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why do most boys like white girls?~ [Copy link] 中文

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Just do something necessary protection when the summer comes, whitening products may hurt your skin especially for the face, it is sensitive.
The colour of skin is natural, it is not changeable.

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Originally posted by iamnobody at 2007-4-6 11:07
health is more important! i think girls are beautiful when they are happy, confident no matter when color of her shin(but i am a girl, i don't know men's thought.....)

the color of a girl's skin is not important ,at least it's my thought .
Life is a sweet burden . Always give people smiles ,even I am hurt.

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maybe i'll be spitted~~

maybe i'll be spitted

yet here unveils the new whitening products for this season

just wondering if most girls have to paste various stuff onto their faces each morning,
then why don't we choose some nice ones~~ ... /content_842490.htm

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i have dark skin, i try my best to change it all time because i think white skin is more beautiful. but after i have seen above articles, i change my ideal, thank you very much!!!!!

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I don’t have the answers but I think it has to do with the lack of “beach culture” in China.

Many cultures (from European to South East Asian) before the advent of the beach culture in the 1960s, all had their classic beauties based on light skinned girls.  Hence all these cultures have cosmetics that paintthe face white, possibly to better contrast the redness of the lips and cheeks – may be it’s because of that biological thing that we take more notice of the red colour.  

Another historical aspect is that tanned skin meant working in the sun and being poor.  So for women to
appear privileged, they had to appear white.   

The idea of tanned skin represents sportiness and health, therefore beauty, is a recent concept that will
slowly catch on in China as it becomes more westernised. I think this is already happening in Taiwan.

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A woman describes herself  " Hi, my complexion is medium fair."  Another young woman told a radio host  "I want to have a fair complexion I am 18 years old ..."

Dark and fair are relative terms:)  There is an expression " Her face is as white as a ghost...or as fair as a fairy"...have you seen an albino person...he/she is really "white"!

Here is an excerpt from the following site:


I've never been concerned about my complexion, though
hardly anyone -- not even my dear mother -- would
consider me light-skinned. In fact, the only time
someone has ever called me "fair," he was referring to
my journalism skills.

I've never spent a penny on skin-lightening creams,
never tried to stay out of the sun, never bathed in a
mixture of egg yolks and goat milk.

I've been rather content with my complexion, as
content as I am with having black hair, brown eyes and
blue contact lenses.

Things would probably be different, of course, if I
were a woman, especially a single woman. Eager to use
the word "fair" in my matrimonial ad, I would have
spent more money on fairness creams than on saris. You
can cover up a lot with a sari, but not quite enough.

It's no major revelation that the skin-lightening
obsession in Indian society is more prevalent among
women than men. If a woman is fair-skinned, she is
automatically beautiful, no matter how many coats you
could hang from her nose. If a woman is dark-skinned,
she'd have almost no chance of winning the Miss. India
contest, even if her personality were as top-notch as
her plastic surgeon.

Men, on the other hand, have never had to obsess over
their complexion, largely because they're judged more
by their earning power than their looks. A single
doctor who advertises himself as "tall, dark and
handsome" would get far more attention from women than
a single writer who's "tall, fair and unemployed."

The situation may be changing though - and not
necessarily for the better. A recent survey
commissioned by the Media Researchers Users Council
(MRUC) found that 32% of fairness cream users in India
are men! Yes, men are using products such as Fair
Glow, Fairever, and Fair & Lovely, trying hard to
prove that women are no longer the fairer sex.

Instead of getting women less obsessed with
complexion, our society has managed to get men more
obsessed. If this continues, you'll soon see new
beauty products such as Fair Guy,  Fairmale, and Fair
& Hairy.

Most users of fairness creams probably consider
themselves dark-skinned. But "dark" and "fair" are
relative terms. The woman calling herself "very fair"
in a matrimonial ad may be darker than the woman
calling herself "medium-complexioned," but fairer than
the woman calling herself "as fair as Snow White."

If I were conducting a fairness survey, I would ask
the following multiple-choice questions:

1. How do you rate your skin complexion?
(a) I'm so fair, it's almost unfair;
(b) In my dreams, I'm fair;
(c) I'm Fair & Lovely;
(d) It's fair to say I'm fairly dark;
(e) In my nightmares, I'm dark;
(f) This is an unfair question.

2. What methods do you use to lighten your skin?
(a) I regularly use fairness creams; (b) I rub coconut milk on my body every morning;
(c) I roll around in a paste of besan and milk cream even night;
(d) I pray three times a day to Aishwarya, the goddess of fair skin;
(e) I eat five pounds of white chocolate every day;
(f) I never leave home when the sun is out;
(g) I've changed my name to Gourangi, which means fair

3. What is your primary reason for lightening your
(a) To attract a husband/wife;
(b) To please my future mother-in-law;
(c) To become a Bollywood actor/actress;
(d) To become more visible at night.

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Not every girl is beautiful,but you can be a nice girl

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