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I am Edward. I am of short height and average weight. I have single-lid eyes
and black, straight hair. I seldom wear my hair long. I look like my father a
nd inherited a great many parts from him.

    I am a junior majored in GIS at CUGB, which is the abbreviation for Geograph
ical Information System. I like being a student because I can learn new things
every day and thus make progress each day. The greatest thing of being studen
t is that you have to do daily routines every single day, having classes, goin
g to the school canteen, reading at the library, etc. It sounds rather boring
but as a matter of fact, with the time going by, you will find your life is we
ll-organized and everyday is so meaningful. I can acquaint with new guys and t
hus make friends with them on campus. This is fantastic. I consider college li
fe the most valuable and exciting part of life and I am living happily and enj
oyably each day.

    I have many hobbies: reading books, watching movies, listening to music, etc
. I will go jogging every afternoon if I have time and I do enjoy jogging beca
use it‘s the very moment when I can get refreshed and relaxed after a day‘s bu
sy study. Sometimes when my roommates are free, we will go jogging together.
It‘s great when you have someone for companion. I have some routine reading pl
ans: reading English novels, English papers such as China Daily, English artic
les on the net, and so on. People around me say that I am sort of crazy for En
glish because I consume a lot of time on it. Actually, I do have great fun in
English because I do love the feeling when I read English staff. Well, I have
derived a lot of fun from my hobbies and they make my campus life colorful & w

    In general, I am an open, ambitious, determined, honest and easy-going perso
n. I hate hypocrisy and extravagance. However, some people consider me a sting
y person because I am very thrifty, but I don’t agree with them on this point
. I am a professional student and all my tuition and living expenses come from
my parents, that is to say, every penny I spend is earned by my parents’ har
d work. I am an independent person and I don’t like to rely on others, includ
ing my parents because I am no longer a boy but a matured man both physically
and mentally. In my opinion, all I should do now is to study diligently so as
to learn more knowledge and master more skills in college because I will be th
e bread-winner of my family in the near future and I also have the obligation
to take care of my parents and repay them with anything in my power since they
have sacrificed so much for me. I am a warm-hearted person who will be willin
g to give others a helping hand when they are in trouble. What’s more, I am a
lso punctual and reliable. As the saying goes, “Every coin has two sides.” I have som
e shortcomings, too. Above all, I am a bit narrow-minded when I encounter a to
ugh problem or am in a difficult situation. Sometimes I am too indecisive to m
ake a decision because I care too much about others’ opinions and will think
twice before I make the final decision. What’s more, I am sort of disorganize
d and my room is always a mess.

    How about my likes and dislikes? Well, there are many things that can make m
e happy: making a long distance call to my family, having dinner with my frien
ds, chatting with my distant friends on the net, an extraordinary article, acq
uaintance with some great guy, going on a trip, etc. I dislike being misunders
tood by others, being fooled, being betrayed, low scores in exams, noisy surro
undings, rude manners, cheating in exams, telling lies….

    I am still single now. I don’t even have a girlfriend not because I am an e
ccentric but I have consumed most of my time on my study and don’t have much
time to think about it. What is love? In my opinion, love is the ability to en
sure your other half’s happiness, the willingness to sacrifice for the person
you treasure most and the obligation to take care of your life companion. I t
hink I am still unqualified to love because I don’t have the ability to raise
a family now. Thus, I choose to work hard with great efforts and achieve grea
t progress in my cause. My family consists of my father, my mother and I, whic
h is very important to me for it’s where I get refreshed and relaxed. It‘s al
so the source of courage and determination when I am in times of trouble. I am
grateful to my parents for all they have done for me.

    I have many friends because I am an open and sociable person and like making
friends with others. We have dinner together, travel together and do sports t
ogether; and we exchange ideas and thoughts, share happiness and sadness….. C
harlie is one of my best friends, a Londoner studying here in China. He is cha
rming, kind-hearted, honest, frugal and reliable. He is a person of integrity
and I have good reasons to admire him.

    This is the true me, a simple man with both strong-points and shortcomings,
a charming man always expecting to make new friends, a reliable man you can tr
ust, a faithful companion in favor of you forever…..:)

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Nice to meet u here

You did a great self-introduction,pal.

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simple but happy life.

I have end my campus life about one year.
I wish eveyone's life are all fullfilled with love.

Simple but happy life is good.

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