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This poll is in regards to the Recommended Section.

The basic choices are listed and it is a multiple choice poll.

Why this poll?

The Recommended Section can be viewed as relevant in many ways, but the relevance disappears when threads are recommended out of personal reasons or out of favoritism, or when a thread was recommended or written in several years ago and there is no participation save perhaps that of the original poster.

The Recommended Section should be current and topical. If a subject is "past it's due date" - say on an isolated incident that took place 2, 3 or 4 years ago - then room should be made for a more relevant subject.

The opinions of what should and should not be recommended should also never be made by any person writing the thread but should only be made by a peer group - or strictly the opinion of China Daily management - top management that is.

I feel a better option is to have a Recommended Archive - a completely different section - for old Recommended threads and only have current - say, threads authored within the last 6 months that have been constantly active by more than one contributor - threads in the Recommended section on the front page of each section.

I also feel that the choosing of the Recommended threads should be put to the contributing forum member community. If a thread is "up" for being Recommended, the forum community should have the option to say whether or not they think such a thread should be Recommended.

I also think that any Recommended thread should be listed without indication of author showing...after all, it is the thread that is being Recommended isn't it? And that should mean that just the Subject title should be sufficient...but I didn't put that as an option, that's for CD management to decide.
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Reply #1 canchin's post

Well, it seems there is not much interest in the Recommended section, and I agree. I "recommended" it be discontinued some time ago anyway, but it is good to see that it is not viewed as all that important. As of nearly 6 hours after the poll started only one person had an opinion.

Hopefully, that will see the Recommended section eliminated to leave more room on the front page of each section for updated relevant threads.

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Hmmm I just finished grumbling to China Daily about what garbage they chose to highlight and recommend in the China, US and Americas section

I guess I have been in deep dodo for awhile now and I'm getting further into it

so I better just shut-up

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While I agree with all the above....

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Recommended Posts...

China Daily has the right to select what it wishes to post and emphasize.

But China Daily should realize that the posts/threads it wishes to highlight and promote speaks loudly about what ideas and emotions it is trying to build.

How about something radical:  Break up the recommendations into two sections.  One for those who can't get enough bashing of other nations, and one sections that promote production discussion to promote harmony and better relations between China and other nations.  What do we have in common and how can we improve relations and understanding between different cultures.

I would actually be interested in China Daily keeping a record on which sections forumites and readers seem to frequent more often.  I am cautiously optimistic on the 'better relations and harmony' threads.

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I presume Nosferatu

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Originally posted by nosferatu at 2007-4-3 02:54 AM
How about something radical:

i believe yahoo chat has a designated chatrooms where people partcipate in ritualistic hate

does cd need this? maybe. traffic equals publicity and even perhaps revenue

do i agree with the concept? not a bit.

enough bashing and hurting going on already in this world... do we have to add more of the "hate?"
you know what i mean?

but im definitely there with you on promoting the productive discussion aspect to build bridges so to speak

the problem lies in variety of reasons

1. lack of fair moderators
2. jaded, defensive chinese nationals with unwarranted suspicion towards the west in general
3. arrogant western fascist

to name a few
"It ain't no thang but a chicken wing."

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