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Solve the unemployment problem in China? [Copy link] 中文

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A review of possible solutions for the lack of employment positions is surly on the minds of the chinese government. After reading this section I am reminded of how the US government initiated its recovery after the "Great Depression".  The (New Deal) was conceived within washington to begin a massive nationwide construction program of americas hi-way system.

The concept was both brilliant and effective of putting the american labor force and talent to work, while evenly distributing each states participation. Obviously that was then and this is now, but looking closely at Chinas road structures and the availability of talent and labor  it might just be something similar would releive the employment market some and boost china's transportation system to meet the challenges of the future.

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I believe they have been doing that.   There are many infrastructure projects running in China.

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I’ll start to tackle the problem from what I have seen and learned.  It will have total six to eight parts when I finish.  You may add your opinion at any time.   

(1) Change your mindset – good education no longer equals to employment

In the Chinese culture, we value the scholastic achievement.  Like owning a car, a university or college graduate is a status symbol of success.  And traditionally, a learned person with university or college degree is supposed to command a golden/ iron rice bowl, a job with good salary and lasted for a life time.  

But it’s no longer the case even in the western developed countries without population pressure as we are.  Competition is keen at your graduation, but even you’re lucky enough finding a job, that job is not necessary going to last.  There will be economic cycle of boom and bust, there will be changing of technology deem the skill you learned at school obsolete.  

So why do you go to school for?  It’s simply for you to get a good education.  A good education will enrich your mind, and hopefully make you a better person.  That’s what called a liberal-arts education, education that is intended to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills, not specifically for occupation.   Believe or not, more and more people will take university / college degrees, which one day could become as popular / or necessity as taking a basic education.   

If you have this changed mindset, you won’t be bitterly complaining that the society / government does not offer you a ready-made job even you’re the graduate of top universities.  

Moreover, learning is a never-ending life time process, and universities / colleges are not the only place to learn.  Sometimes, especially in business, your practical experience could be more valuable than the book knowledge. Many people, such as Li Ka-Shing of Hong Kong have never gone to universities.  So if your family is tight financially, don’t go thru all the financial hardship into investing in a university education.  Go find a job, get experience and save some money before heading back to universities.  There are many adult education programs available in North America,  I believe China should have  the same.  

Next part -  (2) Get educated in employable skill sets, and if not, stick with your real interest - to be posted later

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the question is too old -fashiom.There is a lot of way to choose  a job if u wil.With u hard work ,u will xucceed..Rember ,nothing is difficult in the world.

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(2) Get educated in employable skill sets, and if not, stick with your real interest

Now if you hope to have some job guarantee, consider getting educated in more employable skill sets.  Some specialized occupations, such as medical professions will always in demand.  That’s why they are the hottest professions in the developed countries.  Besides medical professions such as doctors, dentists and nurses, we need plumbers if we own a house / condo, auto-mechanic if we own a car.  Also consider the professions which you can easily become self-employed without much capital investment, such as public accountants, financial planners, insurance brokers, and even lawyers.  Those may not be the best professions in the current economic climate of China but with the society getting wealthier, they will be in demand as what happened to the most of the developed countries.   I’m not an expert in defining what the most employable skills are; only in my view, they should be related to the life’s necessities.  Those we couldn’t live without!   

The demands for many other professions are controlled by the economic law of supply and demand. In North America, there seems a ten year cycle for engineers.   Maybe a low demand at beginning of the cycle which discourages many to study in the field, then at the end of the ten years, a higher demand and the shortage.  I had a friend, he had chosen to study in chemical engineering at the peak of the demand, then by the time he graduated it was at the lowest, he had tough time to find a job.  This similar cycle could happen to many professions including corporate accountants, programmers, teachers and even lawyers.   

Then what do you do if you’re not sure of your true calling?   My suggestion is to stick with your real interest.   If you have the talent and the interest, and if you try your best, you may accomplish something eventually. That’s how the great writers, painters and artists are created. The most miserable thing in life is stuck in a profession which is not your interest, and become a job hopper.  It may be fun when you were young hopping from job to job, but you’ll never be able to set your roots and to build up decent experience and seniority.   

Now how about graduate schools, getting Master, Ph.D. or MBA?   If you’re a science major, like in math, physics and chemistry, you may need a Master degree for a decent job.  But Ph.D. is definitely for those who are more interested in teaching and research.  Then If all you want is to get a job and paying the bills, don’t make yourself over qualified with advanced degrees.   Again, think about the law of supply and demand, there is always more jobs for the less qualified, fewer for the overqualified.     

You should have some practical business experience before going on to study MBA.  I believe most MBAs are for the jobs of managers.  If you didn’t have the practical experience, how could the company hire you as manger supervising others?   The best is to have the company you work for, paying your MBA education.    This way your job is guaranteed when you graduate.   Some people like to study in the top MBA schools.  The tuition fees are much higher in those schools.  I believe the basic you learned in any MBA schools are similar, the difference is that in the top schools you get more opportunity to network with the deal makers of the future and the present.  The word of network is the same as building up Guan Xi in our language.  Other countries often laughing at our Guan Xi, but even in the business world of North America, how far you go depends on your skill of network.   

The next part (3) Studying abroad and Immigration – to be posted later

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Originally posted by whiteehorse at 2007-3-15 13:35
the question is too old -fashiom.There is a lot of way to choose  a job if u wil.With u hard work ,u will xucceed..Rember ,nothing is difficult in the world.

You are right in general, but in China it's a different story.  There are nearly 5 millions of university / college graduates a year.  Over a million people takes the graduate school entrance exam and over a millions takes the exams for government employees.  Many consider university degrees would offer better job opportunities which were not true even in North America.  

Last year when I was in China, I heard a story about a graduate of famous Peking University, ended selling pork in the wet market.  That would be nothing strange in many other countries, but big news in China.  The mindsets of many in China are still "graduates of good school should equal to good employment".  

I will talk about the issue of self-employment later which will make working hard and working smart, the key ingredients for success.

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