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How do you say 你赶时间吗? [Copy link] 中文

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Do you have ample time?

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Ah, could be.

or at the butcher's, a school, a bus stop, a company, anywhere. The location is no timportant I'm more interested in how different types of speaker put it. For example, at the McDonauld's, the cashier may ask "To go?"
Anyway, two heads are better than one, that why i ask this question.

About the "rule of context", I don't want to repeat my previous remarks. There are many possible reasons behind a context-free question, maybe out of the consideration that too much preconditions may limit the imagination of repliers, maybe he/she is just "on the go", or maybe, he/she is really lazy. As for me, I never care these reasons behind. I'm just interested in the question itself. If it is interesting, I would like to get involved.  If not, I just ignore it. Maybe a context-free question is sometimes annoying, but you can make some fun for yourself, or, make it even more annoying by saying "hay we have a rule here~". I cannot say you are wrong by saying that, but does that turn the post meaningful?

The above remarks are not targeting at hly2008. He is one of the finest repliers you can ever find in this forum. And I really appreciate his vigorous help. According to Zeng Guofan's criteria, I will give him Class A, or Super A, if he considers to revise the "iron rule of context".Since he said my comments are welcomed, I would like to tell him I think at least two conditions shall be exempted:A. When it comes to a technical term. B. When the question is brainstorm-purpose.

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To err is human, to forgive divine, etc etc

Now, Now, don't start on the argument of who is right and who has to forgive the other!!

Translation is a tough job, and as someone once said, "While individually, translators are just  as normal as the rest of us, as a group they are the most short-tempered, temperamental and unsocial people on earth" (albeit with hearts of gold)!

I didn't make that up right now. Really!

To answer the question - well jl has covered everything

are you short of time
Are you in a rush
More colourfully, If he seems jumpy, (perhaps because he is short of time): Why are you behaving like a cat on a hot tin roof?

Even more evocatively (BUT WARNING< THIS IS NOT TO BE USED< IT IS NOT NOT NOT STANDARD ENGLISH) - in a translation from a regional language, in parts of Asia people sometimes say "Why are you behaving like your tail is on fire" ??!!


SMILE, everyone!  Believe not the Poet Longfellow, who said
"Life is real, Life is earnest
(though he did go on to say that....
And the grave is not its goal,
Dust thou art to dust returnest,
Was not spoken of the soul"
Etc Etc.

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My signature line

is not a whimsical idea that I chose lightly.  There are too many situaltions in which sentences or even phrases cannot be translated accurately without the proper context.  

Take the current topic as an example.  The idea is simple enough.  But, taken together with the tone of speaking, the following two expressions can have very different nuances:

Are you in a hurry?

What's the rush/hurry?

I'll show you a real example later that, without context, even the simple word "NO" has been translated incorrectly.


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Take it easy, fellas:)

Waibeijing, I'm just negotiating.

jl, waiting for your cute example. BTW, in some cases, i will still be happy if a brainstorm produces something unexpected, like the NO stroy you have mentioned. Your signature line is perfect. but what if i perfer more possibilities to one or two so called correct translation?Let me give your an example. In one of my previous posts, I asked for the possible version of 老实点 and got one interesting answer "move along" and the replier told me this could happen in a prison. This is really enlightening to me. I don't think i can get such a novel answer if i set too much scenario limits in the original question.

I know the importance of context, believe me, as an English learner, I knew it. When necessary, of course i will provide it as much as possible, I mean, when necessary:)

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Originally posted by workout at 2007-4-5 08:12 PM

jl, waiting for your cute example.

Here it is, as promised:


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Hay, this is onlyhalf of that stroy, What is the Chinese version then

What's more, this is not a brainstorm case any way.

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