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Minister: African people don't welcome colonists [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by afri_simba at 2007-3-14 07:28

There is a golden rule for every forum:

If the thread/topic incurs no debates, it means the topic is of truth.  Have you ever seen any one arguing on the equation 1+1=2?

Of course, of course ...

When some have nothing to say ... they pick on insignificance to TRUMPET their NOTHINGNESS

with the motives of disrupting and spoiling the thread.

It's FUNNY and he's probably thinking he's smart ....

yeah, a smartass !!!

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Originally posted by immouse at 2007-3-14 09:18
Why the suspicion of others?
ChinaDaily "edited" merely to highlight parts of the text for clarity and easy reading by forumites,...

No, this editing/highlighting has changed the emphasis of the original poster and attributed the emphasis to the original poster. This is a dishonest misrepresentation of the original poster's intent.

What would have been quite legitimate would be a poster to quote the appropriate parts of the text and add their own emphasis. It clearly explains the emphasis by the quoting poster and leaves the original post as it was intended.

What's to stop someone "editing" another persons post and changing the intent entirely?

Originally posted by immouse at 2007-3-14 09:18
Well, being a "senior member" and with your long-standing and abusive bashing and sneering at others on this Forum, I am surprised you are not familiar with the Rules (a question of integrity, I guess?)....

Oh dear, immouse. You clearly do not understand the abuse and lies to which I am subjected by ignorant propagandists and "westerbaiters*".


(* westerbaiting is the self gratifying sensation experienced by immature fools, racists and ignoramuses when they ignorantly bash and criticise Western countries and westerners over issues of which they have little or no understanding)
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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China-Africa strategic partnership

    Over the past decades, China helped build 19 schools, 38 hospitals and several stadiums with 760,000 seats in Africa, Bo said, citing statistics of the Commerce Ministry which is responsible for China's foreign aid.

Schools, medical facilities and assorted infrastructures on their own hardly qualify as strategic.  

African leaders needs more than those from China to ensure the perpetuation of their power.  And China needs also to protect their investment ie sites of energy and mineral resources.  

What's get left out of the minister's press briefing is the hugh market that Africa is for China's arms and military hardware.  The trades in military equipments and weapons also offset the costs of acquiring all those resources for China.    And create a sort of dependent relationship, one that the Africans will find refreshing from all those other aids from the west thats almost always tied to niggling "conditions" of human rights and open transparent government.

Nothing much has changed from when its during the Cold War, when China would supply arms to their favorite guerilla forces and marxist governments on the continents.

The difference is now, with the demise of the Soviet Union and perceived neglect by the US, China has almost the entire continent to itself.  The French(read NATO) is one of the few significant competition left, but really not a whole lot at that.

With its stated policy of non interference in others sovereign affairs, China faces fewer moral inhibitions than its western counterparts.

That means jets and radio jamming equipments for Mugabeland, helicopter gunships the Sudanese found very useful in Darfur, the supply of  arms to both warring sides of the Eritrea-Ethiopia conflicts in the 90s.

China also sends military advisers and maintains peacekeepers in Africa, the better to familiarize their military personnel with the terrains of possible future conflicts.  And to pave the way for further security cooperation and arms deals.

P.S.  The minister comes with impressive revolutionary pedigree.  His father, Bo Yibo, who died just last year had been one of the CCP Greats, who led the party in Shanxi.  China has gotten very refined and sophisticated in exporting their revolution worldwide.  If you didn't know better, you would think its one of capitalist.

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Before I reply to your comments, though yours is a bit out off topic, I would like to comment on your P.S.

I have no interest in who Bo's father was, I am interested in who his mother's father's mother's third shemeji (Kiswahili: sister-in-law) was.  Do you have any idea?

^_^ I will come back later.

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The anti-Chinese racists are starting to sharpen their knives.

They are extremely jealous of the way the Africans and Chinese are cosying up to each other.
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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handsome minister

But you have to admit  that trade minister Mr Bo (I don't care who his dad is, either) is very handsome.

and he is endowed with wit.

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But you have to administer that trade minister Mr Bo

Please complete your sentence dear child, what do you want to administer to the handsome minister?

And is it fit for a family publication like China Daily?:)

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