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Human Trafficking -- What Can We Do About It? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by changabula at 2007-6-21 22:06

What is it?

Why don't you give us a summary of what its about.

BTW People can post in whatever section they like. Some people prefer the Free Talk section whi ...

What is it? It is my free expression of how I see the situation. For the summary it's a bit too early , don't you think? The investigation is still going on.

I know that people have free choice where to try sending their post , in which section. I repeat that it surprises me, that the hottests running scandal here , the case which is probably turning every feling person's blood boiling, have not found its main post pinned in the Changing China section. If you try to find me blaming anybody/any institution here - you failed. I just say -> it is veeeery weird and I know this forum for a few years already.

Nobody has yet made a summary of the case, but many have written wise comments. The best I saw on China Daily -printed edition. This newspaper gave a wide coverage ( "coverage" , an americanism is a wrong word indeed. Journalists writing about the case do not "cover", but they uncover the details) of the ongoing investigation.

From these, which I could read, the one co-accords with my perception the most. This is comment written by Mr You Nou  [ China Daily, 18 June, page 4] . I will here quote some excerpts from his comment.

"The dark world of the Shanxi brick kilns reveals some failures that are probably even larger than the specific problem. Similar shocking activities may continue here and there if the loop-holes in the sytem are not closed. One loophole is the lack of an investigative reporting. And the other is corruption among law-enforcement authorities."

" of the first to expose the offenses in the Shanxi brick kilns was a journalist with a local television network in Shanxi's nearby Henan province....The journalist is Fu Zhengzhong."

"Fu is a hero among journalists. The information that he provided to his viewers surpassed much of the national and large city-based media coverage that only caters to midle-class consumer interests - expensive houses, European tours, Italian fashions.

But the cruel fact is is that only once or twice a year does Chinese media produce investigative reports like Fu's."

"The lack of investigative reporting also has to do with the fact that, despite the award ceremonies that appear in the press almost daily, there has never been an award for investigative journalism.  In a society where saving face is traditionally more valued than telling the truth, sometimes people have to wait for a problem to reach shocking proportions before they can react to it". [ my colourisation-Doberman]

Fu wrote also about little , or no concern shown by those, who take money for taking care, wrote about local mafias controlling villages and towns, where law-enforcement staff is part of them or collaborates ( which is the same).

All in all this case is just next signal showing  how weak in reality is Chinese State. It is still a cauldron of warrying states and landlords (see how  local gvmnts enforce illegal "regulations" against competition from neighbours. A few years ago Ministry of I fogot, was it Internal affairs, Or Law...checked the legal bases of local regulations in a few dozen towns and cities. about 70 percent of them were illegal as counterdictive to higher level laws and regulations. Seventy percent of regulations... means that the lawyers sitting in municipal departamnts sign "OK" any rubbish put on their tables for check if it comes from bosses. Rotten servilism in Chinese proportions. If it was 7 could get rid of this minority of bad law "experts" and people sitting in governing bodies. With 70% ...can China afford to fire 70 % of staff???

Virtual enslavery going on in kiln brick factories and very probably in similar , small working places ( like small mines) for about 10 years. TEN. As the law enforcement system is easy to corrupt, as the selection and training of work inspectors, policemen and other folks on duty is piss-poor quality and seats aare gotten by guanxi rather than proffesional way - the monster grows and grows and grows...who can stop it?

Premier and President of China look to be the only working instances , who can move the lazy bastards down there working. Can 1.3 billion country afford to address all problems of this Augias stable to 2 people in the country?  This is a terribly narrow bottle neck... What can the Central government do? Send special forces, what ever it means... How many of the principled, well educated, smart and bribe resistant officers are left in this system? What means can be used to halt the lawlessness Niagara...glasses? tins? buckets? bigger buckets? How long can the action be sustained ( read :how long can these proper officers replace the local useless coonts and continue crack on crime? When will they be sent to another action leaving the unfinished job behind to the whistlers and automatically the Big Yand Da is called off = the situation comes back to "normal"?

We have a daily view on only one part of the law enforcement system, visible and open for all. This is the street traffic. A 360 degree panorama at any crossroad of taking face off of the Transportation Ministry, Traffic Police departments, Road Engineering Bureaus. Clear, view of the result of the system , wher useless, unducated losers are in charge of what exceeds their capabilities by tonns. Unchallenged by better, safe in their daily routine of pretending working.

The other activities of law enforcment are not that visible. The cover-up mentality of Chinese society "to save the face" is the inherent trait of this nation. This is the part of the tradition, the killing part  , the mental Great Wall, which anchors the ugly status quo for the sake of protecting ugly face from being seen.  Instead of exposing the wrong and give the chance for changes...cover the truth for the sake of lies , that we are so beautiful.

Mr Fu Zhengzhong realises , that the system is rotten to such extent, that the self-healing without pressure from the power is simply imposible. Poeple , who have the power to stop, but tolerate the evil and even in some case take benefit CANNOT change themselves. That should already be very clear. The investigative journalism , free as much as can be is the only chance for China to speed up the purification process. Katharsis will NOT happen if financial and legal system for media coverage is not immediatelly changed for favuor of the journalists , who care for the well being of people and country. If journalists are dependent on their bosses, who are dependant on the village/town/city bosses, who are in good relation with diffrent criminals -> no hope, CHina will go down the drain with all her touchable treasures.

Why only a very few big scandals are reported, uncovered an the chance arrises to crack them?

The servilism of the censors has a lot to do with it. They lie to themselves that they protect the public calmness and order. They actually participate in up -holding  the evil.

[edition-spelling a bit retouched]

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