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how do you react whenyour dreams collapse [Copy link] 中文

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I starte
I really    love China,半个 中国 人

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if this is a physical problem doctors can fix , if it is a mental problem then we can fix :) I think all your little worries have somehow compounded and has got the better of you for now , mindset as it is called can be changed with possitive influences and good friends :) that's where we come in  ;) we can help get your mind off the negative aspects of your life and help you concentrate on the good stuff , even rationaly talking about those negatives can somewhat decrease their percieved importance , what can we do to help xilaren :)
There are no Ugly women , only those with low self esteem .

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Originally posted by xilaren at 2007-3-28 08:00 AM
how do you react whenyour dreams collapse


youre wrong

dreams do not collapse and end

dreams do not collapse and end

dreams do not collapse and end


in fact, i firmly believe

dreams are meant to be "rebuilt"
do you remember playing with lego blocks as a child? how fun it was to pull it apart and make new ones?

dreams are meant to be "improved"
remember switching from black & white to color tv? dial phone to push buttons... digital phones!

dream "continues"
look up. all of the 8 beautiful planets and the moons do not stop dancing in wondrous and majestic circles. realize that youre an important part of this great celebration of life and struggles in its perfect harmony

i suggest,

1. go to a spa and get a kick ass spa treatment. if money is the issue, you can help yourself to a nice home made bath which is just as refreshing

2. find a way to clean out your colons. did you know 90% of the serotonin (which is crucial to emotional balance) is processed through your intestines? clean the guts and feel better with the natural chemical your body already produces.

3. eat a healthy meal but no alcohol or drugs

since we now have physical things out of the way... now for the mental part which

4. ever read chicken soup for the soul? there are tons online for free. check it out.

5. write. how to rebuild your dream. how to improve your dream. how to continue. most important... ask yourself "Why?"

6. cry tears of both a sense of despair (normal) and tears of joy from a sense of renewed spirit and power

7. and if all fails, look up and observe the ever faithful and unstopable power of the universe above you as an example to follow

and of course, all of the steps mentioned above in strides according to your motivation level

small steps at a time... just like when you were a toddler :)

good luck to you my friend

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"It ain't no thang but a chicken wing."

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When I didn't get the offer of my ideal university, I wad indulged in surfing the Internet for two months before I started my college life at that uni. I had not do well enough in the college entrance exam so only wished to escape from the real world. I was online from 8am till 5pm, during which my parents wasn't at home.

really sad during those two months... I was dreaming to go to Peking University when I was a kid... but my dream wasn't realized. That happend some years ago. After my university graduation, I studied for master's degree in London, to realize my new dream. Now I finished my study and work in a company, so at least I did one thing successfully.
I am a Beijing girl.

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Look on the bright side, baby, everything will be fine

I don't know what is your current problem exactly, but I think i share some of your feelings to some extent.
I am a fresher here, and I started my first thread last month just when i was in my most difficult time, when I felt all my dreams run far away from me, when i didn't know who i could share my pain with. Thanks to all friends here, including you, I got lots of sincere advice and best wishes.
Now, I try to look on the bright side of life, cherishing  what i still have, and take it as a challenge and good experience god gives me. Dream is not a dream if it can easily come true, right?
Pls don't feel frustrated or give up. You are just on your way to your dream.
I still believe in my dream, for it makes life easier and brighter if you believe it.

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I don抰 know what to say. One piece of wisdom I have only kept  for myself until now is that

Some men see things as they are and ask: "why?"
I dream things they never were and ask: "why not?"

You see, all my active dreams would never be fulfilled, for once a dream turns into realty, it won't be a dream anymore ... I will move on to fufill another one ...

Oh, I wanted to fly to the moon, fly into the milky way ...

Originally posted by xilaren at 2007-3-28 08:00
I started forum as a means to communicate and learn things about China.
I could never imagine that one day it would be a shelter for me.A place where I would run to share happy but mostly unhappy  ...

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start laughing and find a more sucessful dream than last time

and be happy you didn't fall for it
°★·°∴° ☆.·°∴°.☆°★°∴°

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