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please do me a favor to check my self-intro [Copy link] 中文

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hi,guys,this weekend,i will have a interview held by singapore airline,the following is my self-intro,please me to check it or give me some advice ,thank you

I appreciate you to give me this opportunity to be here, my name is//,I come from// which is in north of chengdu, I have a happy family in which my father ,my mother, my sister and sister-in-law, all of them love me very much and vice versa. I am studying and working in chengdu since 1998 and now I work in a construction company as a assistant and cashier ,our company will build a big store apartment and five-start hotel(named hyatt)which give me more chance to communicate with different people in home and abroad and then I learn something such as how to get along with colleague or co-operator, how to handle monkey business ,how to deal with emergency situation etc.
I agree with the opinion of American author ,cathy,who has just passed away in the middle of this month.
When she was asked which personal quality do you consider the most important?
She said” A certain large-mindedness, or generosity of spirit - because this encompasses not only extending yourself for others, but other qualities like courage, and having friends who disagree with you politically, and not constantly worrying about what other people think.
Yes, I think large-mindedness or generosity of spirit is also important for a stewardess
For me, I will try  best to do everything according to this spirit
Thank you ,and welcome to our city ,if you have spare time ,you must eat our hotpot and more delicious snacks

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surfed and found:

November 15 2005

An idiot-proof guide to breezing thru' air stewardess interviews

Many people have asked me how the interviews for air stewardess are like, hence I have decided to come out with this idiot-proof guide so that i won't have to repeat myself many times.  This guide won't guarantee that you will definitely pass the various tests set by the airlines, but I think your success would hover around 80% if you read and practice what I preach.

But first of all, you need to assess your own potential to be an air stewardess.  Are you at least 1.58m in height and slim with a good complexion?  Do you have '0' levels and above qualifications and an interest in the service industry?  

If you answer 'yes' to the above questions, then you will need to check your smile in the mirror?  Can you smile properly and sincerely, showing a nice set of pearlies?

If you are confident of your smile, then check your body for any obvious scars, birthmarks or tattoos.  They are an absolute "no-no" in this industry.  Also make sure that you are not afraid of heights. (very impt...I will explain later)

Please subject yourself to the above checks so that you do not get overly disappointed if you fail at the first interview due to what I pointed over above.

After you have done the necessary and very satisfied with yourself, then you can start looking out for recruitment advertisements for air stewardess by various airlines in the newspapers.  Another good way is to check the websites of the airlines so that you can be informed of any upcoming interviews.

The first interview is a walk-in interview.  For this interview, make sure that you have light makeup on.  Wear a knee length skirt or dress, so that you are more conscious of the way you walk and your actions.  

There are a few rounds in the first interviews and what is tested in each round may vary from airlines to airlines.  The tester may ask you to read a paragraph, announcing the ETA and the weather of a country,give a simple introduction of yourself, play a team game and do a one to one interview with a person from the airline.  Just remember, even though the tests might vary, the main principles still remain the same.  Remember my tips below!

Smile, Smile, smile. The testers like to see a friendly, approachable face.
Be confident of yourself but do not appear cocky.
Learn how to pronounce words, like Celsius and Fahrenheit, estimated, drizzling, cloudy, etc
Rehearsal your simple introduction so that you are not caught off guard.
During the team game, work tog with the rest of your team to come out with the answers.  Even if you are the only smart one around, don't act like a Smart Alex.  The airline is looking for people who can work well in a team, not someone with a high IQ.   
Always stay calm even if the tester tries to provoke you with demanding questions.  He or she just wants to see how you react to difficult people.
Be aware of what you do and how you walk.  There are rumours that the waiting room has hidden video camera to tape down everything.  So make sure you don't pick your nose and dig your ears...haha!
If you managed to pass the first interview, congratulations!  But don't be too happy yet as you still need to go through the final interview.


The final interview is a bit more nerve recking than the first one but as long as you remembers the tips above, you should be ok.  For a particular airline, the selected group will sit tog in a conference room and the testers will give each one a topic to speak on for 5 minutes.  Basically, they are not looking out for people who are smart but more of people who are confident and speak well.

Afterwhich, the testers will divide the group into smaller groups to talk and find out more about each individual.  Don't relax yet as the tester is assessing each girl to see if she have potential to go to the next round.  Try to impress the tester in this round by smiling and being friendly to him/her and the girls in your group.  Tea/coffee and snacks may be served in this round but don't wolf down the food even if you are extremely hungry by then.  The testers are looking out for etiquette and basic courtesy.


For those girls named are called out, congratulations again!  You are almost there.  The testers may want to see the girls in the uniforms, hence you may be asked to wear one provided by them to take your height and weight.  You should breeze through this unless you are not 1.58m or above and you have a weight issue.  Normally most girls would pass through this as the necessary checks or done in the first interview.

Remember I mentioned about the topic on fear of heights?  The confidence test in the final round will determine if you have the makings of an air stewardess.  If you are afraid of heights, then I am so sorry, the job is really not for you.

You will have to bring your swimming costume to do the confidence test.  Don't wear bikini top if you do not want to appear awkward or uncomfortable when the tester scrutinises your body's every inch.  Also, it may feel cold in water when you take the plunge from the mockup plane that is elevated to a height of at least 6 storeys high.  For those who can't swim or can't swim well, fear not, as there are life jackets for you to wear.  Before you jump, look down once to assess the height and don't look down anymore.  Wear your googles, take a deep breath and blow out as you jump down into the water.  This way, you will not take in much water and you won't end up struggle due to fright.  Once you calm down, turn to your back and paddle towards the other end of the pool.  You may take your time (but not too long!) as long as you can reach there safely.   

The tester may check your body again for scars and marks after the test but most of the time, they won't.  If you have any, one way is to cover them up with waterproof foundation which you can buy from makeup schools.  If the scar is too big to cover, then too bad.


Now, if you take my advice, chances are you would have made it.  Congratulations!

For those who didnt, take it as an experience and try again if you are very desperate to become an air stewardess as the airlines recruit people very often.

But please bear in mind that being an air stewardess is not an easy job.  Glamorous on the outside but a lot of hard, dirty work when you are on duty.

This is a follow up on the previous post  "An idiot-proof guide on breezing thru' air stewardess interview".  

Sure, you may have a small celebration after you pass the interviews and get the letter confirming your employment as a trainee air stewardess but, mark my words, this is not a guaranteed ticket to your flying career.  At any point in time, the airlines can sack you for various reasons.  

However, as long as you follow closely the tips below, you should be able to wear the airline uniform and fly to various countries.  Again, not 100% guarantee, but they will come in handy.

Tips for your perusal:-

Be punctual.  Don't be late for classes as most airlines would give demerit points or some form of punishment.  Reason being the flight will not wait for a air stewardess who is not on time.

Always smile at people.  Don't think that once you pass the interviews, you can show a gloomy face to everyone.  

Always be well groomed even when you are attending classes.  The instructor might just give you hell if you turned up for classes looking like you just woke up.

Take good care of your skin as you will have to make on lots of makeup during training and flying.  You wldn't want to look pimply.

Take good care of your hair as well cos you will need to use a lot of hairspray to hold up your bun or ponytail or french twist etc.  Very damaging to the hair!

Take good care of your nails too as most airlines want you to have painted nails when training or on duty.

Never bitch about other girls.  When a group of girls spend a lot of time tog, conflicts are bound to happen.  The girls may gang up against you to make your life miserable.  remember...Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  

Always keep a low profile.  Some girls get jealous if you become too popular with air steward trainees.
Be friendly to everyone.  Remember your Ps and Qs.  You never know who you will partner when you start your flying career.

Always greet everyone you see when you go for training.  Some seniors are very sticky about this and may complain to your instructor if you don't greet them.

Always study for your tests.  You wouldn't want to be kicked out due to your laziness.  Remember how you had to survive the various rounds in the interviews to get to this stage?

Don't take to heart if your instructor make any nasty comments on you.  Just bear with it.

Learn the airline song by heart.  You never know when your instructor might ask you to sing it.

For those who don't know how to do makeup and hairdo, fret not, training is provided.  All you need to do is to practise, practise and practise.  You don't want to end up look like a 'wayang' on your maiden flight, rite?
Don't put on unnecessary weight.  Instructor will check on your weight every now and then.  Might be quite embarassing if you are told to lose weight.     

Try to keep aside some money from your meagre trainee salary as you will have to make an initial investment on makeup, nail polish, hairclips, hairspray, hairgel, and travel luggages.

As you can see, the road towards becoming an air stewardess is not a glamorous one.  However, if it is your childhood dream to become one, then keep the tips in mind for suvival in the airline industry!

also read the comments in:

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thank you

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I appreciate you to give me this opportunity to be here

?If I'm in ya shoes,I'll say I'm very proud of me to be here.'Cause why U are there depends on YOURSELF. Why they'll have an interview wit' U is that U meet the reqiurements of 'em.U should have more confidence in yourself.

I am studying and working in chengdu since 1998 and now I work in a construction company as a assistant and cashier

?I've been studyin' & workin' in Chengdu since 1998 and some time ago I worked in a construction company as an assistant & cashier.

?U should have quitted when U're interviewd.
?Here,an assistant & cashier,maybe U were an assistant cashier.I'm not clear.
...our company  will build a big store apartment and five-start hotel(named hyatt)which give me more chance to communicate with different people in home and abroad and then I learn something such as how to get along with colleague or co-operator, how to handle monkey business ,how to deal with emergency situation etc.

?The tense isn't logical.Do not use our company at the interview.The focus's on U, but not ya previous company.

Thank you ,and welcome to our city ,if you have spare time ,you must eat our hotpot and more delicious snacks

?I wonder whether it's proper to say so.But I won't ,'cause I would be an interviewee,but not a guide.

I hope my advice will do U a favor.
Dans un pays sans humour,la vie est insupportable.

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