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(3) Studying abroad and Immigration

China is in the middle of industrialization, along with it, the mass migration of people from rural areas to the cities.   For China, there is no buffer like what happened to the industrialization of Europe.  In Europe, large number of rural poor were able to immigrate to the colonies / or newly discovered land of America, Australia, New Zealand and even Africa.  

Currently, the policies of most countries allowing immigrants, are no longer welcoming the poor, but only the wealthy, the educated / skilled / talented.   This is like sucking the cream out of many poor countries.  But immigration is one way of lessoning the pressure of unemployment, and in China we do have an oversupply of educated / talented people.  Immigration is like pruning tree, sacrificing few buds, may help the trunk grow even stronger. It happened to Hong Kong and to Taiwan; both of them survived well under the brain and /wealth drain.  

I won’t talk about the subject of how to immigrate here.  You should be able to find the information from the respective government’s web site on the country you’d like to immigrate to.  A simple Google search will get you to the site.   

Now how about studying abroad?  I don’t have the statistics, but I believe in 1950’s, 60’s , and even 70’s of Taiwan, nearly over 50% of university /college graduates studied abroad.  Many of them had become immigrants afterwards.  In a way, it probably helped reducing the employment pressure in Taiwan during their phase of industrialization.  

From what I have seen in North America, on average, the most successful groups of oversea students are the ones have completed university / college education in their home country.  They are more mature, able to handle the culture shock/ discrimination much better than the younger ones.   I do not agree to send kids abroad at a much younger age (in my view, they should have, at least, finished high school in China).  Here are a few of my opinions on the issue:     

a) It’s plainly cruel to have the young kids living and surviving on their own in a foreign country, without enough language skills, without any friends and / relatives nearby, and the worse without enough /or with too much money

b) Finishing high school in China, may even give the kids a better foundation on further studies. For example, from what I have seen so far, on average, Chinese kids studied in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong have better math skills than the Chinese kids growing up in North America.  That probably has a lot to do with the discipline and the amount of practices they get from a Chinese school.         

c) If Guan Xi is important in our culture, then the best time to build up such relationships could be in schools.   One day if they decide to come back to China, the Guan Xi built upon a group of childhood friends would benefit them great deal.   That kind of relationships may not be easy to establish for kids studied in a foreign country on their own.

d) Have them majored in subjects require less language skills, such as math, computer science, chemistry, physics, and bioscience if they are not proficient in the foreign language.  Studying in these subjects will still need a good command of the language, but won’t be as demanding as studying in laws, business, and subjects of social science. Interestingly, for the majority of science majors, graduate school requires less language skills than university, and university less than high schools.  For the most part, starting study in a high school of a foreign country could be a lot tougher than starting study in a university.  

Then the foreign lands are not covered with milk and gold.  Now as an immigrant, you may have more space and freedom than you ever have.  But you’ll face a different set of problems.  Culture shock is as expected, but discrimination?   You are probably a graduate of top university in China, a chosen one among ocean of Chinese populace.  Now you become a minority, not able to find a job suited your skill and talent, but have to work making ends meet like a migrant worker. The worse, one day you come back to visit, you find many of your friends stayed in China fare far better than you.  

What I described is not the image of every immigrant, but common.  Some are finding good jobs matching their skils, and doing well.  But there are unemployment / or underemployment problems in foreign countries as well.  With the automation of blue collar work, now the office works under computerization, few and few workers are needed.   You may have to go back to school again, to change your career several times in order to fit the market demand.  

But there is one way out.  That is self-employment, which is encouraged by the governments of every country nowadays.  This is the next topic I’m going to talk about.   

The next part - (4) Self-employment and self-employment skills – to be posted later

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This is the lyric in a song that i keep in mind:  why not something like your old man
you can be just the one you wanna be
driver, actor, lawyer or a singer
why not president, be a dreamer
you can be just the one you wanna be
i know that we all got one thing
that we all share together
we got that one nice dream
we live for
you never know what life could bring
coz nothing last for ever
just hold on to the team
you play for
If I make some mistakes, I do appreciate someone who can correct me.PMP

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Use the scientific method solve the unemployment problem

China has a large amount population,the unemployment problem is urgent problem in present China,in my humble opinion,the State Council and the Central Government must be make useful,scientific,completely articles to solve this problem,reduce a lot of unequal demands,such as use work experience and more unuseful certificates to measure someone's ability,thus more and more unemployment people may miss the chance forever.

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i do feel the pressure while i try to  find a job  those days . MAN MOUNTAIN  MAN SEA (CHinese phrase for lots of people ) is all you found in Recruitment markets .
   Solving it means more job chances and less graduates . but as for now neither is possible within short time . All we can do is  find your own way to get through this trouble .

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Originally posted by desperado123 at 2007-3-20 21:48
i do feel the pressure while i try to  find a job  those days . MAN MOUNTAIN  MAN SEA (CHinese phrase for lots of people ) is all you found in Recruitment markets .
   Solving it means more job c ...

I have been out of work since the end of 2005.
To find ajob is more difficult than to start my own biz.

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There is a big problem of exploitation that the government should look urgently at.

I have a friend who works at a major international bank in shanghai who is required regularly to work from 8:30am to 11pm doing the work of 2 or 3 people.

The fact is the bank can only get away with these conditions in China. The bank has a major presence in the UK and I know for a fact that if they imposed such conditions on people here, every employee would resign.

The Chinese government should regulate the hours Chinese citizens are forced to work in foreign companies, this is not just for the health needs of the employees, but by making these companies behave better it actually creates more jobs because these companies no longer will be able to make 1 employyee do the work of 3.

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