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Thick face and black heart, the key to run a successful business? [Copy link] 中文

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Having been on the road rolling from one place to another for the last few years, I have been toying with the idea of running my own business.

I have also shared my thoughts with my close friends and classmates and ex-teammates, most of them shook their heads and came to the same conclusion that the chance I will succeed is very slim and will be much worse than where I am now.

Why? Because, although I have the right qualification and experience, I am too soft and gentle and indecisive, is on the far side of what a successful business man should have. Which is

Thick face and black heart ...

What is your view of "Thick face and black heart"?

Do people similar to my personality suit for running a business?

It seems to me that Thick Face and Black Heart just is a metaphorical expression,  no bad meaning at all. So no hard feeling, huh!

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can be just the contrary.

You have a black heart, other people can see it, they are not dumb. You are not smarter than others. thinking this way you know that the best way is to be kind. In the long run honesty and a kind heart are very important due to the knowledge that others are not dumber than you. I.E. small tricks are of no use, they only attaint your fame.
Maybe big wisdom is like to be the idiot.

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At the time when the mountain flowers flourish.待到山花烂漫时

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爱情什么都象,就是不象爱情...Love is a Fallacy

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I hope I can be a "thick-faced" girl who is brave enough to express my own idea in public, but be as virtuous(say, red heart) as an angle who is full of love, I am happy living only for the reason that I can observe and feel  the mutual love between human beings.

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thick face is a must!!

Somehow, I always wonder why we are so afraid of being labeled "thick-face" or the likes.Just now, the answer knocked my mind. That's how we evaluate others, we think they are bold, careless, direct. It definitely gives us a negative feeling. So when we are faced with  the same things as they do, we just have the same ugly thought on ourselves.
However, is it that ugly?I don't think so. What about trying to have a good word on it? say, they are smart and sophisticated enough to express themselves in a strong way that others can not. They don't care much, don't load on themselves excessive worry about others eye before making an action. They know how to grasp every chance and make good use of it to realize their purpose.......
Then, it stucks me that, we are always told to focus on the bright side of others.Of course, we can't and don't have to totally ignore their shortcomings. But when we see things and people in a postive way, we find happiness more easily and it lasts longer.So as to the topic, If we try to change our point of view, drive away as much as you can the negative comments on others bahaviour, focus on their good point, their guts in doing everything, then it'll be no thick-face issue bothering you any more.
well, the above is all based on you are getting down to legitimate and reasonable business.!!!
take a breath!!
you may also take all of it as a self-deceit. em~~~~~~~you can say that. I admit. That's only my way of dealing with this kind of problem. What I want is to share with you the best way of mine in making myself happy and relaxed~

speaking to black heart, that's not good and can't work a long time.A successful businessman is aggresive,visionary,savvy......but not necessarily black-hearted, I think.

haha! I have no experience and too ill-qualified to address on business issue..

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First of all I want to congratulate you about your thread.I always find your threads interesting to me and you care about matters which I do care a lot.

Unfortunately I do not to belong to this category of people.I am sensitive and sincere.The problem is that I demand people who are in connection with me to be the same.
I have been a business woman really succesful with what I am doing but I have suffered a lot because of that character of mine.
I have just started a new business with a chinese friend .I am aware that I am going to suffer again due to my sensitivity and honesty.
I advise you that these characteristics of you should not prevent you from doing your own business.
There are always people who will trust and appreciate your character.Work only with them.:handshake
I really    love China,半个 中国 人

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Originally posted by changzhou007 at 2007-3-25 12:20
Having been on the road rolling from one place to another for the last few years, I have been toying with the idea of running my own business.

I have also shared my thoughts with my close frien ...

Natural selection may select the "thick skin and black heart" type to be the "successful" business people for a while...then other type would take is a tug of the tides and the changing the ever changing empires of the selection process of mother earth...who are the chosen ones for the next million of years? Next cycle of earth life? understanding is that mother earth itself has "died" many times since it's birthday in the universe...and according to many great thinkers, mother earth has gone through many "past lives"!

How thick can a thick skin be and how black can a black heart be? When the thick skin becomes so thick and the black heart becomes so black...maybe the person would cease to be a human being...what would the consequences be for someone who loses his/her humanity?

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