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Where did you learn these 'words'? [Copy link] 中文

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If I'm not mistaken, most Chinese people who learn English as a second or third or fourth language, seem to do so in a formal way, learning all kinds of grammar rules and the names of tenses...things that most of us native English speakers may have learned, but then conveniently forgot or filed away.

Mrs. Rong, for example, every now and then, likes to remind me what a gerund is. I don't know how many people I'd have to ask before I got the right answer from native English speakers here in my city.

So my question is this:  with the formal English education that I think most of you have had, where did you pick up words like "wanna", "cuz", etc.

Don't you realise that using words like these make your written statements look dumb?

I mean go ahead and talk the way you want, but in my opinion writing English like these is just not cool.

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do as i say not as i do...

mister, rong--it really depends on who do you communicate with & as long as you know your grammar structures then i don't see why not improvise (people don't have much time to type or may be a hip thing...who knows) it.  but some of the kids here & i know what you sayin'...have to becareful & not so addicted by the new "skol flava".  this sort of style you will find 'em on IM/QQ and let me spell it out for you, et cetera...  kiddos out there you better listen to mr rong this time.

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Thanks PJ!

Hi PJ:

Thanks for your post. I guess it answers my question. So, those words like "wanna, sorta, kinda" come from those chat places. I've never used them, so I didn't make the connection. I suppose words like that are okay in the conversational mode of a chat room.

Our young nephew Zhao Wei used to send us emails using  those words. I'd wonder where he learned to write English like that!. But  I guess he learned them on MSN chat rooms. Now that he is in post-grad studies in Europe, I hope he is writing more formally there.

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lingo-guistic for you...

hi, rong--chinaDAILY many times surprise me with their writting too (not professionally sound).  but i really hate to see the chinese there using the term, drives me off the wall.  i'm leaving to china in the next few days for my very 1st trip there.  any tips for me, pal?  and thank you in advance!  check the headline this morning with your what-so-called...wannabe    lol

Wannabe woman aided by transsex beauty
By Li Qian (
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Bon Voyage

Sorry, I don't have any really outstanding travel tips to offer.

I just hope everything works out well for you on your journey and that you return home with the same admiration for China and the Chinese people that I have!

Bon Voyage.


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Those are just casual English. When you are writing something professional or formal, we dont use those words.

plus we usually speak like that in day to day conversations to simplify things.

Why do you want to keep saying "Want to" when you can just say "wonna"

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jonnyd wrote, "Why do you want to keep saying "Want to" when you can just say "wonna""(it's wanna)

Because it's proper English.
And these terms are used orally and look silly when written.

You don't sound like a native English speaker.
If I were you, I would spend more time learning how to write and speak English correctly.

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