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China will benefit economically by stamping out smoking [Copy link] 中文

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In the past, I always thought that attempts to curb cigarette smoking in China were a fruitless effort, in that the government owns most of the cigarette manufacturing companies, and stands to reap the profits of smokers.  

However, according to studies done by Beijing University, China actually lost more money last year (250 billion yuan, to be exact) from smoking than the pre-tax profits it reaped from the industry (240 billion yuan).  

The loss of money comes from treatment of 23 major smoking-related illnesses (166 billion yuan), damages and deaths caused by smoking-related fires, environmental pollution, loss of work, and shortened life-span.  

And that's only the losses incurred by government.  When you add to that the financial losses of individual Chinese citizens and independent businesses due to illness, loss of work, and property damage, (not to mention the cost of the cigarettes) the figure probably doubles at least.

The current rate of smoking in China is around 35.8%, mostly male.  

It is to the benefit of the Chinese government and certainly to the Chinese people as a whole to initiate a vigorous campaign to reduce smoking in this country.

A very effective way to do this is banning smoking in public buildings (restaurants, offices, etc.), and strictly enforcing the bans, which will not only force the smokers to take their "cancer-sticks" outside, thus reducing the number of cigarettes they smoke in a day, but will also protect non-smokers from inhaling the 2nd hand smoke.

Other effective measures include education campaigns in the schools and communties, national "smoke-out" days, increased taxes on cigarettes, and providing free or cheap nicotine patches to those trying to quit the habit.

The mayor of New York City recently implemented a number of the above measures, and saw a significant reduction of smokers within about one year.  Many states throughout the U.S. are banning smoking in public places, and the rate of American smokers now stands at about 20%.

It can be done, China, and the result will be a healthier people, with more money in their pockets!!!

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agree with you, Karenb.  I hate smoking too !!

The most effective measure to curb smoking is to increase government taxes on cigarettes, by making smoking very costly.

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Taxing tobacco is not the way to go.

A disproportionate number of smokers are on the low income scale.
Smokers continue to smoke despite the higher costs.
Yes, you do see a decline when you increase prices, but only a small one.

So, the taxes fall on those who can least afford it.

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tax increases?

But don't just use taxes on smoking to increase the tax pool!  Make a specific allocation of that additional revenue to fund a fight on other forms of polution.

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to chinadaily

raising  the tax  is proved to be pointless.
        10s years ago ,the rulers  raise the taxwith the view to reduce the smoking ,but just unfortunately to promote the tobacco embarrassed the gov.    it has became   a troublesome and  evasive  issue.
           "smoking forbidden" in all the public site will do some help to the business maybe.

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Let people know that smoking is a rather inappropriate behavior in public places...

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