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Guantanamo, the shame of a generation [Copy link] 中文

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Can Guantanamo get any worse ?

Today we see anothe new  low of behaviour crafted between the USA & Australia. The Australian prisoner in Guantamo Bay David Hicks has just pleaded guilty to " providing material help to Al-Qaeda " .

The real deal here is this :This poor blighter has been incarcerated for 5 whole years at that god forsaken place. He has been in isolation all that time, subjected to 22 hrs a day of confinement, and 30 minutes of outside cell movement ( euphemistically called exercise ). From reliable sources ( scant ) it is almost certain that he has been subjected to physical privation with intense lights , extreme heat or cold , and kept in painful postures for hours on  end.

After 5 years of this inhumane torture, David Hicks is now put through the likes of the Spanish Inquisition called the military tribunal , another contribution by the US to world injustice and sadistic practices. He has NONE of the basic protection such as his lawyers with him, to challenge of evidence presented against him or to question the reliability of the evidence at all. These kangaroo court protocol is well supported by the poodle Australia .

The key thing here is that an election is coming up in Australia in a few months time. Little Johnny the spineless is desperately in need of some help. David Hick's case is now a thorn on the side of the government. They deserve this malodorous stench because they have sacrificed David to their lord and master in Wahington all these years. So to offer David a deal where if he pleads guilty, he gets a sentence and he is physically repatriated to Australia to serve the term out and Johnny is seen to have " done something ".  What a choice ? It reminds me of that famous quote attributed to Henry Ford of old " You can have a colour ( of the car ) of your choice as long as it is black "

I am the president of the world council of cowards and I do know what I'd " choose " under these circumstances . Go home and get out of the sight of these moronic sadistic psychopaths . I would .

So the deal is done : The US goes through this charade of justice in action and Australia has a " get out of jail " card for little Johnny. What about David Hicks then ? Who cares seems to be the order of the day. Shame and sux to these criminals inc.

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Only mengzhi would have pity for someone who aids Al Qaeda. If that doesn't discredit anything he says, I don't know what will. His hatred for the West is so deep that he's become sympathetic to terrorists, forgetting that his own country, China, has been targeted by Muslim extremists for hundreds of years.  

Since we're on the topic of "torture," then maybe we should discuss the "torture" of Falun Gong members, Tibetans, and Uyghurs in China's detention centers.

Mengzhi's post is almost as bad as his half arse attempt to legitimatize the Puerto Rican Independence Party in another thread.  

Have you seen that psychiatrist I recommended to you, mengzhi?

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Originally posted by joey141 at 2007-5-19 18:24
Only mengzhi would have pity for someone who aids Al Qaeda. .......His hatred for the West is so deep that he's become sympathetic to terrorists, forgetting that his own country, China, has been targeted by Muslim extremists for hundreds of years.  ...

Only one thing wrong with that, Joey. Mengzhi doesn't actually live in China.

No, he wallows in the political freedom of Australia, where he's free to slag off at his gracious hosts, and encourage those terrorists who murder the friends and relatives of his Australian hosts.

Stunning hypocrisy, on so many levels, I think you'd agree, Joey.

"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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I'm curious just how many screennames some of these ultra-nationalists have. I wouldn't be surprised if chairboy, chambula, mengzhi, and most of the other neo-nationalists in this forum are actually just one person with many different screennames. I also wouldn't be surprised if zglobal was one of them. His pro-China stance and contradictory stories tell me that he's probably a Chinese pretending to be a foreigner. In one post he says he's been living in China for 3 years and will never leave, and in another post says that he's only been to China a couple times over a twenty year period. Just look back at his posts. They can deny my accusations, but I'm gonna stick by them.

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We can explain why these neanderthals are so evil!

The next few posts are quite enlightening.

Taken from:

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Revenge of the Mutt People

Bred for meanness

    “There are some things so disgusting that only a white man would be willing to do them.”
    -- Walter Wildshoe, Coeur d’Alene Indian

By Joe Bageant

Many years ago I worked at an industrial hog farm owned by the Coeur d’Alene Indian tribe in northern Idaho. The place stank of the dead and rotting brood sows we chopped out of farrowing crates -- bred to death in the drive for pork production. And it stank of the massive ponds that held millions of gallons of hog feces and rotting baby pigs, and every square inch was poisoned by the pesticides used to kill insects that hogs attract and the antibiotics fed to hogs from hundred pound sacks. The Coeur d’Alene Indians refused to suffer those kinds of conditions; they wouldn’t even manage the place. They contracted it out. As my friend Walter Wildshoe said: “Only a white man would work there.”

Joe100aThe hog farm, however, offered one company benefit. The white manager gave employees any young pigs that developed large tumors -- those with tumors smaller than golf calls went to market with the rest of the hogs -- or were born with deformities such as heads scrunched sideways with both eyes on the same side, or a leg that stuck out of the muchtop of their body instead of the bottom. We employees would butcher and eat them. Among hog farm employees, all of whom were tough descendants of the Scots Irish mutt people, free pork of any kind was prized, deformed with tumors or otherwise. You never saw a Swede eat the stuff.

So I took these pigs home and, using a huge old butcher’s knife, slashed their throats in the woods, right in front of my two kids -- ages two and four at the time -- without flinching even as the pigs screamed almost like humans and thrashed around, splashing thick dark glops of blood everywhere. It bothered me not one bit, just like it never bothered my daddy or granddaddy. Nor did it seem to bother my children as they watched, just like it didn’t bother me as a child when my uncle handed me sacks of barn kittens to drown in the crick. And Walter would shake his head and say, “Only a white man would wrestle a hog with a butcher knife. An Indian would shoot the mother----er with a gun.”

My point here is that we rural and small town mutt people by an early age seem to have a special capacity for cruelty, compared say, to damned near every other imaginable group of Americans. For instance, as a child did you ever put a firecracker up a toad’s ass and light it? George Bush and I have that in common. Anyway, as all non-whites the world round understand, white people can be mean. Especially if they feel threatened -- and they feel threatened about everything these days. But when you provide certain species of white mutt people with the right incentives, such as free pork or approval from god and government, you get things like lynchings, Fallujah, the Birmingham bombers and Abu Ghraib.

Even as this is being written we may safely assume some of my tribe of mutt people are stifling the screams of captives in America’s secret “black site” prisons across the planet. Or on a more mundane scale of cruelty (according to CBS footage) kicking hundreds of chickens to death every day at the Pilgrim’s Pride plant in Wardensville, West Virginia, just up the road from where I am writing this. Or consider the image of Matthew Shepard’s body twisted on that Wyoming fence. All these are our handiwork. We the mutt faced sons and daughters of the republic. Born to kick your chicken breast meat to death for you in the darkest, most dismal corners of our great land, born to kill and be killed in stock car races, drunken domestic rows, and of course in the desert dusty back streets at the edges of the empire.  Middle class urban liberals may never claim us as brothers, much less willing servants, but as they say in prison, we are your meat. We do your bidding. Your refusal to admit that we do your dirty work for you, not to mention the international smackdowns and muggings for the republic -- from which you benefit more materially than we ever will -- makes it no less true.
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Reply #69 changabula's post

You have got to be kidding ! your lengthy post is oozing with anti-western white race propaganda on a well thought out scale " there are some things so disgusting that only the white race will do " Changabula tells us all , please do you really think the educated intelligent people of this post is going to agree with your nonsense? the killing of pigs is the white mans sins and demonstrates how inhumane the whiteman is in how they slaughter pigs? At least in America you can have a cat or a dog as a pet , gee i wonder how that other non-white race treats dogs and cats , can you see were I'm going Changabula , do i need to elaborate on this ? do yourself a favor as we are on "China daily " and have a fu....g clue !!

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