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Let's share some good movies好看的电影介绍 [Copy link] 中文

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7)片名:美国甜心;英文名:America's Sweethearts

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8)片名:与敌同眠;英文名:Sleeping with the Enemy

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9)片名:墨西哥人;英文名:The Mexican

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10) 片名:我最好朋友的婚礼/新娘不是我/真想嫁给你;

英文名:My Best Friend's Wedding.

Main actress : Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz
Story profile :
             Michael and Juliane were  lovers in university, but a  subtle change  had been undergone in the relation between them,they  gradually became the most closest friend. In the upcoming university graduates, this two naive good friends made a promise :To the age of 28,if neither of  them has found the suitable person, they would marry.
            But this day, Juliane received a telephone call from Michael that he said he would get married in four days. Hearing the news, Juliane was suddenly aware of her own feelings to Michael, with the complex feelings such like discomfort ,envy and anger , Juliane made a  decision that she would try all means to win her lover back from  the unfamiliar bride in four days......
Comments :
            The two female characters in this film -- Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz who the hottest stars in Hollywood and the two bankable movie ones  made a strong alliance. The film earned 21 million dollars at the box office in its premiere and broke the record of the film named "Seattle night" which was a film about romantic love created the record to earn 17 million  dollars in the premiere.
主演:朱丽娅-罗伯茨(Julia Roberts)
卡梅隆-迪亚兹(Cameron Diaz)

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       The songs in this film are very pleasant to the ears,let’s share one of them:

-----(i say a liitle prayer)

I say a little prayer....

From the moment mi wake up

before mi put up my make up mi makeuo

mi say a little prayer for u

While combing mi hair now

mi a wonder what dress me wear now

mi say a little prayer for u

Forever and ever

u will stay in my heart and i will love u

forever and ever

we never will apart how i will love u

together together

that's how it should be

without u world only be heartbreak for me

mi run for the bus love

and all through mi coffee break time

mi say a little prayer for u


My darling believe me

for me there is no one but only u

say u will love me too

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Films I like

Happy Feet is one of my favourite films.The picture is beautiful,the purpose is good.
  Babel ,a  famous film,I like the plot very much!

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美丽心灵(A Beautiful Mind)
英文名称:A Beautiful Mind
Main actors: Russell Crowe
                   Jennifer Connelly
Directed by Ron Howard
          It won eight Oscar nominations, and finally won the final 74-second Oscar awards for best picture, best director, best adapted screenplay and best supporting actress. "A Beautiful Mind" is a film about a true genius’ great humanity. The prototype of the story is the mathematician Jr John Forbes Nash. Nash, who is a handsome and very strange, made a startling   mathematics discovery in his early years and began to enjoy international reputation. But his outstanding intuition suffered from schizophrenia, and it made him have tremendous change on marching on the glorious course toward the highest academic level, under the great stress of his illness, he was still driven by the exciting mathematical theory and determined to find his own way to restore normality. It was definitely through the force of will, he could continue to work and received a Nobel Prize in 1994. Meanwhile, his rather forward-looking aspects of the work in game theory became the most influential theory on in 20th century and Nash has become a person   has not only wonderful emotions but also a beautiful mind.
           Russell Crowe ,who is the Hollywood arrogant "Gladiator", stared in it. Nash, who had been unknown for a very long time , was ranked as the great figure such like Newton, Mendel and Darwin after he was crowned Nobel Prize. In the process of the interpretation, Russell Crowe performed how Nash suffered from the disease and became  crazy, as he still used his wisdom and strength to help us understand the character. This is a story of the journey. From the process of success, fall and to recovery, many people have experienced the matter like it. "A person experiences the ride of genius, madness and victory.”The film has the extraordinary figure, the complex emotional entanglements and encouraging theme, these are all things which the Oscar examiners are fond of.
        本片荣获8项奥斯卡提名,最终夺得74届奥斯卡最佳影片、最佳导演、最佳改编剧本和最佳女配角4项大奖。《美丽心灵》是一部关于一个真实天才的极富人性的剧情片。故事的原型是数学家小约翰-福布斯-纳什(Jr.John Forbes Nash)。英俊而又十分古怪的纳什早年就做出了惊人的数学发现,开始享有国际声誉。但纳什出众的直觉受到了精神分裂症的困扰,使他向学术上最高层次进军的辉煌历程发生了巨大改变,处在病魔的重压之下,他仍然被那令人兴奋的数学理论所驱使着,他决心寻找自己的恢复常态的方法。绝对是通过意志的力量,他才能一如既往地继续进行着他的工作,并于1994年获得了诺贝尔奖。与此同时,他在博弈论方面颇具前瞻性的工作成为20世纪最具影响力的理论,而纳什也成了一个不仅拥有美好情感,并具有美丽心灵的人。
                   (未经允许 严禁转载)    (张馨月  编译)

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