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The film's name片名:Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Directed by 导演:彼得•威尔Peter Weir
Main actors 主演:罗素•克洛Russell Crowe   
                     保罗•贝塔尼Paul Bettany
         The story happened in 1812, at that time France was in the era of Napoleon campaign, in order to expand its maritime hegemony, French warships always  waged war. Known as "the lucky captain", Jack S. Aubrey (Russell Crowe) was the new captain of the British warship, after he became acquainted with the surgical medic Stephen, he invited him for their first expedition and explored the mysteries of the world and untold wealth.
         Jack was young, spirited and always tough, after he started the journey in the oceans, he withstood the test of the sea storm with the crew and defeated the French and Spanish warships many times along the way. The two countries’ naval forces colluded in an attempt to overkill Jack and his ship "miracle". When they were on the way to Brazil, Jack and his warship were fiercely attacked by the large Spanish gunboat, the "miracle" suffered a heavy blow because the Spanish gunboat’s weapons were too advanced. The thing which needed to more worry about was that Jack had to not only confront the pursuit of the Spanish warship, but also face the feud that was triggered by the medic Stephen who had different views with him.
         To defend the dignity of the country and even more to win the opportunity of victory in the war, Jack made a very risky decision, he no longer evaded the pursuer and the defensive was changed into the offensive. Crossing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, they tracked the enemy ship which had given the heavy damage to them and wanted to start a life-and-death fight with it. As a result, not only the country's fate and honor were hanged in the forefront, all the crew members were more likely to fall into a position of being dead. The adventure was filled with the smoke of gunpowder and the report of the guns, Jack experienced  an unprecedented new world. Finally, a miracle was created by the courage , from the incredible ideas into the reality which was gone down in history. They successfully captured all the enemies。。。。。。
      Peter Weir not only drew the support from the special computer effects, but also used his superb directing techniques to enhance the flow of the film's visual excitement for attracting the audiences to immerse themselves into the film and the feelings of the ups and downs about it would appear with the development of the plot development.
            Russell acted as the Captain Jack of the ship of "Amazed", with nothing but the advancing brave stubborn personality charm is far more than "Gladiator" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" – the role was decorated by Johnny Depp, no doubt, he would become the preferred sea hero. Russell’s Peripateticism of fondling the mast of the ship and overlook, his roars to the strong enemies, eagerness to track for the enemies and the courage and resolve against the storm, vigor and tough in the gunbattle, particularly his broad mind as deep as the vast sea, Captain Jack’s charm is expressed thoroughly by them, the audiences all shock to change countenance for it. In this film, the classic scene is the first meeting of the two warships:the breathtaking rolls of the waves and the precarious ship floating and shaking in the rain and wind. It won two Oscar awards for Best Sound and Best Cinematography.
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                        (Translated and edited by Zhang Xinyue  张馨月 编译)

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Originally posted by zhangxinyue at 2007-5-18 17:17

10) 片名:我最好朋友的婚礼/新娘不是我/真想嫁给你;

英文名:My Best Friend's Wedding.

:) Yes, when everyone at the table sang along with "Say a Little Prayer,"
I felt this was the best use of a song in a movie I had ever seen.

A beautiful way to link the spirit of all together ... in playful song.

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love pirates of the Caribbean series, cant wait to watch the 3rd one
one question, what's a downstairs??????

law is mind without reason

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recenly I watched several time of the movie Pursuit of Happyness casted Will Smith and his little son.  the movie was adapted from the real story of American Investment expert Cris, Gartner. for me its more like a motivational movie than a autobiography movie. whenever I feel depressed or frustrated with my work or life, I watched it again. I hope this movie can also give you some inspiration. If you hold same opinion or have same interest, please add me at:

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The film's name英文片名:《Hitch》
Type : romantic / comedy
Main actors(主演演员):威尔•史密斯 Will Smith
                    伊娃•门德斯 Eva Mendes
Description of the film:
           The love specialist would let you get the heart of the person who you are in love with after three dates, the North American box office champion, unyielding Will Smith's successful transition! Hitch's philosophy is: Three dates can display what you are in front of  your favorite woman enough and win the touch. Although it sounds a bit of an exaggeration,  but it is not a bad idea for the contemporary people. The initial script inspiration was from the writer Kevin Albert's true story at the university. He often sat on his girlfriends' bedside to see their albums. After experiencing a series of dates, one day he suddenly found that the reason for women spend their time on dating is just for getting their lovers' kisses. If it is the case, what is the significance in the trivialities of date? In the film, although love specialist Hitch  can guide other people methodically , but he still becomes helpless when he faces his love. Because he had an emotional pain about love at the university and the lingering fear is still in his heart, he ever vowed that he would never open his heart to love. Hitch's charm lies in the attitude of love is neither exhausted nor cynical. Besides him, he believes every man can get his  woman who he dreams of and hopes others can learn from his experiences and lessons for achieving success on love. These ideas make all what he does appear noble and unselfish.
           The film is like a hot and exciting party, there is a piece of music with strong rhythm and beautiful melody, after seeing and hearing it, people will have an irresistible desire to leap off to dance. There are also some very fun shows and we couldn’t help laughing loudly on them. At the end of the film, our appearance breathes pleasure and it even rubs off onto the friends around us. Of course, the many kinds of ways about pursuit of love in this film may not be feasible to the friends who are unmarried, but they are perhaps the panacea to free themselves from the titles of being elite singles.

                  (Without permission, no reprinted 未经允许 严禁转载)  
                        (Translated and edited by Zhang Xinyue  张馨月 编译)

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Originally posted by zhangxinyue at 2007-5-19 08:47

5)片名:诺丁山/摘星情缘/新娘百分百;英文名:Notting Hill

Hmmm, Notting Hill is one of my favorite films and deserved to go to my movie collection.

I like the narrative voice and lines, and still remember a few ...

When I was lying sleepless at nights, I would sometimes wonder what it would be like if I just turned up at my friends' house,

I live in Notting Hill, and you live in Beverly Hills... everyone knows who you are

The fame thing isn't real... I'm still just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

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Jerry Maguire

My another favorite one …

The touching moment …

Jerry Maguire: I love you. You... complete me.
Dorothy: Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at "hello."

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