold 1.3 billion prisoners, and won't allow any out side news and ideas to come into china.  
   your ccp is much worse than japanese.  the japanese killed 5 million chinese.  your CCP killed 50 million.   this is even worse.

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