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Interracial Marriages [Copy link] 中文

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What about Asian Men and Black Women?

Or Asian Men and Latin Women - Remember South America?
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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chinese men marrying western women

It all depends on the country.

In sweden, danemark,  holland,  up to 70% of the young chinese men have  swedish, danish or dutch girl friends , or marry swedish, danish or dutch girls.

In france, italy,  spain, germany, russia,  up to 55% of the young chinese men have french, italian, spanish, german or russian girl friends,  or marry them.

But in England,  australia or new zealand,  less than 5% of the young chinese men have english, australian or new zealand girl friends or marry them.

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Difficult to have a chinese partner in a non chinese country. this I know personally

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Originally posted by unpop8 at 2007-8-23 22:02
Difficult to have a chinese partner in a non chinese country. this I know personally

It is only difficult in white English speaking countries.
Try non English speaking countries,  such as Sweden,  Holland,  France,  Germany,  Italy,  Poland,  Greece, Belarus or Russia.

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Reply #32 fromoverseas's post

Wouldn't be difficult in NZ, my country. The only difficulties would from my wife missing her family as Chinese folks are more family oriented. I wouldn't dream of taking a Chinese wife away from China for anything more than vacations.

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Coming from a long line of mongrels, marrying someone from a different race is in my blood. I don't have any Asian in me so I have my sights set on an Asian. From experience of having inter-racial relationships in various countries, the easiest place to have them is in Australia because they are so common there.

China is a bit difficult. Although the relationship between the two people is easy enough, it is wider Chinese culture that causes problems. It seems to rub a lot of Chinese people the wrong way. Furthermore, China also has quite strongly constructed gender identities which the genders are expected to conform to. For example, in China, the man pays the bills, and I just don't do that. Although the woman herself can accept this privately, in a social situation it can cause some problems.
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results in smarter, stronger, healthier beings.
I am living proof(50% j/k). Hopefully everyone here can recognize this as truth and try to spawn some mixed proles in the future. Everyone will be better for it.

On a serious note. There is a reason that people are fearful of interracial marriages. The results are obviously the next step in humanity.
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