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Will US attack Iran?! When? How? [Copy link] 中文

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This is the talk of the day, whether in White house, Capitol Hill, Tehran, Baghdad or even Brussels and Moscow.

Will uncle Sam attack Iran? If yes, when and why?

If no, how US will cope with the alleged Iran nuclear program? Silence or diplomatic efforts?

Please share your thinking.

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I believe USA now prefers a nuclear armed Iran.

Traditionally Iran sphere of influence ranged from the Mesopotamia, the present Iran and stretched towards the Chinese borders via Central Asia.

A nuclear armed Iran, would do just that...and have that cultural, tribal linkages.
This is probably "Plan C" for the "many way idol" that Amerikan Regime prays to.
Only Russian Federation will object to this "possibility" as it would "impeded it's traditional influence in Central Asia".

The Arabs has traditionally be fearful of a powerful Persian Empire!

It's fun to watch the "machinations" and "changing calculations of the powers interested in that energy rich region".

Green DRagon
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Watch the Russians now!

They have already made the first moves....

(1) making military linkage with the Arab oil emirates or sultanates.

There are other possibilities,
(2) making moves to gain support of Russian speaking emigre in Israel, so have it's own VIRUS in the region.
(3) continuing support for Persia, sufficient technology or weapons to make an Amerikan Regime adventure very expensive and prolong!

ha ha ha

Green Dragon
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Note: The Russian Federation might gain benefit of having less "Islamic terrorism" on it "moslem rich populace" in its southern borders.

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Reply to #3 green dragon

Russia is in a dicey situation itself.  Its Russian population are in danger of dying out, abortions, alcoholism and aids to put it in broadstrokes and the Muslims are growing in numbers.

It is vulnerable in its southern quarter like you noted, its soft Muslim heavy underbelly.  Conflicts in the Mid east and the Persian Gulf have threatened Russia and will continue to do so.  Though an outbreak of war may benefit it in the short turn with spike in oil price and give it increasing clout in the market, it will also destabilize its southern borders.

Russia is hedging against the worst scenarios, making temporary peace with the Arabs and Muslim world(anyway Chechens are not Arabs) to buy time to save its European existence from an eventual encirclement by Islam.

I dont see how Russia could truly want a nuclear Iran on its south flank.  It has more to fear from being overrun by its burgeoning Muslim population.  It certainly looks like it is playing off Iran against the west for the same strategy.  To make it cost too much to the US to realise Russia's worst dream, but other than that Russia will support the west over Iran provided the right incentives and concessions can be offered.  Perhaps the west have something to trade over the NATO expansion, missile defense or color revolutions.

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Will uncle Sam attack Iran?

If it happens, its long overdue and the mullahs have had it coming for a while now.  Since 1979.

But I think Iran would still have to do that one extra act, take that one necessary step before the US will fulfil your and many war fantasists' fervent wish.  I dont know what it will be but so far it hasnt occured.  Perhaps it will never happen, or if it had had occured, not yet recognized as such.  Thats despite the fact that Iran is fighting and killing US troops in Iraq, has brought down US properties with US lives in it and generally been proving themselves to be a clear and dangerous threat to the region if not the world.

Whats happening in Iraq and the middle east is a regional war, and Iran is a major player though without the attention it deserves.  Perhaps if the west can get around to seeing this reality,  past their invertebrate,peace at all cost precepts, your question can be more readily and adequately answered.

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what about when

Very early next Sunday morning (Iran time)
"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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Time for GCT!

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