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China should build the most powerful navy to unify [Copy link] 中文

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I have told you many times already.  You need to quote news articles or else you just don't have credibility.   Simple as that.  Go read military news, from satellite photos , china's ships and jets don't practice much.   They sit in the bay and collect rust.  This is the truth.

    Since you mengzhi loves to unify so much,  It is best that japan and mainland china unify.  Go to japan and you will see, that the japanese language uses 60 percent chinese written characters and the speaking is the same for all the words used as well.  And all the chinese characters used by japanese all have the same meaning as the chinese characters.   And also,  both chinese and japanese loves to eat rice.  
    Japanese loves to unify with china and korea.  In fact, they did try in WWII, to unify with china.  So, chinese like you and japanese have alot in common,  both loves to unify.   Therefore, it is best that china and japan unify to be one country.  
    As for Taiwanese like me, we hate hate HATE the word unify.  It is never going to work with Taiwan.  If you don't believe me,  then you should move into my house with me and see how long me and you can survive.  Yes, mengzhi and writevince living in the same bedroom.  How long do you think we can survive??  less than 2 minutes.!   
    So, don't try to unify with Taiwan,  it will not work.   It will be a failure.  It will be WWIII.

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Originally posted by writevince at 2007-4-11 15:09
mengzhi I have told you many times already.  You need to quote news articles or else you just don't have credibility.

We're used to absolutely not a skerrick of credibility from Mengzhi, and I really don't expect him to start showing any now.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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ok,there got a taiwanese
our intimate  countryman,ha,ok,that s it
let us learn a little bit history ,
we are the same nation,we are all chinese,right,dont u taiwanese speak chinese
your government was defeated by the ccp government three score years ago
right??and you guys have to flee to nowhere but our rich island,and is that the same thing with that japs have done before if we unify the country in the future,actually,should say unify the nation here
we chinese never invade others only if they wouldnt do that to us,with no doubt,we are never afraid of wars,just look back on the KOREA WAR,SINO-INDIA war and so on,what about u then,honestly speaking,you are made to defeat,hehe,but we are the nation that defeated yankees,could u show some repect to us,then.
ok,if u come back to us,you guys are just no difference with us.we are all chinese.we have show our politeness to you,but u just resist it and i have a question why we chinese just hate each other so much,you guys even prefer to confining yourselves in a little island and work together with japs and uncle sams and just betray your brothers?think about it
if the war begins,we ll hurt each other definitely,and that s a fight between brothers.and we conquer you guys and the end
why dont we just sit down and talk to each other ,and say ok ,that s it, let s unite as  one country,obvious ly it is good for anyone of us.
we dont like wars surly but if we have to one day ,we will make it whatever it costs.
and certainly there are some tough problems and issues,but  are there any problems just CANT be solved throuth peace talk,if so,see u in the battlefied.

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hopefully to be a master of what I like, on knowledge

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and we will built a powerful navy,which is said by chairman mao before
not just only for u,we have surly a long term view and strategy,
that is for our interet on the ocean ,the secuity of our resouce ,and the prosperity of the nation
hopefully to be a master of what I like, on knowledge

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reply #10

I agree with "matt605" that China needs a strong navy, to police the crucial sea lanes; and, of course, to keep an eye on every inch of its own territory.  but the navy should never be trigger-happy.

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to #17

Let's not go down the language route. But, since you started it....

1) Yes, a version of Mandarin is spoken in Taiwan. However, having learned Beijinghua and then having had two Taiwanese language partners, I know there's a difference between the two.

2) There are also indigenous Taiwanese languages, which include Minnanese and Hakka. Those didn't come over from the mainland; they were already there.

3) Similar language does not a nation make. Otherwise, the US, UK, Scotland, Wales, and Australia would all be lumped into the same country. Same for Spain, Mexico, most of Central America and most of South America, or France and large parts of Africa.

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Originally posted by writevince at 2007-4-11 13:01
Since you ming361 hate Taiwan so much, and you hate United States so much,  that is ok.  But, don't send your spys to Taiwan to steal computer technology.  And don't send your spys to United States and steal military technology.  that is very shameful of you.    And don't send your products (made by your factories) to Taiwan and America for sale.  Don't try to earn and take American's money,  that would be shameful of you.


You write like a two year old even though you have got the syllable "write" as part of your username! Can you not string a couple of sentences together without losing track of what you are saying. You sound like a rambling idiot!

Since most Americans sound as intelligent as you are we will easily outsmart you in all areas from now on. The easiest way to go past you was if all the Chinese and Indian scientists, engineers and computer scientists were to return to their respective nations. Guess what buddy, silicon valley will collapse and almost all American research will come to a standstill! The Americans themselves are not that smart. They depend on buying intelligent people from all areas of the globe!
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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