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Let's share some good movies好看的电影介绍 [Copy link] 中文

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1。Recommend everyone to see a good film named the the cutting edge.It says about a pretty girl and a handsome guy how to win the champion of pattern skating ,as well as harvest the sweet love through much can not only see  beautiful girl and handsome man woman,but also enjoy  the beautiful melody of the pattern ice-skating and graceful dance

推荐大家看一部好片《越界激情》(the cutting edge).讲的是一对现代帅哥美女怎么样在收获奥林匹克双人花样溜冰冠军的同时,历尽挫折也收获甜美的爱情 ,里面有美女和帅哥哥哦,还可享受花样溜冰优美的旋律和舞姿*******


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    This film's name is crash,the story begins with a crash,and the people who are around this crash are like the persons who are living in the world,it is about love,racial discrimination(种族歧视),crime and so on,i think the director is excellent,he can make us  think over the problems happen in our real life through the film.the most deep impression that this film gave me was the secene that the fix lock man told a lie to his little daughter to make her brave and feel relax.

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     3。Recommend a movie to everyone, the name called< IN AMERICA>,it says about a family who comes from Irel how to  strongly and optimistically carry out their American dream in America,it also mentions about trust and  comprehension are needed when people get along with each other.The deepest impression to me is about this family's beginning in America,they are so poor that they have to live the top floor of a building in which some drug addicts are living, it is too hot,so the father brings an old air condition from outside,after he carries it to upstairs toughly, unexpectedly he finds the plug is bad ,he has to go downstairs to buy a new plug,after having a change,it hasn't run for one minute and again causes the electric wires cutting of the whole building,finally,the father and mother decide to take out the one hundred dollars which they saved it in the bank when they arrived America ,and bring their two little daughters to go to the theater to enjoy the cool and movie.....   
          给大家推荐一部电影,名字叫<IN AMERICA>中文名叫<在纽约>,讲的是来自爱尔兰的一家人怎么样为了实现美国梦,坚强乐观地在  美国生存下来的故事,当中也提到人与人相处所需的信任及理解.片里印象最深刻的是这家人初来美国因太穷,只好住在跟吸毒鬼同住的一幢的顶楼里,天太热,爸爸弄来一部旧空调,辛苦扛上楼,插头竟然是坏的,买了插头换上,运行不到一分钟,又把全楼的电线给烧了,最后爸妈决定从银行里取出刚到美国时存入的一百美元,带了两个女儿去电影院享受清凉和电影......

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recommend the film <急速taxi>

It is regret that I don't know its French or English name. It is a France film which is about a young guy who can drive very fast. He is very kind to his friends so every body likes him and respects him. Because his very high speed, he was mortagaged the driving licence by the polishmen. The polishmen requests him to help them to catch the banditti who drive the Georgian cars very fast. That guys agrees without any choise because of his driving licence, even thougt he hates polishmen very much. During that time, it is funny and exsited. At the end, the guy helps the polishmen to catch the banditti and gets his licence back.

The film is in French but has the Chinese caption. Even I can't understand French, I could have a good time
when watching the film. It is really a good film. I have watched it twice.

It is strongly recommended to all of you to enjoy.

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2. The Score
3. The HEAT

watch these

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White Oleander

The movie is about a girl's extraordinary journey from  adolescence to the young womanhood. It is a modern version of Jane Eyre, but the reality is crueler and harsher, is also a modern version of Le Miserable, but sadder and more miserable.

It exposes the darkest side of the American society, violence, broken homes, broken relationships, loneliness, senselessness ... However, we can see the rays of  hope in this innocent girl,

Her narrative voice, soft and controllable, has said so little, but spoken volumes.

Gripping, touching and powerful!

It is a must for girls to see and make them become stronger.:)

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The Holiday

The ultimate chick-flick, with all the romance, emotions, and witty dialogue that you'll ever see in a movie.

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