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hey no one seemed to mention that a bit of excercise, minimal exposure to the boob tube and some bloody sunshine every once in while does you a helluvalota good regardless of what you eat.......and besides it's not like most chinese food isn't fried or anything like that.......mmmmm chao mien
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More than just sweets...

Originally posted by zglobal at 2007-5-12 05:28
It was a bit tongue in cheek ...

Z,  the issue of nutrition is across the board when it comes to diets nowadays.  Truth, the thing I have issue with in the States is the reduction of P.E. classes in terms of actual P.E. and more training the "Student Atheles" before the big game.  It has been a shame to watch the "sports entertainment" venue gain such a large footprint on national identity.

No offense but Yao Ming, Michael Jordon, Wanye Greztsky, David Beckham, and their ilk are nothing more than clowns for entertainment purposes.  Morale is nice - but GDP pays the bills.

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I hope that a national survey will be conducted soon one day that will survey the effects on health of the peoples from eating fast foods, and the findings be published for national debate.

I think this is an important and overdue task to conduct in the interest of the people.

Please do it.

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McDonald's has Seafood soup

if you don't eat the prawns it is almost healthy

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Chinese food isn't that healthy.  I guarantee there will be a colossal wave of obesity in China within the next 30 years.  In many ways living in Chinese cities is much more unhealthy than western cities - much less green space, much less places to go and burn it off, and the food is swimming in grease and fat.

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Best fries

Yeh, McDonald's voted "Best fries"

The Best Fast Food in the U.S.
Posted Thu, May 17, 2007, 2:53 pm PDT
by Ed Levine

Zagat recently released a series of lists ranking the nation's top fast-food picks, a survey done in conjunction with TV's Today show. Zagat readers and Today show viewers sorted their experience into four subcategories: food, facilities, service, and "overall." There are overarching categories for "Mega-Chains," "All Chains" (large and small), and "Full-Service Chains" (think Outback Steakhouse, which placed first overall, or Chili's or Olive Garden).

The best-overall category pretty much breaks down along fast-food party lines. The best burger, for example, is Wendy's, which uses fresh, not frozen, meat, and which, in my burger-eating opinion is head and shoulders above McD's or BK. Best fries are McDonald's, which, in my book, are the standard when it comes to fast food spuds. Best shakes, Dairy Queen; and best chicken, Chick-fil-A.

It's in the All Chain category where things get interesting: The megachains take a beating by the smaller guys. For instance, Wendy's is the only mega to crack the top 5 (in the "food" category). Instead, the names here are Panera Bread Co., Quizno's, and Sonic Drive-In.

In Full-Service, Outback Steakhouse takes top food and top overall. And there's a surprise showing (or perhaps not) by Hooters in the "best service" list (sex sells, people), itself one big 5-way tie.

That I do not see a mention of Applebee's or T.G.I. Friday's (both of which make insipid burgers) on any of the lists bolsters my faith, as does the fact that I see Red Robin on there for No. 2 "top food" in full-service (it does make a pretty good burger).
"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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