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Japan's sex slave stance [Copy link] 中文

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The Japanese government has again say it had found no evidence that Asian women were forced to be wartime sex slaves.

Share your thoughts on this issue. Tell us what you think. Why is Abe-administration saying that?
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they could find the evidence that  the ribren's forefather came form China!

this acts that they could not negate it

heheh !

never do it

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I thought so too :)

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The whole 'comfort women' issues gained controversy only in the early 90s and a decidedly Korean flavor.

Even though the majority of them were Japanese women.

During the same period, with new found representative democracy, Korean politics become more blatantly anti Japanese.  There has been mutual feeding off which prolongs the saga.

"Coercion" is the term used.  It itself runs into a messy problem of definition after a wartime procurer named Yoshida Seiji confessed to fabrication of story of mass kidnapping and raping by/on behalf of Japanese troops.  

Henceforth Japanese feminists who were instrumental in pushing their anti Japanese pet project had to broaden the definition, to include maintaining a region wide system which allowed  Korean and Japanese pimps to deceive, coerce women into the life.

Japan has set up a private fund for the victims.  Many of the surviving victims have refused to accept it.  So they claimed to want only real official apologies.

An official acceptance of responsibility has the potential, perhaps certainty even of opening a floodgate of claims.

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It may open a floodgate of claims. But it's the blatant distortion of truth that angered the people and thus complicates matters.

America may not apologise for its past slavery practise. But to say there were no slaves would no doubt triggers uproar amongst the Black Americans and on the African continent.

The same applies to Japan.

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Would you consider a mistranslation rather than an outright denial?

It works for the Iranian equestrian too, at least according to some.

In 1993, a cabinet secretary offered a careless and quite unofficial apology which comes to be called the Kono Statement after his familly name.  He acknowledged "coercion" of women into army brothels.  It had been taken as forcibly taking women away to serve in army brothel.  But there were no actual evidence to support such conclusion, nor Kono's statement.  He was doing it to avert a diplomatic crisis with the South Koreans.  

They thought the private fund would bury the matter once and for all.

Subsequently new and broader definition have to be drawn to keep the 'coercion' in play.

In some news report, the PM is quoted in translation as saying there was no evidence to prove there was coercion as initially suggested.  As in originally defined.

Thus his call for further investigation.

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And so we eagerly await his findings. The outcome of the investigation will have far-reaching implication on Japan's well-being (i don't mean security threat) in this region.

Personally, I still think he was in complete denial. But I can't be sure. And I could be wrong. Which is why I made a poll to see how many people see it the way I do.

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