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Deport McDonalds [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by fatdragon at 2007-3-17 10:00
In fact, there are a long list of medical conditions on that website where they advise that MSG is potentially not a good idea.

You sounds like you have eaten a lot of McDonalds in your time! Its obviously affected your simple mind.

You dumb moron, every scientist will tell you that if you eat a lot of any type of food that it will be harmful to your health.

The advice is always to take things in moderation.
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Health warning.

changabula wrote:

You sounds like you have eaten a lot of McDonalds in your time! Its obviously affected your simple mind.''

You really need to make sure that your braincell is engaged before you open your mouth. But then, I guess if you share it with the cat then it could be difficult. I will try and explain so that even you can understand.

At no time did I defend McDonalds products. Neither did I criticise them.

I did not flame colorfulwolf, you or anybody else. My post was simply to advise colorfulwolf and other people on this forum about the potential risks of consuming MSG. I made particular reference to MSG causing the diameter of blood vessels to reduce in size and therefore increasing blood pressure. I have many English friends who are aware of this danger and who always insist on non MSG meals in Chinese restaurants.

So, while I consider that any meals containing MSG have an immediate potential danger and should be avoided by those at risk, I do not consider that high calorie meals, such as sold by McDonalds to pose an immediate threat to health. But I am not a doctor and neither am I an expert in nutrition so you can view my words as warnings - not as professional advice.

Also, for the record, my fat levels are at a healthy level so, despite my logon name, I am not considered fat.

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In fact, in my opinion, altough the Mcdo has some harmful effects to health, it won't cause a big problem to Chinese people who have their own food customs. We eat much more often rice and dishes than McDo. People go to eat McDo just because of their curiosity, their short of time, or some else reasons. Any way, just occasionally. McDo can't replace rice and chinese traditional food.

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just amazing

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Mc Circle of Fat

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Originally posted by zglobal at 2007-3-18 20:45
Naturally any adult can choose to go to Mc if they want......especially for their toilets.
What I don't like to see is parents taking their little fat kids there.
McDonalds purposely target small ...

Once, in a Burger King advertisement, approximately like this...someone asked Burger King guy: what's makes you lost to McDs?

He answered...: toys?


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Japanese Study

Great thing happen on this thred.  

Some one quote a Japanese study and no one NO ONE says oh japs are bad guys no one believes japs they lie like apes.  I AM AMAZED.  

Also no one says we chinese figure this out back in song dynasty!  HaHa.

If people like mcdonalds let them eat mcdonalds.  Rules to tell people what to eat are not good for freedom.  Even if freedom is fat.

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