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Truths on comforting women in china during ww2 [Copy link] 中文

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Mad as a hatter , and twice as cuckoo.

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Your ccp has raped the chinese society, hold 1.3 billion prisoners, and won't allow any out side news and ideas to come into china.

then do try to explain why your post is posted on this, the official forum of the official medium of the CCP.

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But let's not forget the how many women political prisners especially nuns are raped systematically in Chinese jail with impunity.

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Give yourself a break. These nonsensical allegations, concocted stories and untruths show more about your mental state than the societal behaviour you intend to blacken. Wash that toilet oral cavity out with detergent.

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An interview with a comforting woman in Baoan City of Southern Yunnan Province of China by a  surnamed Chen researcher on anti-Japanese Invasion .
"under the help of locals, we found  a comforting woman still living in neighbouring Baita village of Longling county. we started our journey to Longling county on April 13 ,1997. When we finally saw the elder , surnamed Zhang at that  night ,   we found she was a nice and kind woman.
the elder told her  pathetic and tragic story under our request .
She said , it's been 5o years , i feel heartbreaking every time i think back of the nightmare .Japanese invaders broke into our home town and our fellows escaped at all directions on May 4,1942 by lunar calendar. 2 days later , they came back again and killed anyone they met , set fire to houses and raped women they captured . Japanese soldiers killed a man aged 40s with bayonet , and raped another two girls and then killed them in front of us.
the elder swiped tears and stopped for a while and continued ,
Mom , i  and other sisters of our villages suffered the atrocities and my mom didn't survive. she was killed after inhumane outrage. later, i was kept in comforting site with other sisters . it was an  earth hell there . one of my sisters was tortured to death at the first day we was brought in . and the living persons would not be better than the dead . i heard at the comforting site  there were 600 sisters kidnapped to be sex slaves in Longling County. "
we'd like  to know more about the history, but the elder kept silent and shed tears sadly . Undoubtedly  lots of facts and tragedies hidden in the history we would never know.

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let the japanese to die

i hate japanese ,they are the beast,all chinese people can't forget the grieved history,don't  forgive their brutal behavior forever.

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to #13

Yes, because hatred and narrow-mindedness solves all problems... *eye roll*

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