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Why some chinese find me strange.... [Copy link] 中文

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I buy only one 油菜,* not 3 or more.

I've been seen in internet bars NOT playing games or smoking.

I buy one 蔥,** not 3 or more.

I read baby books on the bus.

I buy one carrot, not 3 or more.

I ride the bus.

I can't understand them when they compliment my pronunciation. After all, I just said one chinese sentence, doesn't that mean I'm fluent??
They probably think:
Wow her chinese is so good! I must tell her...
'your chinese is so good!'  
'uh... wo ting bu dong, duibuqi..."
'your chinese is... uh, well..."
'oh, duibuqi, wo zhidao wode zhongwen bu hao..."
"oh well I guess her chinese really isn't that good after all. Never mind."

I only want to buy 1 pear from the fruit stand lady.

I've never seen Prison Break.

I don't know all their names on Friends.

I'm from the US but I don't want to talk about politics.

I want to break a bunch of bananas in half.

I put dumplings in my soup. Not the tiny ones, I mean the medium sized ones it takes two bites to eat. Why is that weird? What's the difference if they're tiny or big? It's way easier then making another pot or steamer dirty.

*youcai - a vegetable I don't know an english name for.
**cong - another vegetable I don't know the name for, a giant scallion.

(((FINAL NOTE: This thread is light-hearted, not complaints or boastings, just some cute little things people have stared at me for, giggled at me for, or outright said "you can't do that" for. )))
I am not rich.  :L

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they stare at you and find you strange because they have never seen a fish last this long out of water :) must be a lung fish me thinks :)
There are no Ugly women , only those with low self esteem .

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Basically you are not strange. In some ways, you might seem to be and we all can be.:)

Is my comment strange???
At the time when the mountain flowers flourish.待到山花烂漫时

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Yes, your comment is strange. But strange things are welcome here.

The big vegetable market is the place I get the most strange looks. In a 'real store' no one looks twice, but in this veg market near me, the ladies selling food all giggle and say something like "you only want one?!?" when I buy ONE carrot or giant scallion or giant pear. I think it's just that most people who go there have more mouths to feed. I see them buying big bunches of those things. My little baby youcai could not be weighed on her rickety big old scale, so she made up a price.

What things do you do in your life that other people find strange?
Especially if you're in another country and it's foreigners looking at you.
I am not rich.  :L

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believe or not but it's true...

we are all strange to someone somehow anywhere we go.  if they find you interesting then you are okay for some treat; if not then you are just a totally wacko to them ( people find me strange most of the time in chinatown, cuz jay chou looks like me not i look like jay c...gimme some respect here, i'm much older then him ok).  so you tell them or i tell you that you don't even have to be the same race as they just come up to them & tell them where are from eventhough they were born & raise there...reverse ev'rything for me if you can then you will be more than ALRIGHT!  trudat!

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I think that's adorable....hahah....strangely adorable <3
something you can't buy a big giant dong gua....but a half....something you can't buy too cong....

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reply to the Stranger!

Hi, girl, you are not strange at all!
The same situation I had several years ago, when I studied in Belgium.
but pls remeber this "do what Roman do in Rome."
also don't forget what Chinese think about foreigners in China.
They think you are rich, so you should buy three carrots, not only one.
They think you can speak perfect Chinese, if you speak Chinese to them firstly.

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