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US urged not to sell arms to Taiwan [Copy link] 中文

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Reuters: PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island - China's envoy to the United States stepped up pressure on Washington on Thursday to abandon arms sales to Taiwan following recent pro-independence comments from Taiwan's leader.

While stressing that Sino-US relations "continue to make new progress," Beijing's envoy to Washington said the United States was sending the wrong signals to independence forces in Taiwan.

"If you are serious about your commitment to one China, you will stop selling weapons to Taiwan," Zhou Wenzhong said in response to a question at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, after giving a speech there.

He chided Washington for selling arms to Taiwan several times in a one-hour appearance at the Ivy League school. "Stop selling weapons to Taiwan and stop sending any wrong signals to Taiwan's independence forces," he said in his speech. "The civil war status between Beijing and Taiwan is not yet over."

Tensions across the Taiwan Strait were strained this month when Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian said on March 4 that the island should pursue independence and change its official title, "the Republic of China."

China denounced Chen's statement as "deliberate provocation" and "a dangerous step." Zhou said Chen had become more "reckless and dangerous in pursuing Taiwan independence through the so-called constitutional reform."

Although it switched diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979, recognizing "one China," Washington said it is obliged by the Taiwan Relations Act to sell arms to the island.

Angering China, the Pentagon told Congress this month it had approved the possible sale of up to $421 million in missiles to Taiwan for use on its F-16 fighter jets.

Taiwan is also seeking to buy around 60 advanced Lockheed Martin Corp. F-16 C/D fighter aircraft to replace more than 40 mothballed F-5E fighter jets and other aging aircraft.

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Chinese Ambassador to the US Zhou Wenzhong talks about China-US relations in this April 13, 2006 photo. [Xinhua]

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This is one of those Mafia cards held by the US ; divide and rule. If they are dignified and have any self respect, they would have  kept their words on the " One China " policy. With that to sell arms to a province of a sovereign state is criminal and indecent . It seems that nowadays, the US does not recognise any international treaty, any convention or protocol . It is the law of the jungle and anything goes as long as there is a fast buck to be made.

Untrustworthy and uncivilised seem to be the hallmarks of the White House.

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Reply #3 mengzhi's post

Its not often i agree with you but on the question of taiwan i am against Americas policies on the matter . It is in my opinion criminal for the US to sell weapons to taiwan . I believe in a "one China policy" and am truly angry with my governments currant policies on this matter.

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According to the Taiwan Relations Act, the US government is obliged to help Taiwan defend itself. Nothing criminal about the Bush administration following the dictates of an Act of Congress.

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Thugs in Town.

Irish of the Paddy Wagon,

The Taiwan Relations Act is an unilateral declaration by the US congress with NO input by the Taiwanese or Chinese. It sets out to legalise " protecting " Taiwan. ie to sell arms to a province of China, whom you recognise as a soverign state. It is the Mafioso and the Big Circle Triad at its best. The God-father decrees that all the shops in suburb " A " need " protection " . Who from ? From the Triads of course. So a tidy sum of " protection "money has to be contributed to the hoodlums when they call. The shopkeepers have no say, but they are bashed up if they fail to comply. Fortunately for China ( but unfortunately for the US and the likes of Ah Bian the clown ) China the shopkeeper is NOT about to contribute to such blackmail and extortion. China does not care much about this congressional piece of paper ; it is not worth the paper it is printed on.

There is no justification for these continued supply of arms to Taiwan. It makes the Mafiosos looke like principled sunday school teachers.  Bad look for Uncle Sam , as if he needs more bad looks, I ask you.

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