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Contribute strange ideas about life after death.... [Copy link] 中文

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It is always comforting to believe that life after death is better and bigger. But we also realized that we should not make life after death too attractive otherwise many people would skip this life and hurry themselves to the next which is the afterlife.

Plus the fact is that many people do suffer greatly in this life, so they may not have the patience to live to the very natural ending of this life before proceeding "happily" to the next life.

The concept of next life has its own problem...on one hand, a better afterlife gives millions of suffering people hope and strength to continue their marginal living...on the other hand, if afterlife is made to be too attractive, people might not even want to wait...what happens if they can't wait any longer to get their hands on the promised land of the afterdeath? Could  Jonestown mass suicide be a warning or was it just a freak regilous accident comitted by a few religious fanatics?

I guess I am getting too serious. I know freaky just want to have some fun with this topic. So back to the fun part...I want to be a pig in my next life. Why? Because I never been a pig before! How do I know that for sure? That is my secret...I can't tell!:)

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Hmmmmmm Weird stuff on the forum these days........

Some of the concepts of after death"
72 Virgins..... The last thing I want in life is a virgin, 72 of them would be hell to me.............

A beautiful garden of plenty....... Yeah, I like to eat fresh vegies and fruits but fertilizing, watering, pruning, mulching is a pain in the neck.... No thanks

Living with your kind of God and living his/her teachings........Boring slavery. Why would I want to do that when I have gained total freedom from my earth bound restrictions?

Join in with a total Universal Consiousness. I'm a free thinker now and enjoy it. Why would I want to join all the other minds? No challenges or any thing to learn!

The way I see it, this is as good as it gets. It's up to me to make it better if I don't like it. Cyber probably has it right. A whisp of energy that is our spirit in our earthly body becomes one with the Universe. Like all living things. Our spirit is the essence of who and what we are now, not later. We keep wanting to equate an afterlife to what we have here on earth. No way! Afterlife is nothing like life. They are opposites. After life, we become potting soil. End of story. Nothing glorious. Less than a fart in a whirlwind.

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death means tears,sadness maybe hysterical.what's more, it can never be means hope responsibility,and aslo you can't avoid it.

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Originally posted by thunderbird at 2007-3-12 10:24
Some little guys died 5 months or two months before they were born.

What kind of reincarnation is that?

Some even died (discharged/ spontanous aborted) without anyone's notice.

Does it  ...

they need to have another cycle of death and live circle..
***always to be yourself***

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Originally posted by shelleybelly at 2007-3-20 12:27

they need to have another cycle of death and live circle..

Like taking the driver licence test, medical examination, bar examination, etc., when people have tried often enough, they will get it eventually.:)

Yes, I understand what you meant.

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I don't know

but maybe I would know after my death,
and also,I can't tell u after that...omg,,,,,give me power!

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Originally posted by freakyqi at 2007-3-11 13:02
WHERE YOU GO AFTER DEATH (me, age 10-12 or so)

I even drew a picture. There's a big brick wall around the Universe. When you die, your soul leaves your body and floats up through space an ...

i tell u what i experience recently.

my friend,actually best friend as we started our friendship at age 10, passes away .

i saw him last month, he was ok.

i visit him during cny, he was sick.
he said difficult to breath, suffering, better to pass away.
i said, don't talk like that. get well soon.
i told him to recite Amitabha. He did.
Later after an hour or two, he said feels like passing away.
after that i recited Amitabha Sern ching Ser for him to  listen.
Two days later, his wife called me & say "trouble, sick in icu".

i went to icu by was closed.
i went again in the evening,5 pm.
his wife was crying & massaging his left hand. his pulse was 29.
she asked to to do it. i did. pulse went up to 72. she was happy.
acupunturist came & use the needle.
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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