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Ok, now for some real movies (not animation) (in two parts because of length of post):

Air Force One
The American President's aircraft, Air Force One, is hijacked, but the hijackers don't know that the President (Harrison Ford) himself is on board. And with the Chief Executive taking personal charge, this is a tense thriller with lots of action.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
A funny story of a Greek girl growing up in the US, and her aspirations in life and in romance, as seen through her eyes. Her family provides a colourful and entertaining backdrop throughout.

The Bone Collector
A tense and superb detective thriller. A brilliant police detective (Denzel Washington) is injured seriously during an investigation. Confined to his bed as a quadriplegic, and contemplating suicide, he finds himself involved in unravelling a complex series of clues being laid out meticulously by a serial killer, while at the same time putting to rest the demons in another young detective's (Angelina Jolie) life.

Born Free
A very old movie, set in Africa. An English couple (the Adamsons) adopts a young lioness cub. As the cub grows up, so does their relationship. Until the time comes for them to decide on the fate of the lioness who has become a good friend. Supposed to be a true story. The acting is natural to the point of being amateurish, adding to the appeal. Gentle, sweet and poignant.

Braveheart, and The Patriot
Both these movies are based in colonial times, and have lots of similarities, with Mel Gibson in the lead role in both. In Braveheart, he is defending Scotland against English aggression. In The Patriot, he is defending America against English aggression. In both these movies he starts off as a Man of Peace who is provoked into violence when his family is attacked. And once provoked, hell hath no fury like that of Mel Gibson. Quite entertaining, both these movies. And both produced accusations of distortion of history when released.

The bridges of Madison county
The woman is married, with grown children, and living the life of a housewife on a farm in Iowa. One day, when her family is away on a trip, along comes a photographer who's interested in the bridges in that neighbourhood. That interest progresses to romance, and the woman must decide between her family and herself. Her story reveals itself through her diaries after her death, and her children get to see a side of their mother that they had never known existed. I didn't care too much for the bedroom scene. Luckily not too graphic. Sensitively portrayed by Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep in the main roles.

This is an unusual kind of musical, based in Chicago, that may not appeal to everyone. Narrated--and sung--in a flowing and light-hearted vein, it takes a cynical look at the hollowness of celebrity status and how easily it can be won and lost, the lies, pretensions and heartbreak that accompany it... Catherine Zeta-Jones got an Oscar for this movie. Renee Zellweger and Richard Gere also put in great performances. And there's a catchy song from Queen Latifah too. Like I said, really enjoyable only if you can vibe with it. It's all in the words, so a good understanding of the English language and western culture is a must.

Crimson Tide
Tensions rise within a nuclear submarine, and things seem headed for a catastrophe, as the Captain (Gene Hackman) and his deputy (Denzel Washington) are crossed over whether or not to launch a nuclear attack against the enemy, even as the radio fails and communication with HQ is not possible.

Dave happens to look just like the American President. So, when the President suddenly becomes seriously ill, Dave is called to take his place secretly so that it is "business as usual" while others run the country. But then he starts taking things into his own hands, deviating from the script being laid out for him in his new role...  A feel-good humour with drama and some messages.

Death Wish
Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) is a successful architect just going through life minding his own business, when his life is shattered by a brutal and mindless attack on his family. And that brings out a side of him that he himself may not have been aware of. A nice thriller, rather slow paced, but well produced and totally absorbing.

Enemy at the Gates
War story around a Russian sniper (Jude Law) during the Second World War, when the Germans come calling.

Erin Brockovich
Based on a true story, but with a number of changes. Erin is a jobless single mother with two children to support. She manages to find a clerical position at a lawyer's office. By chance she comes across a medico-legal case that intrigues her, and with no legal knowledge whatsoever she starts trying to unravel a growing puzzle using just her wits and perseverance. A very convincing performance from Julia Roberts.

The great and loyal General (Russell Crowe) has served the Roman emperor and the country faithfully, and the emperor wants him to take over the reins of the empire. But the emperor's own weak and unpopular son has other ideas, and the General finds himself reduced to a slave that has to fight like a gladiator to kill or be killed. Moving, thrilling, infuriating in turn.

Goal - Part 1 and 2
A young Mexican boy dreams of becoming a soccer star. The movies follow him in his search for his dream. Contains some nice soccer scenes, and enjoyable even if you don't play sports. (Just watch out: an Indian movie called "Goal" was also produced recently.)

Gone with the Wind
An old but evergreen romantic classic set in the turbulent times when the Old South still existed with its slaves and everything. Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable turn in some unforgettable performances.

Half Light
The young child of a well-known woman author drowns due to negligence. Taking a break from life in a remote seaside village, the woman starts running into a young man who apparently has been dead for years. As she and everyone around her begins to doubt her sanity, she also begins to realize that a deadly web of intrigue, lies and deceit is slowly but inexorably being wound around her.

The Heavenly Kid
The guy dies in a drag race over a girl, but his soul cannot move on because of unfinished business down on earth. So he comes back to earth unwillingly, but his dislike for the task set for him slowly transforms itself as he begins to realize how wrong he had been regarding many things in life. A rather unusual but nice and enjoyable story.

Hotel Rwanda
Based on real incidents in Africa, the movie follows the fates of a group of people as the Hutus go to genocidal war on the Tutsis. Has some shocking bloody and barbaric scenes, but at the same time, sensitively portrayed and well produced. A very fine performance from Don Cheadle.

The Illusionist
The story of a magician (Edward Norton), intertwined with the love of his life and the political intrigues that threaten them both. Captivating.

A story of fantasy and magic, with creative and original ideas. Two kids (one of them Robin Williams) chance upon a magic game board, and as they begin to play, their lives as well as the world around them are transformed progressively, as they move from crisis to crisis, with everything depending on the throw of dice. The story drags slightly at a few points, but otherwise it's great entertainment all round. It's far better than another copycat movie called Zathura.

Jurassic Park
Great idea, re-creating dinosaurs from their DNA extracted from ancient mosquitoes trapped and preserved in amber. The story is well balanced and nicely told, without resorting to mindless "violence for violence's sake". The quality of 3-D animation made a huge impact at the time this movie was released. Parts 2 and 3 aren't particularly great, and you can give them a miss without losing much.

Legally Blonde
This is actually quite a hilarious movie, covering a mishmash of student life, sororities, law schools, beauty parlours and courtrooms. A young blonde beauty queen wants to make it to law school to win back her boyfriend who has ditched her because he feels she's not good enough for him. Part 2 is not too bad, though it gets a bit predictable. Good for whiling away a lazy afternoon.

Life is beautiful
This is almost like two separate movies. The first part is mostly about the happy-go-lucky young Italian Jewish guy who sings, dances and jokes his way through life, and his amorous dalliances with a young (non-Jewish) girl that leads to their marriage, interspersed with lots of really crazy humour (slightly overdone at times). And they settle down to a quiet life with their little boy, a totally adorable little thing. But then the Nazis invade Italy, and this family ends up in the concentration camp. The story is then about the guy's constant struggle to keep his wife and especially his child alive and sane, with nothing but his sense of humour and his quick thinking. A particularly noteworthy scene is the guy's "Italian" translation of the camp commander's instructions in German. Look past the absurdity and glimpse the underlying tragedy there. Makes you laugh and cry at the same time.

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Okay, now for the rest:

Lord of the Rings - Part 1, 2 and 3
These movies (Elijah Wood in leading role) are more enjoyable if you have read Tolkien's books including "The Hobbit". The three parts are just one long story concerning an evil magical ring, so you'll have to see them in order.

The Man in the Iron Mask
Based on Alexander Dumas' story in early France, before the French revolution. The country is reeling under the rule of an evil tyrant, with no relief in sight. At the same time, there's this man languishing in prison who has been fitted with an iron mask over his face, and no one seems to know who he is. A decision is taken to get him out of prison, believing that he somehow holds the key to the problem. An intriguing drama, with Leonardo Di Caprio in a double role--and charming in both.

The Mask
A mask is found that is believed to belong to Loki, the God of mischief in Greek mythology. The wearer of the mask (Jim Carrey) finds himself transformed and endowed with magical powers according to his personality. This leads to a series of hilarious adventures--and danger too. And there is the reward of romance to sweeten things up.

Moulin Rouge
A sort of crazy musical love story (with Nicole Kidman). It's actually quite complex, and not for the simple minded.

The Mummy, and The Mummy Returns
Adventurers (including Brendan Fraser) seeking buried treasure in Egypt find a little more than what they bargained for. These two movies are lovable for their sheer entertainment value all along the way.

My cousin Vinny
Can you imagine a murder comedy? That's just what this is. Two kids on a drive end up being arrested and charged with murder after making a shopping stop. Their attorney is a cousin who has never set foot in court before, with his girlfriend in tow. The action in the courtroom is priceless. Very entertaining and eminently watchable.

Nick of Time
A man (Johnny Depp) just going about his business suddenly finds his young daughter kidnapped and, to secure her release, he is expected to assassinate a top political figure within the next few hours. A tight and fast-paced thriller where you have no idea what's coming next.

No way out
A very tense and fast-paced action thriller featuring Gene Hackman and Kevin Costner. Lots of things going on, with intrigue, betrayal, national security, and everything involved. Just see it.

The Patriot
See my comments for Braveheart.

The Pianist
A sensitive movie about a young Jewish pianist during World War II. As the Germans advance into the city, his family's circumstances start getting worse and worse. He then manages to evade the clutches of the Nazis by hiding out in the ruins of his city, struggling to find food to keep himself barely alive, waiting for the long, long war to end.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Featuring ghostly pirates and ancient legends. Johnny Depp gives an admirable performance.

Rabbit Proof Fence
Based in early Australia, it's the story of a young aborigine child trying to find its way home after escaping from forced custody with white people.  

The Rock
Centred around the dreaded American prison, Alcatraz, the story is to do with the bad guys taking over the prison building with hostages inside, and threatening to nuke American cities unless their demands are met.
Sean Connery seems to be one of those lucky few whom "age doesn't seem to wither nor custom stale his infinite variety" (to borrow from Shakespeare). He continues to exude his enviable charisma just as strongly as ever here. If you like action films, you'll probably like this one.

Schindler's List
Nazi Germany during WW II. A wealthy industrialist called Schindler (Liam Neeson) employs Jews as very cheap labour in his companies, which keeps them safe from the gas chamber. While he considers it as a purely profitable venture for himself, he finds his own attitudes changing as the war progresses. A number of graphic scenes come up, that may arouse strong emotions.

Shall We Dance
An average Joe's boring and dead-end life undergoes a sea change when he happens to wander impulsively into a dance school. A fine performance from Richard Gere. Susan Sarandon is good but not seen much. Jennifer Lopez is no great shakes.

The Shawshank Redemption
A young banker (Tim Robbins) is convicted of the murder of his wife and her lover and thrown into prison. His life as well as that of his friends in prison unfold to provide an absorbing drama with its ups and downs, to climax with a rather abrupt and unexpected turn of events. The story is narrated from the perspective of another prisoner (Morgan Freeman). Not much fighting or fast action. Just a nice movie to watch and contemplate on.

The Sound of Music
Who doesn't know of this one? Brilliant, evergreen and ever enduring musical set in Austria in Europe around WWII.

Skeleton Key
A young woman takes a job as nurse to an old man in a remote location. Trying to find a cure for the man's apparent paralysis, she ventures into territories that reveal the horrifying truth too late.

A moving story of slavery and power in old Rome, and of the triumph of the human spirit.  

The Terminal
A tourist (Tom Hanks) from a country called Krakozhia lands in the airport in New York. But at the moment he is passing through US customs, his country's government is toppled in a coup. The US does not recognise the new government, and so he cannot be allowed into the US. And he does not want to go back without finishing his business in New York. So he's stuck in the airport terminal, waiting for deliverance. And it's a long wait, with little incidents (including a fling with Catherine Zeta-Jones) to keep him occupied. Tom Hanks' European accent and body language are very convincing.

The Terminator - Part 2 (Judgment Day)
The best of the three in the series. Some really thrilling action scenes, mixed with drama and slices of humour. Maintains the tension throughout with excellent acting and pace. Nice and reasonably credible story line, very convincingly portrayed by both Schwarzenegger and the bad guy who comes across as deliciously evil. And strangely enough, leaves your eyes moist at the end. Mine certainly were!

The Titanic
I guess most people would have seen this movie by now, or at least heard of it. Beautifully produced, I thought, with lead roles played very convincingly by Leonardo Di Caprio and Cate Winslet. I just wish the "heart of the ocean" could have been put to slightly better use right at the end!

True Lies
Starring Schwarzenegger in a double role, this is an action-packed thriller with guns, bombs, terrorists, muscle power, and lots of humour tossed in. Jamie Lee Curtis gives a creditable supportive performance.

The Truman Show
One of the early movies based on stories of Big Brother watching our every move. It made quite an impact when it first came out. Truman (Jim Carrey) is just an average young man going about life as an insurance salesman. Until he begins to realize that there's something not quite right about everything going on around him, and the truth seems hard to accept. Nicely made, and enjoyable.

The Truth about Cats and Dogs
Beauty or brains-- what is more important? In this light comedy, an intelligent and articulate but rather plain-looking female veterinary doctor competes with a tall, blond but rather dumb model for the attentions of a young man. Who will prevail in the end?

While you were sleeping
A light-hearted romance. A female railway ticketing clerk is infatuated with a stranger who catches the train every day and who barely notices her as he purchases a ticket from her. When he has an accident and lies in a coma in hospital, she goes to visit him, and his family mistakes her for his fiancee. She then keeps running into his brother, and soon she isn't sure which one of the two she really wants. Sandra Bullock is gorgeous, as always! Even her clumsiness is so cute and endearing.

A nice crime thriller. A young child witnesses a murder, and needs to be protected while the police try to track down those responsible. Featuring Harrison Ford.

Wolf Creek
Based in Australia. Starts off as an innocuous sightseeing drive by three tourists, which leads to a nightmare that just keeps getting worse. Some terrifying action there. Not for the faint hearted.

You've got mail
A romantic story involving Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, at the start of the internet revolution, when personal emails were just starting to catch on. The story starts off as a casual online friendship between two strangers who have no idea that their lives just happen to be otherwise connected too.

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thanks all of you!!

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英文名film name:Flight of the Phoenix
导演Director:约翰•摩尔 John Moore
编剧writers:斯科特•弗兰克 Scott Frank
   爱德华•伯恩斯 Edward Burns
主演cast:丹尼斯•奎德 Dennis Quaid
   泰瑞斯•吉布森 Tyrese Gibson
   吉奥瓦尼•瑞比西 Giovanni Ribisi
   米兰达•奥托 Miranda Otto
   唐尼•卡伦 Tony Curran
Genre:Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller
Plot summary:
A story about the triumph of the human spirit. A group of air crash survivors are stranded in the Mongolian desert with no chance of rescue. Facing a brutal environment, dwindling resources, and an attack by desert smugglers, they realize their only hope is doing the impossible--building a new plane from the wreckage.
   飞行员弗兰克•唐斯(丹尼斯•奎德 饰)和助理飞行员AJ(泰瑞斯•吉布森 饰)做梦也不会想到,他们飞临蒙古执行的这次接送石油勘测队员的任务会让他们直接面临生死抉择的人生问卷。事故源于起飞不久后遭遇的一场沙暴,灰尘与沙砾呼啸而来,导致了飞机左引擎的故障,机身严重震荡,唐斯不得不紧急迫降,降在了骄阳似火的七月的蒙古戈壁。正当11名幸存者为大难不死而雀跃高呼时,一个冷酷的现实又摆在了他们的面前:飞机严重受损以致无法修复,同外界的联系也一并中断。众人的心情瞬间降至冰点,水和食品即将耗尽,绝望的情绪在一步步蔓延。关键时刻,一位在最后时刻登机的神秘男子艾略特(吉奥瓦尼•瑞比西 饰)提出了利用C-119尚未受损的部件组装出一架新飞机的建议,这样“凤凰号”才能重新上天,才能脱离险境。唐斯和其他人对于艾略特的建议的第一反应是这简直是玩笑,完全是不切实际的胡思乱想,“造机”计划被弃置一旁。但四周遍布的磁场让众人依靠指南针徒步走出这片戈壁的希望快速归零,他们似乎只能选择坐以待毙的命运裁决。
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前些天参加了由北京市版权局,方正集团,北京版权保护协会,北京反盗版联盟主办,中外百家出版社共同携手举办“书”赢天下――首届“中外百家出版社寻找优秀中文作者”大型网络征文大赛,它的宗旨在发掘杰出的写作人才,出版和输出可读性强的优秀书籍,促进图书出版和版权贸易事业,加强文化交流,满足大众知识需求。我提交了两部作品:《美丽人生》和《快乐人生》,《美丽人生》万多字,《快乐人生》11万多字。大赛作品要求:1. 内容积极,紧扣选题 ;结构严谨,思路清晰 ;语言顺畅,表达清晰2. 体裁、题材不限,不少于5万字。大赛时间:2007年8月30日—2008年2月28日.。《美丽人生》《Beautify Life》大多数的英文精选原创文章是在中国日报网这个交流平台创作出来的,感谢中国日报网,特别感谢原创版块和休闲英语版块,还有在这里认识和支持鼓励我的所有朋友们!

《美丽人生》的前言:读好文章如品一杯好茶,馨香绕怀久久不忘。我们的心灵是一片沃土,我们必须在杂草丛生之前洒上细心挑选的种子并精心培育,让它最终成为我们在忙碌的人生旅途中美丽的秘密花园!本书精选数百篇优秀励志和启迪心灵的美文,相信在您不同的人生阶段阅读它们都会有不同的感受和收获。早一天阅读早一天受益,越读越爱读,美丽的东西就是永久的喜悦!衷心祝愿大家都过上属于我们自己的美丽人生!边品美文边学英语,启迪心智的同时让我们向成功又多迈进了一步!希望英语作为一门工具,帮我们叩响成功之门! 由于时间仓促,本书在编写过程中难免出现纰漏,真诚地希望能得到大家的反馈和指正!









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Let's enjoy the best latest Hollywood movies

I would like 1.3 billion Chinese can enjoy American movies just like me. My wife watches American movies every night until 3 a.m.

It is free and the movies are 2007 and 2008 Hollywood movies

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Originally posted by changzhou007 at 2007-4-20 02:03
The movie is about a girl's extraordinary journey from  adolescence to the young womanhood. It is a modern version of Jane Eyre, but the reality is crueler and harsher, is also a modern version of  ...

Will you please give the movie's address?
thank you~

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