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Should mods exercise power for their personal interest or adhere to forum rules? [Copy link] 中文

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(PLEASE NOTE: This poll is a multiple choice offering).
At the suggestion of CD, I make another poll to assess forum community opinion.

As it is not so much having a moderator involved that is becoming offensive to so many, but what can be viewed as the misuse of their power that some so casually use to promote themselves - often to the detriment of contributing forum members - the new suggestion was that a poll relating to use and/or misuse of moderator power while being a contributor may have possible relevance.

For example, moderators who have the power to do so that jack up their own statistics while at the same time reducing the statistics of other forum members.

The deleting of regular contributors posts - especially ones that are active - because a moderator has a thread they wrote that they wish to promote.

The situation where a moderator will make a negative comment - or make demanding order that is not related to one of the forum rules but reflects more the moderator's sensitivity that they were not immediately given "gao maozi" (tall hat - a reference to obsequious Qing Dynasty court officials) status and obeyed simply because they demanded a poster obey them and then the subsequent banning of that poster because that poster did not feel they needed to obey the moderator because they had not done anything that broke the forum rules and who then defended themselves.

Then of course, there are the numerous cases where pets of certain moderators are allowed to insult, flame and write nasty comments about other forum members in an atmosphere of security because the moderator that is their friend - to whom they suck up to for that protection - will not ban the offending poster and will instead delete any defensive comment made by a "non" - friend of a certain moderator.

These acts - not being done by all moderators of course - are the offensive ones and the ones that have created so much dissension in the forum over the last 3 years that I have been involved.

When a moderator enters into the forum community as a poster, they should not be allowed to wield any power over other forum members. They should not be allowed to ban a poster than takes offense at something the moderator has written and then defends themselves against the moderator. I feel banning or deleting - unless obvious flouting of posted forum rules - should not be able to be done by any "single" moderator but should only be done by the Administration.

Moderators who make the decision to become an active poster should not be allowed to promote their own threads - deciding of course that it is "their" thread that should be "recommended" - even threads from years ago that have had little or no activity save that of the moderator/poster themselves - or highlighted in some color while other posters threads are removed from the recommended list or even deleted completely from the forum.

For this, I recommended some time ago that the use of a recommended section be either eliminated or be put under the purview strictly of the administration and NOT any moderator. This is offensive to contributing posters, most of whom of course feel that their contributions deserve recognition over others. Such a misuse of power by "some" - and I do stress "some" moderators - this abuse of the recommended list, promoting their own - often less than relevant threads - and deleting from the recommended section what are often not only more relevant but more active in a multi-contributor manner; is again, a negative to the forum and not something a professional international forum would allow.

So, this is the reason for this new poll question.

It must again be clarified that this does not relate to either all moderators or all contributions of even the offensive moderators. But use and/or misuse of power is something that professional forums keep tight control over so as to not damage the forum community.

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It is with this poll similar to the other poll. In the other, there have been 270 views but only a few indicate their choice; this one is running about half of the viewers indicate a preference.

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I have voted

and it's obvious what I didn't vote for :)
"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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Reply #3 pandamonium's post

Odd it is though that now, someone has actually chosen that mods should be allowed to abuse their power for their own self-interest.

But the forum is after all inclusive and the poll is not restricted so if there are those that feel mods should be able to abuse their power for their own self-interest then it is still a viable stance to have...for that person anyway.

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chairman has been deleted
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only 2.33% is for abuse of power...

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Originally posted by chairman at 2007-3-30 15:46
only 2.33% is for abuse of power.

I actually find that odd in one way, but positive in others.

As I wrote to freakyqi in the other poll, it is not all moderators that abuse their power just like it is not all officials in any government in the world that abuse their power nor is it all police in any country in the world that abuse their power.

There are unfortunately always those who are so weak-minded that they cannot resist the pull of corruption and abuse of position, even on something as tame as a bulletin board...although it really must take a weak mind to be able to feel that being granted the position as a moderator of an internet bulleting board that they actually have any relating to real power, to be willing to abuse what they do have shows a very low quality of individual in my opinion.

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eightyeight don't care what the moderators do!

Hi canchin!

Uhmmm ... I didn't vote. I don't know what the moderators are doing, and since they never tell me  why some of my garbage don't post and which of my posts get axed and why, I guess I just lost interest in them -- I write my garbage when I feel like it and that's it.

I guess I am concerned that since I often respond to their threads, that I might be seen as suckin'-up to them? And, since they often enough let me curse-out somebody that I might be seen as a favorite? And, again it looks like the goofy ex-pats that put-up the blog site irishinuk has sent us in tis forum that once again everyone must reckon I am part of the establishment. Those geeks made no mention of me!!! Hmmmpphhh!!!!

Hah! I am still unbeaten in any civil debate by anyone!!!

That includes irishinuk and emucentral!

I am the CHAMPION!!!

So, it's no wonder to me that the goofy ex-pats and their effeminate bustle of ugly rumor-mongering don't mention me in their stupid blog. None of them can hold a candle to me in debate!!!

I am the CHAMPION!!!


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