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Why are Chinese products so cheap?   [Copy link] 中文

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No one in China wants our products to sell cheaply  .but we have to sell our goods at  low price levels cause we have no other advantages to compete with those products of developed countries ,We need to develop high-end products and the creation of independent brands

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changabula Post time: 2007-4-8 03:21
Its because people get ripped off with the high prices in the rich countries!

The labour cost is  ...

i agree about people getting ripped off with high prices in "rich" countries. regimes such as the usa, and europe are run by cartels. they run the govt, and decide what gets imported. the cartels from japan, cooperate with the usa, south korea, and all the other rogue states. multinational corporations such as honda bribe u.s politicians into allowing their products, and blocking lower priced products of the same quality. thats why people from the rogue states have less of a choice when it comes to shopping

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The stupid leaders in beijing are the one that want china to have cheap labor in yuan currency relative to USD, in order to create 35 million jobs annually, by exporting to the big ol' US market. The other reasons, are to help their elite chinese american masters  in US such as Soong, Chiang, and Sun families get more richer, even though between them they have more than 900 billion dollars of assets.

Ask Foxconn to reveal who are their financier backers, then you know who control china really through their proxy.

Why did Hujintao go and visit Sun families in Hawaii, before he took over as president ? sounds familiar, visiting his master.

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bushier Post time: 2012-5-5 11:00
The stupid leaders in beijing are the one that want china to have cheap labor in yuan currency relat ...

You mean the OLD KMT leading families?

The Hainanese "bible totting" Soong, the "Ningbo Gangster" Chiang and the "ZhongShan" Sun.
That's a great revelation!


Thanking you in advance!


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Chinese goods are sold for PROFITs!
The margins may be low, but the trillion little jiaos will soon add up to billions of U.S. dollar tresury bonds.

Happily, Chinese government is getting smarter.
They are eager to lift the profit margins of Chinese goods from, 0.001% to up to 5%.

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This is what the EVIL Soong, Chiang and Kung families did to Mao China when they lost and run away to Taiwan with america help.

With that kind of money, more than one billion US dollars, KMT gangster group become the richest political party in the world.

Chiang Ching Kuo, in 1975, used this money which had grown to many billions, to build up Taiwan high technology and petrochemical industry.

These billions of KMT money had been invested in China through proxies in wall street, when China open up her economy in 1978. Now in 2012, the billions had become worth many many billions, due to china boomng economy from 1990 - 2012.

" KMT, as it is alternatively transliterated), fleeing to the island of Taiwan, some 90 miles off the coast of Fujian province, taking with them US$300 million of fresh US aid funds from the national treasury. "

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Sun Yat Sen is a stupid fool, an american dog who had contrbute nothing to China or help poor chinese people. He is a poster boy, used by KMT gangster to hide their evil business in china.

KMT gangster linked groups, still have some influence through their proxies in china.

It was Mao who eliminate the very serious drug/opium problems in China. Sun Yat Sen never did anything to get rid of the opium problems, because KMT gangster through the Green Gang was heavily involved in the lucrative opium business, parasiting and destroying the backbone of chinese society.

Therefore some greedy and stupid beijing leaders who criticise Mao, and put up a huge Sun Yat Sen photo, to celeberate the 1911 revolution, are making a very very big mistake. They dont know what they are doing.

Sun Yat Sen way of doing things will destroy chinese civilisation eventually.

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