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i am sure there are many others reading this thread who can contribute even deeper insights on this important matter; to them, please help frothow understand your points of view;  i have tried something just off-the-cuff and tried to write it lightheartedly.

what frothow has written about osama and hitler etc are bidirectional aspects about the role of religion; there's always good and bad about something so that it is not so much religion  but it is the ability to make the right choice of thought and action which is what is really important.  In other words, as much as possible be universal in thinking and reasonable in action.  When you think of our limited brains and emotions (count the number of fingers, that's the number of different emotions which drive our actions), i guess one shouldn't expect too much from man.

there's something else; when i was very young, i happened by a philosophy book and in it, a professor asked the question:  when we read something good in a saying from a holy book, how do we know that what was said was 'good' --- unless we already have in us the ability to discern what is 'good' --- so that goodness is something we already must have before we learn to assimilate the teachings of religions.

and where did this ability come from? our genes, upbringing, karma from past lives, the One above, education, peer examples and role models? or maybe a combination of all?

on a personal note, i have been having a really hard time these past six years, and i mean almost every minute of mental anguish and hopelessness; my first attempt to understand 'why' said that i must have done a lot of bad things in 'previous lives' (if there's such as thing as reincarnation); my second attempt said that it's all a cycle of life, which everyone goes through, namely there will be times when things run smoothly and everything is rosy, and then there will be years where it pour sorrows and hopelessness, without even one glimmer of an opportunity to climb up again.  It's really so bad that i think this could be my last year, if only not to burden others.

we'll have to see when the time comes.

goodbye, then, and take care

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I'm sorry to hear of your sorrow

A few years back i ran into extream difficulty too in life i lost my job and almost lost my home but i prayed even though i dont totally believe
in a god i prayed anyway , figured it couldnt hurt me and things worked out . Maybe just the very act of searching for a higher power taps into
some kind of energy . Anyway i will pray for you hope it helps.

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Answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe, and Everything

As the story goes, an advanced race of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings (mice) builds a gigantic computer called Deep Thought to find The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Seven and a half-million years later, the computer gives the answer: "42". After giving the answer to an (unsurprisingly) underwhelmed audience, Deep Thought explained that the problem with the answer was not the answer, but that no-one really knew what the question was.


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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Please i'm trying to start a post here that stimulates creative thinking and you put up a number and what is it i dare ask has a number
have to do with anything?

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How about ............144....

ha ha ha

Green Dragon

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You freaks

That believe in luck and bad luck by numbers , Numbers are just numbers you superstitious freaks !

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I found the meaning of my life in college,
Seeking happiness is my ultimate goal of life.

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