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Deport McDonalds [Copy link] 中文

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fries, colas, sundaes and red meat are the heart killers.

really sad seeing how so many people jostle and crowd to spend hard-earned money to enjoy food that's proven as not nutritional.

the way about it is multipronged:

one, education

expose the bad practices especially .. one fast-food chain (KFC) reuses the frying oil for up to ten days, and prolong its use by throwing in some cancer-causing additives, it is so said.

list out all the findings on how fast-food weakens health.

make a strong psychological message that if parents love their children, they should give them good nutrition and teach them discipline.

all this can be done in schools; use that as a foundation to build more consumer awareness.

two, beat them in their own game: create a local fast-food chain that serves only a few products but all are nutritious AND delicious.
both healthy food and delicious food need not be mutually exclusive;  it will call for stronger research both in the areas of food technology and consumer tastes, as well as some savvy advertising, and of course, learning how they do it - consistent standards, right pricing, careful location, outlet maintenance, staff tranining,  consistent accounting, well-engineered cooking equipment.

three, be extremely careful of colas and other fizzies: they're just sugared water with some coca root extracts that's addictive; people have said that sugar is poison, so include cakes, sugared breads, icecreams, chocolates, junk foods, etc.  Whatever their economic value in terms of employment, all these should be reevaluated carefully; people and consumers must know the hidden costs to society in the end and to themselves from consuming too much of these - how to control weight by bringing back exercise and chinese health activities should be advised.

four, regulatory - put in place more rules on what should and should not be in the fast foods; if they want their licenses renewed, they should learn to comply - after all, healthy customers make better repeat customers;  if they don't abide, expose them on tv, the media and forums; these are also good places for educational programmes on good health from better eating.

five, the beauty of alternatives- more vegetables, water and exercise.

One fears with the opening up, too much of the causes of western modern-style sickness has also been imported together with the new methods.

See what is good for the people, do what is good for the people, and create new and better alternatives as antidote, competition and alternative to bad things made to appear good by the multinationals.

wanping nan lu, shanghai

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not only MC, some else as PIZZA, KFC,there are also harmful  for the health.
the first, we should start with the youngers to refuse to eat the fast foods.

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chinese diet structure is healthy and scientific, eat more plant albumen and corn is better than eating so much meat, especially for asian. I think the best way is to develope our own fast food chain which provide customer with delicious chinese food. strengthen the education of nutrition, made more and more people far away from these junk food.

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Originally posted by changabula at 2007-3-17 01:40

You dumb dimwit, those were not my words! I gave the link after the article!

Yes, I am so dumb - I thought Changabula had written something original for once, something from his (or her) own brain!

But no Changabula was of course quoting another westerner's ideas. Sorry Changabula, yes I was so dumb to mistakenly think you had an original idea

BUT, the childish insults [quoting Changabula "You dumb dimwit"] are all your own words, yes?

Two other things:

1. You quoted the idea of using McDonald's as a toilet and thereby you are suggesting it (since you did not thereafter condemn or mock it in the same post).

As I wrote "of course you didn't say that".

2. The correct way to cite a quotation is like this (so we know whose ideas these are):

" printable article
Originally published March 12 2006
Health roundup: The depression patch, McDonald's trans fat goofs and bottled water (satire)
by Mike Adams"

What you wrote was this:
"CODE:[Copy to clipboard]"

That doesn't say it refers to your text and is a citation!
"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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The intelligent question!

Originally posted by zglobal at 2007-3-19 11:05
I wonder is there any healthy alternative out there for Chinese people that gives McDonalds stype service and environment.
Maybe China needs a new McHealthy food chain.

That is a smart question. As I said before McDonald's process and efficiency is fantastic; they never run out of things and I have never got a stomach infection from them (unlike 2 out of 5 local restaurants with no ISO standard).

So wouldn't it be great if there were a place just like McDonald's but selling healthy stuff?!

In Europe McDonald's has diet drinks (so their "meals" immediately have much less calories) and a vegetarian "burger" thing - so much less fat.

Not in China though, because in China (well at least in this part of China) people do not seem to want these healthy options.

Anyway, McDonald's is great in terms of standardisation, levels of hygiene, reliability and service!

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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